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  1. Night of the Moonjellies...
  2. The Glorious Flight
  3. Organizing My Planner
  4. Is FIAR non-denominational?
  5. Lentil and the harmonica
  6. Great go-along for Cranberry Thanksgiving
  7. Am I missing anything for K?
  8. What have been favorite titles for your younger children?
  9. Glorious Flight Lapbook?
  10. The wheel chair in Arabella...
  11. Pre-K Swimming Duck Craft
  12. Slimy Salamanders!
  13. National Lighthouse Day is August 7th!
  14. Way Cool Lighthouse Craft @ Family Fun
  15. Red Clogs - think I have a plan (long)
  16. Which book would you start with if...
  17. What would you do?
  18. Taste buds?
  19. To help with your country/state studies....
  20. Vol. 4 - Pumpkin Runner
  21. Another Celebrated Dancing Bear
  22. For those Rowing Around the World
  23. Does FIAR have a scope and sequence per volume anywhere?
  24. How long to row a volume 4 book?
  25. Hatmaker's Sign Resource
  26. DELIGHTFUL Wee Gillis Go-Along
  27. Beeswax Candles for The Bee Tree?
  28. How do you prepare?
  29. How to Make an Apple Pie...DVD
  30. hymn suggestions?
  31. Using FIAR in co-op
  32. sequel to The Bee Tree
  33. Is it time to move on?
  34. lapbooking is so time-consuming!
  35. Super simple animal classification
  36. Gyotaku/Red Clogs
  37. How Long does it take you to plan one book?
  38. grades K-3...tell me your way of simplifying!
  39. Volume 1 Animal Classification Cards
  40. Mike Mulligan Go-along
  41. Roxaboxen go-along
  42. Harold and the Purple Crayon supplemental online video
  43. Great First Week
  44. Need descriptions of categories of animal classification please
  45. Link to free FIAR resources
  46. intro/finding printouts??
  47. Lighthouse virtual tour & info
  48. Madeline unit for boys?
  49. Printables for Story Puppets/Felt Boards
  50. I just found a wonderful FREE online curriculum for lighthouses
  51. Winter/storm Book Recommendation
  52. Madeline Movie
  53. older FIARers/younger FIARers
  54. Notebooking Meets Lapbooking
  55. Really liking FIAR
  56. Fold and Learns without Folding???
  57. Eye/Sight Free Resources link
  58. Question for notebookers...
  59. This website is a cornucopia of information.
  60. How do you pronounce Mirette?
  61. World's Smallest Horse coloring pages!
  62. Sharing a bit and saying THANK YOU!!!
  63. How do you present a lesson??
  64. Japanese Make Way 4 Ducklings
  65. Animal Classification for Before - website
  66. Making Our Own Roxaboxen for @ $1.00
  67. Braille online game for Hickory Chair
  68. cool grasshopper/locust website
  69. We just read The Bee Tree sequal...
  70. Just watched "Devil's Arithmatic" -- Mrs. Katz
  71. Understanding Parallel Construction
  72. Great Audio Version of Madeline
  73. Great Audio Version of The Carrot Seed
  74. Our Week With The Bee Tree
  75. Cute go-along book for ducks or war books
  76. Our week with the moonjellies!
  77. Our week with The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge
  78. A great teaching moment from the Christian Character Supplement!
  79. A Lesson for ME! from Mike Mulligan
  80. If you've ever wondered about Owl Puke...
  81. Want to share great FREE science resource
  82. Cute book I saw at the library today -- go-along for Andy and the Lion
  83. Mirette/Degas art project?
  84. animal report form for notebooking??? ami*??
  85. Where to get owl pellets?
  86. Has anyone planned or rowed Arabella?
  87. Our Storm in the Night Notebook.
  88. What if they get tired of reading the same book?
  89. Go-Alongs-4-Storm in the night, HOw to make Apple pie and BEE tree?
  90. notebooking
  91. Has anyone rowed The Raft?
  92. Planning question
  93. Ideas for TGTWTP
  94. Great Quilt go along book
  95. Have you seen this resource for Mailing May?
  96. Beginner's Questions!
  97. State-related books for Vol. 4
  98. Story Elements Illustration?
  99. Horse craft?
  100. Awesome website for Mike Mulligan
  101. Books on the Caribbean for Arrabella?
  102. Angus Lost
  103. Here's another great hands-on book re: bridges...
  104. Strong and Good Go Along
  105. Lentil - Taste Buds
  106. Moonjellies on color explosion paper...
  107. Picture Book Activites by Tirsh Kuffner
  108. Lapbooking...awesome website!
  109. An awesome go-along for Gullywasher
  110. go-along for Rag Coat, Follow the Drinking Gourd, and others
  111. Roxaboxen Park pictures
  112. Snake Webquest (For When I was young)
  113. Little Red Lighthouse: Adorable Book on NYC
  114. Owl Cupcakes
  115. Grat interactive website EAR/Babar
  116. creating and using a timeline
  117. Stopping by woods field trip
  118. I need a go-along chapter book for 'Madeline'
  119. Babar-- Musical notes & fractions
  120. Higgins Bend go-along books
  121. When looking for FIAR extras....here's a tip
  122. book interuptions
  123. How an ear hears -- Babar
  124. Cool cork tree website for Ferdinand
  125. Cute China Worksheet for Ping
  126. Feel stupid, but I'll ask anyway!
  127. quilt pattern coloring pages! great site...
