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  1. Rhyming Bingo Game (Make Way for Ducklings)
  2. Papa Piccolo Cat to Color
  3. Waltz of the Scarecrows
  4. Go along for Madeline
  5. Civil War help
  6. When do you start animal classification?
  7. where to find a "country report" form???
  8. Wow!! Homeschool Share is a great site!!
  9. Okay, maybe I missed it, but...
  10. Timelines?
  11. Found Hatmaker's Sign in a collection
  12. Found Follow the Drinking Gourd in a collection too
  13. So Many New Fiar Products Available Now!!
  14. Question for Aussie Moms ie Lamingtons?
  15. Looking for Some Good Fall Books?
  16. Beginner
  17. Jane Claire (illustrator ?)
  18. Volume 4 question
  19. Choices Authors Can Make? Who Knew??
  20. Can anyone put me in touch with ...
  21. Gotta love the used book stores!!!!
  22. A little confused...
  23. Roxaboxen
  24. Warm as Wool go along
  25. Lapbook idea
  26. Babar To Duet Question
  27. Reading Rainbow alert: 3 FIAR titles coming up!
  28. I didn't realize 'Cowboy Charlie' was out of print...
  29. I need a pick me up
  30. Becky Jane's Notes on Beyond Planning
  31. Ultimate Lapbooking Handbook
  32. Have to share my FIAR miracle of the day
  33. Go-along Title for Duchess...
  34. Wee Gillis ideas??
  35. Digital store
  36. Can I just tell you how delighted I am with FIAR
  37. Make Way for Ducklings Snack
  38. Anyone with B4 littles that have several sibs doing FIAR and BY?
  39. I just completed my FIAR set!
  40. What books do you recommend?
  41. My apple pie math worksheet I made today.
  42. how do you plan your lessons?
  43. The Bravest of Us All-Thanks Jane Claire!
  44. FIAR titles related to these field trips???
  45. What other school things do you do with FIAR??
  46. Goodwill find today!
  47. If you divide your kids for FIAR...
  48. Steve...do I remember correctly?
  49. FIAR Volume 4?
  50. virtual owl pellet/mini-unit study
  51. My "bargain" of the week...
  52. How would you do this?
  53. Two bargain books that I found!
  54. Go-Alongs for The Bravest of Us All
  55. Vocab words?
  56. We're rowing Madeline :)
  57. A Story That Warmed My Heart...
  58. Every time we read Lentil...
  59. New to BFIAR, and very excited!
  60. Onomatopoeia disagreement
  61. After reading some threads here...
  62. Classification - all volumes
  63. Go along for onomatopoeia and alliteration
  64. Just got Roxaboxen unit & ? about units
  65. Need help for Kansas clay map
  66. Roxaboxen
  67. Craft Idea for The Giraffe That Walked to Paris
  68. archives
  69. What have you had to give
  70. There should be a disclaimer on...
  71. Stiffened Felt for Big Green Pocketbook?
  72. Heather 'Blog She Wrote'...how do you do it?
  73. DVD Resource for The Giraffe That Walked To Paris
  74. Two go-alongs
  75. Cute site for 'Pumpkin Runner'
  76. testing and reviewing FIAR??
  77. Book Sale Moment
  78. :) found babar
  79. FIAR title for Germany?
  80. Library had Giraffe that Walked to Paris
  81. Our first FIAR dinner
  82. Newbie
  83. has anyone used Before FIAR for short weeks or light weeks?
  84. Cowboy Charlie Reprinted?
  85. Jane Claire-The Range Eternal
  86. What Art Medium?
  87. How do people use their fiar planners?
  88. Homeschool estore freebie...great go along for Snowflake Bentley
  89. Cranberry Tour site
  90. Lap Book disaster! Help!
  91. The Pumpkin Runner
  92. france go along Madeline or TGTWTP
  93. Girls talking while reading update:)
  94. conversational FIAR?
  95. Another classification game website
  96. Anyone use any history programs along with Five in a Row?
  97. Any great go alongs for Salamander Room?
  98. Volume 4
  99. Font on classification cards
  100. Anyone out there in So. CA?
  101. First time around on Volume 4 and FIAR praises!
  102. Cranberry Thanksgiving or.....
  103. Just had to share how awesome our God works...
  104. Don't forget the archives...
  105. Article on the Yangtze River
  106. Treasure Hunt idea for Drinking Gourd
  107. Cranberry Thanksgiving/Thanksgiving Help please
  108. son only likes FIAR
  109. EASY craft for Glorious Flight!
  110. The Rag Coat observation
  111. Another recipe for Ping, My girls loved it...
  112. Hi! New to the boards
  113. Very last first time fun
  114. Excited but confused!
  115. What age is volume 4 best for?
  116. Ferdinand or Ping go along????
  117. Field Trip Ideas?
  118. has anyone rowed cat on kranski square?
