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  1. How long do you take on a book? (vol. 4)
  2. Choices An Author Can Make?
  3. Australia info needed!
  4. FIAR and movies
  5. Questions About Katy No Pocket
  6. Cranberry Thanksgiving Bread
  7. A "Jane Claire" funny..
  8. Neat Video for those rowing A Pair of Red Clogs
  9. Considering lapbooking....
  10. Is Blueberries for Sal out of print?
  11. What Are BEGGAR Boats? ping
  12. FIAR Cookbook "make again" favs - yours?
  13. What to do when you have too many things for your lapbook?
  14. story disk for All Those Secrets of the World
  15. Need classroom activities for Madeline
  16. FIAR reports to involve older children!
  17. Follow the Drinking Gourd
  18. Help me... I've volunteered to do a co-op!!
  19. B4 FIAR with 3.5 and 2yo?
  20. Interesting biography of Robert McCloskey
  21. Gramma's Walk supplemental reading?
  22. New invention - Glorious Flight
  23. Robert McCloskey Museum - Hamilton, Ohio
  24. Best Books for the Younger Set?
  25. FIAR with multiple age children?
  26. Can you help me simplify?
  27. We LOVE Owl Moon
  28. digital pages of our Jesse Bear week
  29. Web site on Aeronautics
  30. Mr. Gumpy/British English
  31. Down, Down, the Mountain
  32. Lighthouse and Bridge online puzzle
  33. FIAR with other curriculums
  34. bath craft
  35. Cat Poems for Papa Piccolo
  36. Anyone here ever made a Kugel--Mrs. Katz and Tush
  37. The Rag Coat Coal candy!!!
  38. VLFT sled-box for the doll house
  39. Check out what we learned...
  40. Free Go Along Book for Election FNL
  41. Resource for Miss Rumphius
  42. Segregation Lesson?
  43. Good book to start with?
  44. How do you say "Inuk"? (VLFT)
  45. What exactly ARE Fold 'n Learns and how do you use them?
  46. A fun movie about politics
  47. FIAR vs. traditional school
  48. How To Make an Apple Pie and Madeline
  49. FIAR Funny!
  50. What are your kids' favorite FIAR books?
  51. Why had I never thought of this before?
  52. Culture funny
  53. Books about hedgehogs?
  54. Grandfather's Journey
  55. Question-5 yr old
  56. jump from Steve's post
  57. Glorious Flight Fight..
  58. Go-along for Finest Horse, Stopping by Woods, and Lentil...
  59. I am so excited about our upcoming week...
  60. I've been wondering... am I just doing FIAR?
  61. Ping Trivia for the day
  62. Easy to make bagpipes - Wee Gillis
  63. What my kids get to wake up to in the morning
  64. FIAR Books For Sale..
  65. Our Snake Day
  66. volume 4 list by theme/season
  67. ? about waterproofing a feather--Ping
  68. Scheduling question...
  69. ice experiment for Very Last First Time
  70. Any FIAR dinosaur suggestions?
  71. Assignments and Deadlines and Kids...
  72. Our visit to the Robert McCloskey Museum in Hamilton, Ohio
  73. Ideas for older students and Madeline...
  74. Election unit suggestion
  75. Printing digital units? Few questions...
  76. Looking for FIAR co-op in MI
  77. A FIAR Christmas....(Matryoshka Dolls)
  78. Our Storm in the Night Doll-House Go-Along
  79. A game for Peter Rabbit
  80. How to Make a ...
  81. Cowboy Charlie at Amazon
  82. Great Week for Me
  83. Fun lesson extension with How to Make an Apple Pie
  84. FIAR cookbook question
  85. Grandma planning to do Before FIAR with grandson
  86. Are the Holiday Fold and Learns year specific?
  87. Babar to Duet is on utube now!
  88. Who Owns the Sun Simple Machines lesson.
  89. Story Disks for volume 4
  90. Help Needed! Just downloaded the Fold 'n Learn
  91. I just downloaded the Fall Nature Study...
  92. High wire walking on the Today show...today
  93. Great activity for Rag Coat or Mike Mulligan
  94. What to do after....
  95. A heartwarming FIAR moment...
  96. Fun little Kangaroo to make!
  97. Pumpkin Runner hot air balloon stories on this website
  98. The ABC Bunny according to Catharina
  99. ICK!!! We are dissecting an owl pellet...
  100. Anyone a poetry expert??? Jane Claire?
  101. scheduling nature studies with FIAR
  102. How to Organize Projects/Activities?
  103. Caps for Sale FNL!!
  104. Volume 2
  105. Fun Evening with Grandfather's Journey!
  106. We had a "cover illustration" day
  107. Do you ever finish rowing a book and feel sort of sad?
  108. My FIAR bookshelf
  109. books on or about Canada??
  110. This week I am putting them all out!
  111. fun stuff for Duchess....
  112. Anyone made butter before?
  113. My dd's FIAR connection
  114. FIAR funny!
  115. Goodnight Moon
  116. Is anyone doing the Election FNL now?
  117. Painting a pumpkin
  118. is the purpose of a lapbook...
