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  1. Henry the Castaway is on it's way!
  2. Go Along DVD for Ping
  3. Discounted FIAR Titles
  4. What are you rowing this week?
  5. Super Cute for Madeline!
  6. What are you Rowing Nov. 1-5th??
  7. Beautiful and Different Advent Calendars
  8. lost with lapbooks
  9. IEW and Beyond
  10. Rainbow Unit - Tie in FIAR book
  11. Boxcar Ch 2: Sleep (book recommendation)
  12. Pioneer Covered Wagon Craft
  13. Pumpkin runner news clip-
  14. Bleriot DVD--3.99
  15. Image of the Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge
  16. Is the digital planner not for sale?
  17. Grandfather's Journey and A Pair of Red Clogs
  18. Truman's Aunt Farm Homophones Video
  19. Help with pricing as a set
  20. Blogger giving away Ask Mr. Bear
  21. Tell me about Fold N Learns for Thanksgiving
  22. vowels
  23. Another Celebrated DB video connection
  24. Truman's Aunt Farm Go-Along..
  25. What are you rowing this week? (Nov.8-12th)
  26. Cranberry Thanksgiving go alones...
  27. Birthday Funny..
  28. wanted to share :)
  29. Advent books
  30. If you are rowing Vol 4 what are the ages of your children?
  31. BY planning help needed
  32. Stocking Stuffer--DVDs
  33. Advent Calendar Activites
  34. Is it possible to row with no "extras"?
  35. World Book Online a huge help!
  36. My family's conversation about conversational learning
  37. Papa Piccolo field trip idea
  38. Homonym Poster
  39. BeyondFiar Question.
  40. Giving/Charity theme
  41. Music link for Cowboy Charlie
  42. Hello, I am new here!! Have questions!
  43. Magnetism??
  44. What are you rowing Nov. 15-19?
  45. Another Celebrated Dancing Bear
  46. Fiar/BYfiar Planners!! A question
  47. Looking for Christmas Cookie Study
  48. Jotham's Journey
  49. The Magical School Bus
  50. Choosing guides...
  51. A Pair of Red Clogs snack idea
  52. Would this be possible??
  53. Prayer for a Child?
  54. Ornament exchange Int. List 4
  55. How many of you are rowing Henry the Castaway after Thanksgiving?
  56. Katie and the Big Snow Video Link
  57. Does your Vol 4 have a US map in the back?
  58. Introduction
  59. What are you getting your boys for Christmas?
  60. A good book for a Christmas row?
  61. Bull craft for Ferdinand
  62. Inspired by Hope - Grandfather's Journey Giveaway
  63. Homemade Gift Ideas
  64. Clown of God for Little Kids?
  65. I love Christmas shows!
  66. Kid's Web Japan/Weather game-Red Clogs
  67. Japanese Silk Kimonos video
  68. bfiar,or fiar?
  69. Looking for a cranberry video
  70. Celebrate! I just purchased Vol. 2!
  71. finally got Cranberry Thanksgiving!!
  72. Beyond through the holidays?
  73. What do you do with a rambunctious toddler?
  74. New User Question about Teacher Dependence
  75. doing something a little different
  76. Why are some people dismissive of FIAR?
  77. Fold and Learn question...
  78. How Long Have You All Been Using FIAR
  79. Tell me about the Christmas Fold N Learn!
  80. in this holiday, gift-giving season, here's a great blog post...
  81. Great Owl Moon pellet source
  82. making family gatherings more "fun"
  83. Family traditions
  84. Volume 4 Availability
  85. This may be a silly question, but I'm trying to figure FIAR out...
  86. WHAT do you DO during this Holiday season-school wise....
  87. Stockings
  88. Anyone doing
  89. My 11 year old wants to make her own gifts....
  90. Paddle to the Sea on Youtube
  91. Correlation of FIAR books
  92. Gifts for you
  93. does anyone use those stocking hooks...
  94. Fabric gift bags
  95. Started rowing Henry this morn and it is going great!
  96. I post this Advent study every year
  97. Idea for Moms of Notebookers
  98. What are you rowing the week of November 29?
  99. Snowmen Lightbulb Ornaments for Thomas Edison
  100. Considering adding 7th grader...advice?
  101. What is a Jesse Tree?
  102. Hanukkah Idea
  103. Grandmother's Famous Cranberry Bread
  104. Fun inexpensive gift for ladies and girls: fuzzy sock/bath cupcakes
  105. Best books for a 5 year old from each Vol.
  106. Gift-giving like the 3 wisemen?
  107. Re-focused
  108. Forgive me: More Gushing/Preaching to the Choir
  109. Helen Keller resources??
  110. Great Miss Rumphius Project !
  111. where do you hang stockings if there's no mantle?
  112. FIAR on the Road?
  113. Ok, MOST creative and special Christmas gifts...
  114. Can't find Best Christmas Pageant Ever
  115. where can I find an advent wreath?
  116. Albert: GREAT Resource for Comics Lesson
  117. What are you rowing the week of Dec. 6?
  118. Going to try it again!
  119. I know Christmas isn't about the STUFF
  120. Cranberry Christmas on ABC Family Tonight 7:30 EST
  121. Success Dying Wool?
  122. What to get my dad???
  123. looking for good Christmas crafts
  124. Birds Nest...Argh! Albert!
  125. Christmas letters- opinions?
  126. gifts and snacks?