  119. I got an email from Molly Bang
  120. For those of you who do FIAR first....
  121. Jane Yolen
  122. Yellow Bowl? We are rowing Cranberry Thanksgiving
  123. The Giraffe that Walked to Paris
  124. Barebooks
  125. I need help with making a chart for How to Make an Apple Pie
  126. Climbing Kansas Mountain..
  127. Cranberry Thanksgiving Trivia question...
  128. Help for Newbie
  129. Timeline in notebook style?
  130. Interesting Apple "Terms" website
  131. Snowflake Patterns from Dover
  132. VERY COOL simply giraffe craft wooden model
  133. I don't think I can read The Hickory Chair
  134. ANTARCTICA...anything to row?
  135. Get your name in Chinese...great activity for "Ping"
  136. Three books in one
  137. How to Make an Apple Pie Recipe Needed
  138. Ideas?
  139. great find this weekend!
  140. help with bear theme
  141. Katy No Pocket and Red Carpet
  142. Tightrope ideas for Mirette on the Highwire
  143. Amber on the Mountain Question
  144. Cowboy Charlie
  145. Our time with The Pumpkin Runner
  146. okay, ANOTHER at what age question
  147. Yikes, I had no idea Cranberry Thanksgiving was so...
  148. The Little Red Lighthouse...
  149. Remembering why I do this!
  150. Anyone know the Russian Name for
  151. Andy and the Lion. Loved the Go-Alongs!
  152. Do you think taking on a book will be hard
  153. Truman's Ant Farm - ideas
  154. Some thoughts about celebrating Christmas
  155. Have you made a drinking gourd
  156. We're rowing Snowflake Bentley...
  157. Is anyone...
  158. Great go-along for Snowflake Bentley
  159. Quiet Way Home go-along
  160. The Little Red Lighthouse and Personification
  161. Go along for Papa Piccolo...You Tube Venice video
  162. FIAR Planning
  163. One co-op FIAR semester down, one to go...
  164. On-Line video - Cranberry Bog in WI
  165. Too young to do lapbooks?
  166. Christmas Fold -N- Learn???
  167. I'm back...for good I hope!
  168. Wild Horses of Sweetbriar
  169. Anyone else have the FIAR titles memorized?
  170. Where to start?
  171. "I Want A New Coat"
  172. Apple Dumplings... Anyone know...
  173. Printable Paper Toys- GoAlongs Galore
  174. Cranberry Thanksgiving Mystery solved...
  175. More Snowflake Bentley Fun!
  176. Hi-New and hoping to join in
  177. Glorious Flight videos
  178. How to Bake an Apple Pie...
  179. The Story about Ping Lessons
  180. Back again!
  181. The Rag Coat
  182. A Couple of Christmas/Winter books
  183. Madeline Info
  184. Miss Rumphius Funny..
  185. Another How to Make an Apple Pie ... Question
  186. Time line for publishing date of stories
  187. Creating Lap Books?
  188. Question about changing my manuals to spiral binding.
  189. "Snow" resources
  190. my dd doesn't seem interested
  191. hi -new-
  192. Anyone teaching letter sounds may like this site.
  193. What to do??
  194. newcomer
  195. Where can I buy...
  196. Co-oping FIAR? Please share!
  197. Crayola and Snowflake Bentley
  198. Reading Rainbow: Little Nino's Pizzeria
  199. animal classification chart
  200. Winter Study?
  201. When to "Row" again
  202. Guess what I bought today?
  203. Which would you do first?
  204. Looking for ideas
  205. Oh my, How to Make an Apple Pie fold-and-learn!
  206. I am so nervous
  207. Good websites for preschool activities?
  208. Christened a new used bookstore!
  209. New here....
  210. Now that it's 2008, are there any election-type books to row?
  211. Does anyone do the notebooks like Jane suggests?
  212. I did it!
  213. FIAR conversation style?
  214. New to FIAR (long...sorry)
  215. What do you have to "show" for each FIAR book?
  216. Snowflake Bentley!
  217. Oh How They Learn!!!! (FIAR Praise)
  218. book recommendation for warm as wool
  219. Just wondering...
  220. need some help on finding a book
  221. keeping the 2 yo entertained while hmsing
  222. Moving on to volume 2 or 3
  223. Jane Claire - Woodcut Lesson ???
  224. Animal Tracks - 3 links
  225. Need Help w/New Winter Study
  226. ACDB - Tchaikovsky website for young ones
  227. Starting Volume 4 Tomorrow
  228. We have snow!!!!
  229. Hey Ohioans......it's time to row The Salamander Room!
  230. Is Mike Mulligan Irish?
  231. Go Alongs for Duchess Bakes A Cake
  232. FIAR Funny..
  233. Henry the castaway new ideas anyone?
  234. Rhyme scheme and Frost
  235. SNOW - any must do activities before it melts?
  236. Overwhelmed - in a good way!
  237. Vol 4- 1 or 2 weeks?
  238. Grandfather's Journey- we took a field trip today!
  239. Where are the book archives?
  240. Coming back to FIAR...
  241. Loving "The Bee Tree" this week!
  242. I have to tell you Jane is right...
  243. Papa Piccolo go-along
  244. Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin
  245. Fun with The Rag Coat!
  246. Mrs Katz field trip idea
  247. Marbles! For Three Names or just for fun
  248. Owl Site for Owl Moon
  249. My Son couldn't believe this!
  250. We've had a great week!