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  1. FnL question
  2. Discussing difficult subjects with your dc
  3. A "sweet" math lesson!
  4. Ok girls...what fun things are you doing this week? Any games? FIAR fun times?
  5. Book tie in for rock climbing?
  6. Book to Look For!
  7. Spinoff of WWII/Difficult Subjects -- A Good Book
  8. Mammal Chart
  9. Gorious Flight - Pictures of Bleriot
  10. butterflies?
  11. Spring Nature Study
  12. Paul Revere and picture study
  13. Connect Art Lesson with Health Lesson
  14. Rowing Peter Rabbit today.........
  15. The Hickory Chair (Vol. 4): Do you know about the Great Molasses Flood of 1919?
  16. gardening website
  17. Gardening finds at Target
  18. They've arrived!
  19. Anyone have a secret source for "The Quiet Way Home"?
  20. Good Price for The Red Carpet?
  21. Russia page from Dover freebies
  22. ? on Bravest of us all
  23. We had a really cool FIAR moment yesterday!
  24. My son's reaction to a FIAR lesson...
  25. How do I get ahold of Arabella?
  26. Madeline Play in Southern Ohio!!!!
  27. BFIAR freebie!
  28. FIAR titles Freebie
  29. just checking in... where I can I read about the changes to the manuals?
  30. Co-Op fun! Bee Tree
  31. Nature: Tall Blonds (Giraffes)
  32. Peter Rabbit Coloring Pages
  33. Bee and Sunflower site/resources
  34. Another Celebrated Dancing Bear
  35. Does anyone elses copy of "Very Last First Time" smell like the ocean?
  36. a discussion on loving our enemies ...and a big 'ol Thank You!
  37. "Jenny's Surprise Summer" reprinted under different name?
  38. Other book suggestions for winging it B4FIAR style when through?
  39. Help with piled up story disks...
  40. Papa Piccolo: Great go-alongs
  41. Adele and Simon
  42. Blueberries for Sal
  43. If you do volume 4 and also 1-3...
  44. Bill Nye's Buoyancy
  45. Can we yack about lap booking?
  46. Good deal
  47. Leavening Experiments
  48. Okay, so how many here do FIAR science only.........
  49. Chinese Moon Cakes for Ping
  50. Not liking "Yellow Ball"?!
  51. Do you/your children use a nature journal that you love?
  52. A good resource to review FIAR/B4/BY books
  53. The Great Depression..
  54. Wild Horses of Sweetbriar Field Trip
  55. Book about Wisconsin/Minnesota/Great Lakes?
  56. Anyone have the cookbook?
  57. Aussie Girls -- Owl Moon
  58. Ready to graduate from BFIAR to FIAR?
  59. Can I share about our fabulous week?
  60. A bit of encouragement
  61. Just wanted to share
  62. Cranberry Thanksgiving
  63. Enchanted Learning - getting emails from me?
  64. Is this a no-no?
  65. Snowy Day freebie
  66. I ordered
  67. Aussie girls - a question
  68. Got some great deals in Columbus!!!!
  69. Blueberry council virtual tour
  70. Felt Set Patterns- Going on a Bear Hunt
  71. Where to find a co-op?
  72. Math??
  73. I'm new and I have a question
  74. beautiful Alphabet pages to color
  75. beautiful Alphabet pages to color
  76. We started!
  77. Matching read alouds with some titles...
  78. How do you decide when to re-row?
  79. Beauty of a go along for Miss Rumphius or
  80. Considering B4FIAR
  81. Can I share a neat toddler site?
  82. ABC Song from ABC Bunny?
  83. Jane Claire's Helps for Those Beginning...
  84. "At Home With Beatrix Potter"