  127. What are you rowing the week of December 13?
  128. Stressing myself out for no reason
  129. What are you doing for Christmas morning breakfast?
  130. an update on independent rowing
  131. What candy do you traditionally make
  132. Feeling the insecurity
  133. A find for Roxaboxen
  134. What FIAR books really inspire you to go all-out?
  135. New Year's Eve: Bags anyone?
  136. Question about individual book titles using FIAR
  137. Gift idea for girl 9 yrs, 10 in april
  138. Little tutorial on Christmas gift bags
  139. Teaching FIAR/BFIAR in Sunday School? Would You?
  140. Advent calendars - NOT!
  141. Our FIAR Tree
  142. Preschool Blogs, etc.
  143. Volume 4 Poll/Question
  144. FIAR as a Bedtime Routine?
  145. stocking stuffers for hubbys
  146. simplifying?
  147. need help with the cinnamon applesauce ornaments
  148. Young Thomas Edison MOVIE on TCM -- NOW
  149. It's never too late!
  150. Random act of Christmas kindness
  151. FIAR co-ops
  152. picture of all US List 2 ornaments
  153. any suggestions for me?
  154. We are having such a cool time with Owl Moon!
  155. Annual testing question
  156. Random act of kindness
  157. Another question about History
  158. Other wintery poems?
  159. If you have children in Vol 1-3 & Vol 4..
  160. Beyond And..
  161. Pumpkin Runner Video
  162. New to FIAR and the Board-
  163. Getting Yourself Organized
  164. I've always used our FIAR book as a read aloud but....
  165. Printable Roman Numerals matching flash cards??
  166. CBD codes?
  167. Trying to decide on which volume 2 book to row....
  168. Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening
  169. How to find animal tracks when you have no snow or dirt...
  170. First row of 2011 (01/03-01/07)?
  171. FIAR -- advice on placement
  172. help me decide which is the first row of the new year?
  173. What is "rowing"
  174. Go Along book with Mirette- on Copper
  175. Starting Sarah on Monday
  176. Volumes 1-3 too young?
  177. Digital Nature Studies Anyone?
  178. Reintroduction and Help Getting Started
  179. 'K, so what do you do with
  180. Helen Keller :)
  181. Hard to Find Books
  182. HSS Units...where to start?
  183. Cute Katy Moment
  184. Christian Supplement question
  185. Island in a Bottle Water Cycle Experiment
  186. Snowflake Bentley Video
  187. New here with a question about the digital downloads
  188. FIAR scandinavia?
  189. Has anyone printed up the Bee Keeper Game at HSS?
  190. Is there a list ...
  191. Caps for Sale~ A couple of new(to me) resources
  192. What are the simplest FIAR books?
  193. Volume 4 Story Disks
  194. A good resource or website for the study of sheep??
  195. How many books/days do you do per year?
  196. Lists - Chapter book Go alongs?
  197. thomas edison freebie
  198. thomas edison freebie
  199. Amazing snowflake photos from an electron microscope!
  200. What are you rowing January 10-15th??
  201. Where to Buy?
  202. Just found this for Snowflake Bentley
  203. If you've ever used a Download-N-Go
  204. Which Katy and The Big Snow activity for 5yr olds?
  205. VLFT: illustrator speech & video!
  206. Rag Coat Fold and Learn...
  207. Just thought I'd share :)
  208. Little Nino's on Reading Rainbow
  209. great science book about snow crystals
  210. FIAR Package Comes Tmw
  211. Wee Gillis
  212. Vol. 2 OOP Books
  213. Snowflake Bentley and other books about snow
  214. Need some good Valentine craft ideas
  215. Wow!
  216. Great go-along for Katy
  217. The Snowy Day
  218. Warm as Wool Question
  219. Fire in Katy
  220. Happy 150th birthday, Kansas!
  221. Connecting trips to books...
  222. Just for fun: Have you ever rowed more than 1 book at a time?
  223. What are you rowing Jan 17-21?
  224. First Day
  225. DD Reading BFiAR - Is this OK?
  226. show me what a day looks like - GWC
  227. RAK Salamander Room
  228. Robert Frost funny
  229. advice for a newbie BYer
  230. Snowy Day video
  231. Fun game for alliteration and rhyming
  232. Snowflake Bentley scholastic movie
  233. What is your most favorite winter/snow book to row?
  234. I think I'm back to rowing....
  235. What are you rowing the week of January 24?
  236. Owl Moon in New Jersey?
  237. DFW Co-ops?
  238. 3-D Wooden Puzzles~ Go-alongs
  239. lapbooks/notebooks and rowing with 'olders'
  240. Giraffe Go-Along
  241. Pumpkin Runner Fun
  242. should I purchase the supplemental books?
  243. Hickory Chair and Higgens Bend for sale (OOPs?)
  244. Snack ideas for FIAR co op
  245. The Saturdays --- A BYFIAR Connection!
  246. New, FIAR, and history (curriculum)!
  247. Helen Keller--Cow Eye Dissection Link
  248. DH/Valentine
  249. Activities in FIAR
  250. What are you rowing this week of Jan.31-Feb.4??