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  1. need additional practice for high school math
  2. Physical Science video curriculum
  3. Nature Study: Rainbow Hike
  4. A new Charlotte Mason style Math series...
  5. Mythology
  6. How much?
  7. personal physical fitness for high school boy
  8. 3rd grade plans??
  9. Math? If you don't use a curriculum...
  10. Fun Site for Learning about Homophones
  11. Music Ace Deluxe question???
  12. Does this sound about right?
  13. Teaching vocabulary/ language arts to a 4 year old
  14. Reading Instruction Question
  15. Individualized Spelling from AVKO
  16. Cool State Study!
  17. Another spelling question
  18. How about analogies?
  19. How do you get a kid to care about doing his best in school?
  20. Video courses
  21. Math frustrations!
  22. Life of Fred q's
  23. Do you give grades?
  24. help with high school essays
  25. your favorite world geography plans/courses
  26. Am I doing to little or too much???
  27. how do you deal with school "stuff"!?
  28. Teaching homophones.
  29. Queen Homeschool Easy Packs...
  30. Electronics for high school
  31. Great Explorer Book
  32. math fact help
  33. Diagramming
  34. Logic, critical thinking skills, etc
  35. Density
  36. Math question: Metric measures
  37. teaching lefties to write cursive
  38. I so need help! Math question
  39. Beginning Math
  40. I need grammar help
  41. ACK! I forgot a "health" curriculum. Help, Please?
  42. need "english I " course for ds
  43. Key to Math series
  44. do you have an assignment sheet for your students?
  45. dyslexic child
  46. Math After 8th Grade?
  47. BBC Animated Shakespeare for Kids - online and free
  48. 3rd grade math standards
  49. For those who combine HS methods (FIAR, CM, Classical)
  50. Lightning Literature Q
  51. Math dilemma - help!!
  52. teaching how to write complete sentences?
  53. Literary Lessons from LOTR?--Reviews anyone?
  54. Painting/Art
  55. Math Mammoth question
  56. Handwriting - Capitals or Lower Case
  57. ?s for those who delay formal grammar....
  58. high school credit hours
  59. Help me trouble shoot
  60. Anyone use the Deeper Roots Bible Curriculum?
  61. Bible Curriculum for Kinder
  62. Apologia Botany for 7th grader?
  63. LA programs
  64. 4th grademath with manipulatives
  65. SAT/ACT Test Prep recommendations please...
  66. has anyone read
  67. Great Bible Curriculum for ALL ages!
  68. cd for learning addition facts
  69. anyone using Teaching Textbooks 3?
  70. Science Workbooks?
  71. Anyone use Spell to Write and Read?
  72. Anyone using Video Text (Algebra)?
  73. testing for dyslexia-wwyd?
  74. Ds is interested in maps!!
  75. high school Lit.
  76. All About Spelling Users (Level 2)
  77. daily writing ideas needed.......
  78. Charm School for Middle School girls
  79. Christian Light Math or Math U See
  80. Kindergarten math?
  81. online reading/phonics games?
  82. Chronicles of Narnia
  83. A Reason for Spelling
  84. Looking for resources for a Weather study
  85. WW I resources
  86. Is formal spelling necessary?
  87. looking for website w/ geography quizzes
  88. Rod & Staff English 3 - would this work?
  89. What to do about math?
  90. All About Spelling
  91. online curricula?
  92. MATH ON THE LEVEL users....
  93. Alice R, I have a few....
  94. Reading Made Easy?
  95. MUS manipulative starter set or new set?
  96. Should I start to worry now?
  97. can anyone tell me if Teaching textbooks......
  98. Help!! I feel like I've failed 8th gr. dd in the history area.
  99. I have a stupid question, but here goes...
  100. Dictation/copywork
  101. Does anyone have the Math U See, Alpha
  102. Decision made! We ordered TruthQuest!
  103. Dr. Funster's Think-a-Minutes
  104. Article on boys reading (or not reading) and what they read
  105. Geography for middle school
  106. Ohio Ladies: Reading Doctor in Columbus
  107. Photosynthesis
  108. Transcript Help please???
  109. smart tutor online?
  110. question on amount of work
  111. ETC Users
  112. at my wit's end
  113. Best sites for free printable maps
  114. Science class question again
  115. Can someone tell me more about Notgrass?
  116. I think I need to simplify!
  117. Life of Fred?
  118. 3rd Grade Handwriting Paper?
  119. Excellence in Literature
  120. History and English in High School
  121. Teaching math to a child with an LD
  122. What to do with a student that hates being read to?
  123. Favorite Test Prep Books?
  124. When AAS doesn't always "stick"
  125. Westward Expansion Fieldtrip Ideas
  126. As promised, the next installment of "the reading issue with ds"
  127. StartWrite
  128. pros and cons of videotext vs. teaching textbooks?