  85. Lighthouse titles
  86. Garden Fun with Peter Rabbit
  87. Help ~ How many balls do YOU see?
  88. Truman's Aunt Farm ?
  89. I Blame FIAR..
  90. Fun online activity for Miss Rumphius
  91. Great field trip for "The Duchess Bakes a Cake"
  92. New with questions
  93. Angus Lost
  94. My books came today!!!!
  95. butterfly kit
  96. Containing all the "stuff"
  97. Cutest go-along!! "Buns Travels Across America"
  98. If your child loves to color
  99. What do you do when...
  100. You know you've read "....Bear Hunt" too many times when
  101. The fun we have as FIAR moms!
  102. Atlanta Girls: Good Night Moon Coming to the Alliance
  103. Story of Paul Revere's Ride Radio Show Download
  104. Caps for Sale funny
  105. Gramma's Walk Wheelchair Resources
  106. Help!
  107. Classification Cards
  108. Creation story classification
  109. Neat website to help build "Animal Kingdom" cards or board
  110. Great picture book
  111. Ferdinand and Cork
  112. Mrs. Katz and Tush
  113. Cool BUTTERFLY website
  114. 2 Weather Websites
  115. Cool website for China study
  116. SUPER Virtual Tour...A Walk in the WOODS
  117. Website Resources GALORE for FIAR ENRICHMENT
  118. Animal Classification Chart ideas?
  119. Map Question
  120. Our cool Watercolor lesson for ARABELLA
  121. A Pocketful Of Cricket
  122. The Little Rabbit
  123. Website Resources GALORE for FIAR ENRICHMENT Vol. #2
  124. Book Recomendation
  125. BFIAR for Special Needs
  126. We bought wood
  127. Rowing around the World
  128. Animal Cards & Lapbooks..
  129. two wonderful books
  130. Tracing Paper - A Pair of Red Clogs
  131. You may like this site if you are doing nature studies.
  132. Music to my (weary) ears!
  133. Nature walks/journal book
  134. Christian Supplement Help
  135. Go Along with The Salamander Room
  136. Bunny activities
  137. New York, New York on UTube/LRLH & GGB
  138. Make Your Own Decorative Garden Stepping Stones
  139. Westward Ho from Three Names?
  140. Dinosaur go-along for Big Green Pocketbook
  141. How long does it take
  142. Go-Along for Quiet Way Home
  143. The Bee Tree art idea
  144. need ideas
  145. I never thought Gramma's Walk could be so funny!
  146. Peter Rabbit
  147. Jesse Bear - free
  148. Andy & the Circus ?
  149. Hatmakers Sign (volume 4)
  150. Cowboy Charlie (volume 4)
  151. Duchess Bakes a Cake
  152. The Rag Coat - Cake
  153. OOP book at a good price
  154. Lapbooking/Notebooking Help
  155. Glorious Flight Find
  156. We gave Lapbooking a shot...
  157. Teaching BFIAR in a Co-op Setting
  158. Harold: See all Crayola crayons with a purple hue
  159. Current Buns..
  160. Zoo field trip
  161. Five in a row timeline
  162. Make Way For Ducklings. Gotta see this!
  163. Cardinal Call
  164. Counting in Italian
  165. Go-along for Make Way for Ducklings
  166. cowboy ideas, please
  167. We set up our ant farm today!
  168. Need some ideas....
  169. Our writing with quills...
  170. Hatmaker's Sign: Images of 18th and 19th century hats
  171. A question or two for Kendall...
  172. Here's a funny for ya......
  173. How old were your kids when you started Before?
  174. Fun go-along for teaching perspective
  175. Guess what happened to one of my FIAR manuals???
  176. What books do your kids like?
  177. your favorite titles?
  178. When you row "Cowboy Charlie"
  179. Peter Rabbit illustrations
  180. Planning volume 4
  181. Question about Volume 4
  182. Just how many books did you ........
  183. Lookie what I found
  184. I found another book!
  185. Lowes Build and Grows--FIAR Go Alongs
  186. More meat?
  187. Currclick has a great freebie that will go with Grandfathers journey!
  188. Need encouragement getting started
  189. Library sale find!
  190. question re: picture in Grandfather's Journey
  191. Japan go-alongs esp for boys
  192. Little Red Lighthouse -- Bridge Website
  193. Good price on FIAR books
  194. RAK: I feel like I'm dangling raw meat....
  195. Make Way For Ducklings - Video
  196. How do you delve deeper?
  197. Corduroy field trip
  198. YEAH!! Found my last B4 title!
  199. Jane Claire...Sping Nature Study
  200. gel ant farm?
  201. BFIAR for Kindergarten?
  202. Free Celebrate Urban Birds kit- Albert
  203. Jan Brett Coloring Pages...
  204. Some Truman's Aunt ideas
  205. Truman's Aunt Farm go-along books
  206. Anyone coming to the FIAR retreat??
  207. Our week with The Carrot Seed
  208. Madeline Germ/Handwashing website
  209. Using Before FIAR with a non-talker?
  210. FIAR volume choices
  211. Rak
  212. Easy Cloud ID Website for Mr. Gumpy
  213. Any resources/supplies you found helpful or fun with volume 4?
  214. Please point me to The Giraffe That Walked To Paris in French.
  215. Finest Horse in Town/Setting, Conflict, Rising Action, Climax, Denouement
  216. How to say Denouement
  217. Got my last title in Volume 1!
  218. Spring Nature study Question
  219. Online lemonade stand game for lentil
  220. Big Green Pocketbook FNL
  221. Glorious Flight Go-Along
  222. Love, Your Bear Pete X
  223. Does anyone have the cookbook?
  224. Small town library & FIAR
  225. Giraffe - I have a copy!
  226. Digital cookbook ?
  227. Volume IV Question
  228. New - planning to use BFIAR w/ 5yo & 2yo in the fall
  229. Caps for Sale Fold n Learn
  230. Hello! New here with a couple questions
  231. Trumans Aunt Farm ?????
  232. Has anyone compared a HS scope and sequence to a PS one
  233. How do you juggle FIAR & Beyond?
  234. Finest Horse in Town/Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder
  235. All Those Secrets of the World- Estuaries
  236. Before Fold and Learns
  237. Celebrating Miss Rumphius!
  238. New to B4, Question
  239. Wee Gillis ???
  240. Where do we donate, again?
  241. Where do I start?
  242. Books to match these "events" from vol 4 (or other volumes)?
  243. alphabet index
  244. B4 Planners
  245. Teaching Primary Color w/Gnight Moon
  246. FIAR title to go along with Transcont. RR?
  247. My son's comments about "Play with me"
  248. Play with me go along title
  249. We are finished with "Night of the Moonjellies"
  250. Just a cute video of new born Giraffe