  128. Several Ideas for Mike Mulligan
  129. Web site for children-Dreams/Sleep Andy & Lion and Babar
  130. Snowflake Bentley Potato Printing
  131. Great go along to Duchess
  132. idea for Miss Rumphius
  133. Discussion style lessons (vs. lap/notebooking)
  134. Great go-along for Ferdinand or any measuring lesson
  135. Wee Gillis and Highland Cattle
  136. story disk storm in the night
  137. Discover America series
  138. vocabulary for Owl Moon???
  139. so...how do you row?
  140. I just love BFIAR...
  141. a great site for HOw to Make an Apple Pie
  142. ABC Bunny recording?
  143. Need a snack suggestion for Madeleine
  144. need help putting lapbook folders together!
  145. Wee Gillis
  146. Awesome Roxaboxen go along book!
  147. Games Games Games!!
  148. Story abour Ping Lesson
  149. What book have you just wanted to go nuts with??
  150. Katy & The Big Snow
  151. Couple of notebook pages on Mirette!
  152. A cool website...
  153. Basho (Grass Sandals) in new Magic TreeHouse book
  154. Fun with Vocabulary Words
  155. Mailing May-postal museum
  156. Which books go along with the theme of prairie life?
  157. Grandfather's Journey Week
  158. Fall Nature Study - Am I the only one...
  159. Neat On-line Resource re: Trees
  160. Help Wanted for Felt Jesse Bear
  161. Roxaboxen go along...
  162. Air Traffic Controller Worksheets?
  163. Ideas for A Pair of Red Clogs
  164. Lapbook Question
  165. Christmas FIAR titles from vols 2-4?
  166. For the prairie books...
  167. EASIEST BOOKS TO COVER for younger kids
  168. Fall Nature Study ? (the new product)
  169. Mirette on the High Wire - sequel!
  170. The Bee Tree notebook pages.
  171. Great Audio for Madeline and Ping
  172. Bee Tree
  173. Guest checks for NOTMJ are back!
  174. Nice website for THE BEE TREE
  175. Which titles do you still need?
  176. Need a chapter go-along for 'Pumkin Runner'
  177. Go along for Mike Mulligan
  178. Ferdinand is next - Spanish snacks?
  179. A Site Demonstrating Print Techniques.
  180. Peter Rabbit online book slideshow
  181. Mike Mulligan
  182. Review week summary of choices an author/artist can make
  183. Owl Moon in book order
  184. State Listings for FIAR Books
  185. The Story about Ping..
  186. Any suggestions for a GOOD book about the Renaissance?
  187. See your name in Chinese...
  188. Rowing in order or going by country?
  189. Wonderful videos for Mike Mulligan
  190. We're going to the Post Office tomorrow...
  191. What are the Archives?
  192. Balanced meal & Who Owns The Sun
  193. Field trip go along with The Glorious Flight!
  194. Some go alongs for "How to Make Apple Pie and See the World"
  195. Apple Pie Art Lessons and the fnl
  196. Another Apple Pie Go-Along
  197. DD doesn't want to read the book more than once
  198. Anybody ever do a unit on bird migration?
  199. FIAR books and beavers
  200. The Red Carpet
  201. Artist Study for Fall/Apples
  202. Looking for Cat ideas for Papa Piccolo
  203. Goodnight Moon Ideas
  204. Finally, our photos of the Madeline human body craft
  205. another go along book for how to make an apple pie
  206. Ping go along for the younger set
  207. Volume 4- What are the best of the best?
  208. Where can I buy wool?
  209. Any FIAR books on New Year's
  210. Three Names site
  211. Our first lapbook!!!!
  212. finding "medieval people" (duchess)
  213. Co-op ideas for Grandfather's Journey
  214. Okay what does SOTW and SSRW stand for....
  215. When you order from the digital store...
  216. Mailing May - I love it!
  217. Snow activity - NASA snowflake project
  218. Lapbook folding video clips
  219. Miss Rumphius question
  220. Apple Pie go along book
  221. Papa Piccolo go alongs (please humor me)
  222. Website go-along for Duchess
  223. Pumpkin Runner activity
  224. Asia books
  225. Title that I just can't "get into"
  226. Reader to go with Duchess
  227. Just can't avoid it with three boys...
  228. Great website for Duchess
  229. Hello
  230. Eiffel Tower project for Madeline or Giraffe
  231. Scheduling?
  232. Suggestions for Using the FIAR Bible Study Supplement
  233. Field trip ideas for the Glorious Flight?
  234. Met Debra Bell and she talked about...
  235. We got to hear the bagpipes in person...in our house!
  236. FIAR Newsletter - there used to be one....
  237. My girls won't stop talking during the reading...what can I do? and a vent :(
  238. Gallons, Quarts, Pints
  239. Mike Mulligan website
  240. Volume 4 Questions
  241. My first library sale find!!!
  242. So why has Volume 4 gone to Digital format?
  243. state list
  244. Those doing the FIAR Nature Study?
  245. Interview with the author of The Gullywasher
  246. Help! I don't want to teach co-op tomorrow...
  247. WW II posters on Smithsonian website...
  248. I'm still new to the boards and learning lingo..
  249. Please help me with presentation!!
  250. Go-along book for How to Make an Apple Pie