  129. Anyone use 9's Down for math facts by MOTL?
  130. helping a child learn to count money
  131. 4yo Handwriting - set me straight
  132. serious spelling issues
  133. Oh me gosh!! Place-value troubles-again! Math woes vent...
  134. If you have a kid with a math LD
  135. question on spelling
  136. 'nother boring curric rec request
  137. Please help- I need workbooks asap
  138. If you've used Teaching Textbooks pre-algebra or above...
  139. Free "old fashioned" computer math games
  140. VideoText - Algebra (Module A)
  141. Not ready to graduate my dd
  142. Math for an Extrovert?
  143. Free high school level courses
  144. Free Online textbooks
  145. Need opinions/recommendations for Science
  146. Fun Probability Activity
  147. Article: Jane Austen had spell checker
  148. Songs to memorize major events in history?
  149. Time4Learning - lang arts/grammar question
  150. Falling behind
  151. Trying to decide about spelling
  152. Llatl?
  153. Grammar help
  154. Report writing and research papers
  155. Further Up and Further In
  156. IEW History Writing lessons
  157. Phonics for older child (3rd grade)
  158. Drive Thru History
  159. Got a world atlas you love?
  160. Do you use FIAR as your only "core"....
  161. Looking for a book on volcanos
  162. Listening to Poetry on cd?
  163. Which Amanda Bennett series is better as a Fiar go along?
  164. Need help with daughter's reading/What is this called?
  165. math help for daughter??
  166. Need to HS due to ER...need help!
  167. George F. Handel Unit Study
  168. My ds would like to study American history...
  169. Need help!! Language Arts :)
  170. Preschool Handwriting Help
  171. Math games
  172. What type of "elective" does your 13-14yo dd do?
  173. Anyone want to talk highschool???
  174. Looking for jr. high or high school Prince and the Pauper lit. unit/lesson plans
  175. Wow! What a difference.
  176. sewing classes at Joanns for kids
  177. Does anyone use Writeshop for lower elementary?
  178. second language?
  179. Reading level
  180. Elephant and Piggie books
  181. Thank you!!
  182. anyone using Saxon for high school math?
  183. how much,and what type of writing ?
  184. Looking for Sites for primary paper
  185. World Book Online?
  186. Highschool writing...
  187. Dinosaurs and volcanos
  188. reading help with vowels for foreignor
  189. *Gulp* I ordered RS AL Abacus set.....
  190. looking for a K/1st gr. math program ....
  191. Explode the Code question for lower grades
  192. WWE users /writing for 4th grade
  193. If my son (12) is floundering with writing, will IEW help?
  194. If my son (12) is floundering with writing, will IEW help?
  195. need a blank graph grid
  196. 4th grade?
  197. 13 yo hates to read
  198. High School Science! I am PSYCHED!! YAAY!!
  199. LoudLit.org
  200. high school American History
  201. anyone have any suggestions for
  202. Does anyone use
  203. when do you start allowing a calculator in high school math?
  204. is this enough?
  205. We are ditching Analytical Grammar
  206. Trying to find an old post about U.S. Geography Unit Study
  207. Needing a more hands on approach to math....
  208. I need handwriting help!!
  209. Free Legend of King Arthur video lecture
  210. It's been a tearful day at our house: my 12 year old w/ reading issues...
  211. letter reversals, when should I be concerned?
  212. physical science for 14 yo that struggles with math
  213. Spelling troubles!! Anyone use Spelling Workout?
  214. looking for a small printable world map
  215. Speaking of spelling...
  216. Rays Arithmetic?
  217. Helping them retain/apply what they learn...
  218. Used to frequent this board...
  219. Most Hands on Reading?
  220. Math question!
  221. CA History
  222. Has anyone switched from Math U See...
  223. Math's too hard...
  224. Math advice!
  225. Easy Grammar 3/4 question
  226. Assistive Technology
  227. Math help?
  228. Lightning Literature
  229. thoughts on 9 yr old, 3rd grader
  230. 'nother reading woe
  231. S/O adaptive tech- Nuance sales
  232. Life of Fred users...
  233. Explode the Code
  234. reading mini breakthrough
  235. I thought you all would appreciate this
  236. Khan Academy
  237. Elementary geography
  238. life science for high school
  239. where do you find your daily copywork?
  240. This brings so much joy to my heart!~wanted to share
  241. Math on the Level users.....help?
  242. So who is already working on next year's plans?
  243. Adding extra subjects
  244. Ann Voskamp's 'A Child's Geography', anyone use it?
  245. BF Geography maps?
  246. Math Program Thoughts and Feedback
  247. Before Life of Fred
  248. We're adding this to our school days...
  249. Science class
  250. Viewing/Listening how Dictation is done via online?