  119. Lovin' The Bee Tree
  120. The Wall on Reading Rainbow today (Wednesday)
  121. Caps for Sale Activity Pages
  122. Go-Along Book for LRLATGGB
  123. Fog in a bottle?? (Revere)
  124. The Glorious Flight activities
  125. Babar
  126. Snowy Day
  127. Reading Rainbow-Monday (10/27)-Australia
  128. Pumpkin Runner - Pictures and a Link
  129. Bookseller for out of print books
  130. Extra Snowy Day
  131. Good go-along for talking about colors or blindness
  132. Vol. 4 lessons
  133. Library book sales
  134. Please help me with pairing up?
  135. Fall Leaf Book
  136. Where did you find Jenny's Summer Surprise
  137. The Raft - Great WI wildlife link
  138. Yummy~ Apple Pie
  139. This Momma's heart is so happy right now!
  140. Bee Tree Vocab Idea (or any other book!)
  141. My new favorite FIAR book!
  142. Question for those who started BFIAR at age 3
  143. More paper models!
  144. Done with Yellow Ball!
  145. Story Disk storage
  146. Bulletin board display?
  147. Book tie in for Veteran's day?
  148. Looking for
  149. Great book find to go along with FIAR!!
  150. The Little Rabbit
  151. I hope it's OK to ask this
  152. Roxaboxen/Simple Machines - Power Point Presentation
  153. I'm so happy!
  154. Who Owns the Sun --- share
  155. Almost every day...
  156. Cute Lentil moment
  157. must every FIAR book make me cry?
  158. The Story of Ferdinand
  159. Anyone start BFIAR at age 2.5?
  160. Madeline Cartoon
  161. Japanese Character Tattoos
  162. FOld-n-learn question
  163. All Those Secret of the World
  164. Quick! Can you help with fold in learn?
  165. Another question about Fold-and-Learn
  166. Need some help planning out when to do what book
  167. Go-Along For They Were Strong and Good
  168. FIAR eases fear about doing enough work
  169. I start teaching preschool at Co-op tomorrow with BFIAR!
  170. Free FIAR go-alongs in this week's Dover Sampler
  171. I Love Fiar!!
  172. So where did you put your Cranberry Thanksgiving story disk?
  173. Mommie I don't like Ping: HELP
  174. Cowboy Charlie fun!
  175. Excellent Resource re: Grain/Wheat
  176. CT Vocabulary question
  177. Great books on New York City
  178. New with questions
  179. Thank you Lambert family
  180. How to teach two kids at a time
  181. My dd's Sweet Observation
  182. Puppets and FIAR books
  183. Roxaboxen site
  184. Yummy! Cranberry Bread!
  185. Angus Lost-cave activity
  186. Crayon Video for Harold
  187. Interesting article about bleach for Hickory Chair
  188. Our 'Daniel's Duck' fun!
  189. What is your favorite site for
  190. Depression-era go-along
  191. Duchess Fun"ny"
  192. Question about 'how to sing' We Gather Together
  193. The Rag Coat Freebie
  194. Mike Mulligan and The Little House Connection
  195. Question about Grass Sandals
  196. "Ping" cookie cutter
  197. Do you know how Hungary got its name?
  198. Art Medium used in Storm In the Night???
  199. My son and Grandfather's Journey
  200. we are going camping this weekend, what books would be good to read?
  201. New with questions :)
  202. Cranberry Thanksgiving coloring pages???
  203. Do you recognize…
  204. Notebooking your FIAR titles
  205. Would I start with Vol. 1 for a 6-year-old?
  206. Owl Moon- Owl pellet dissection website
  207. Illustrations in Cranberry Thanksgiving?
  208. Archives?
  209. Did I just dream it?
  210. Tincture of iodine for Cranberry Thanksgiving?
  211. If Jesus Came to My House suggestions?
  212. Jesse Bear
  213. QUICK! Do you have the apple pie recipe?
  214. Our most fun Cranberry Thanksgiving ever!
  215. FIAR with older children?...
  216. "Tall Tale" go-along for the Gulley Washer, Cowboy Charlie etc.
  217. Where does one buy scarves for juggling ...
  218. A New Coat for Anna
  219. Vol 4 Topical/Seasonal/Time Period List? Anyone have one?
  220. Going to Colorado, need FIAR advice...
  221. Wintery B4 books?
  222. OH my goodness the nature study units are WONDERFUL!
  223. Printable Form?
  224. when do you do fiar?
  225. interesting...
  226. Our FIAR Journey--An Update
  227. Dancing Bear fun
  228. Great site for deserts!
  229. FREE Themed Notebook Pages
  230. Birds in Stopping by Woods…
  231. Origami kilt for Wee Gillis
  232. Need a Little Help!
  233. Rag Coat - coal cookie question...
  234. Subject / Lesson Index
  235. What are you Rowing? 12/8 -12/12
  236. Cool School Moment
  237. Where can I find go-along books?
  238. Very new to hsing and FIAR...
  239. Kid funny...
  240. How to make a Cherry Pie and see the USA
  241. I want to try FIAR...please help
  242. Rag Coat free resource
  243. If you are planning to row a snow book this winter....
  244. Snowflake Bentley
  245. Purple House Press has....
  246. Nature Studies
  247. Fiar Digital Units
  248. Christmas Around the World?????
  249. Snowflake Bentley Question
  250. Snowflake Bentley Go-Along