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  1. Got Our Purple House Press Order!!
  2. Binding preferences
  3. Beekeeper Program at our library, what books . . .
  4. Snowflakes freebie (for Snowflake Bentley)
  5. Just starting--any Bible suggestions?
  6. Speaking of Purple House Press...
  7. volume 4
  8. Volume 4 time frame question
  9. Which books are for the younger set?
  10. Is this enough for 5 yo ds?
  11. Need some advice
  12. I need advice on using FIAR with 2 children
  13. Orphan Train Go-Along Very SWEET article worth reading
  14. FIAR While Moving
  15. Where to find...
  16. Warm as Wool ??
  17. How to choose books?
  18. I'm so excited to be back-- again!
  19. What is your favorite way to do the vocabulary words?
  20. Silly question about Gullywasher...
  21. Need a good art resource as a go-along
  22. History and FIAR
  23. Anyone rowing this week? 12/29-1/2
  24. No thanks to FIAR...
  25. Is this enough?
  26. Vol 4 with a almost 10 yo?
  27. A great "go along" for Snowflake Bentley
  28. Interested in 5 In A Row...want to hear your thoughts! :)
  29. The Hatmaker's Sign
  30. Vol. 4 poll - favorite book (s)
  31. owl moon
  32. look in the digital store ladies
  33. Question about Nature Study
  34. Starting FIAR
  35. Andy and the Circus
  36. How do you manage different vols?
  37. Anyone have pictures of their Peter Rabbit fold and learn?
  38. Ballet study
  39. Are there instructions with the Snowflake Bentley fold-n-learn?
  40. Thanks to Julie Y, here's our FIAR bookshelf!
  41. what order volume 4
  42. Poky Little Puppy Find
  43. Help with Animal Classification stuff
  44. Animal track print-outs?
  45. Little Red Lighthouse annual festival
  46. Thanks to FIAR
  47. We're rowing Owl Moon next week and we're so excited!
  48. Any Circus Title Recommendations?
  49. Fun drawing books...
  50. I found this site that might be helpful for Very First Last time...
  51. Good to get back to our routine
  52. starting FIAR with grades 2 & K?
  53. Wanted to introduce myself
  54. Do any of you use the planner?
  55. My FIAR plug
  56. Has anyone grouped FIAR books by virtue/habit?
  57. How can I find Cowboy Charlie?
  58. What is the oldest that a child can do FIAR?
  59. Earthquake FIAR or go-along book??
  60. Our Blueberries for Sal craft fun..
  61. Salamander Room
  62. FIAR for Christmas
  63. Any good planting FIAR books?
  64. "Another Celebrated Dancing Bear
  65. Ping or Make Way for Ducklings video resource
  66. owl moon activities
  67. Pictures of your animal classification board/chart...
  68. Moonjellies guest checks download page has moved
  69. basket teaser question?
  70. FIAR blogs
  71. Heather W - your timeline pics...
  72. Introduction
  73. sample lessons on k12.com for Ping, Glorious Flight, maybe others too!
  74. So how do we read without bawling our eyes out?? ME, I mean!
  75. Lewis and Clark tie in?
  76. Using lapbooks/scrapbooks/FnL's as teasers
  77. Doll House Souvenir from Snowflake Bentley
  78. Question about the Nature studies
  79. If Jesus Came To My House question...
  80. Owl Moon activity idea...
  81. Valentine Book Ideas
  82. Fold 'n Learns
  83. A New Coat For Anna Funny
  84. Owl Moon project
  85. Summer planning
  86. To go along with Follow The Drinking Gourd
  87. Hannah's Cold Winter go-along...
  88. A Great American Girl Resource for many FIAR books
  89. Scheduling question regarding two books
  90. Continue or save for the next row?
  91. Bee Tree go along
  92. Does anyone want to trade titles?
  93. Owl video clips on the web...
  94. Organizing Work
  95. What is the BEST art lesson to begin with for those of us artistically impaired?
  96. Has anyone saved the Extensive FIAR chart
  97. What are you planning to row this semester?
  98. Help i'm out of books
  99. Archives?
  100. Stopping By Woods in a Musical Chorus!
  101. Snowflake Bentley on Youtube!
  102. ***Babar To Duet or Not to Duet on Youtube! in 2 Parts
  103. New to FIAR help with lesson plans
  104. What do you do when you don't have five days?
  105. I have duplicate copies of two books, does anyone want to trade?
  106. neat book to go with Grandfather's Journey
  107. Go Along for Stopping by the Woods
  108. Currclick
  109. Our first FNL
  110. Idioms (book go along)
  111. B4 titles giveaway on my blog
  112. link to Chincoteaque pony pictures
  113. Volume 4
  114. Great activity for Madeline!
  115. Does anyone have a good link to road signs?
  116. A few questions about the digital store items
  117. Rowing w/ older kids
  118. Underground RR Go-Along
  119. Wee Gillis Bagpipes YouTube
  120. List by country?
  121. I just have to ask....
  122. anyone have a schedule you would like to share?
  123. How many volumes per year?
  124. I just wanted to say i LOVE FIAR
  125. How do you get the books the library doesn't have?
  126. Questions about reviewing
  127. Book Reports
  128. Caps for Sale Idea
  129. Owl Pellet website for Owl Moon
  130. Adding our own culture and heritage to FIAR
  131. The Glorious Flight
  132. Pronunciation of "Ant" & "Aunt" - Truman's Aunt Farm
  133. Stories on pc
  134. Rods and reels and Higgens Bend
  135. Which book?
  136. Ack! We're almost ready for v. 4!
  137. Babar alert...under $20 on Amazon
  138. Cowboy Charlie
  139. Snowflake Bently Fold N Learn
  140. Genesis One from The Weaver Curriculum
  141. Something I noticed about FIAR reviews ...
  142. A Pair of Red Clogs question
  143. Quick!! Please!!
  144. Planning for Snowy Day with a therapy twist...
  145. Kimono doll bookmark
  146. Go-Along You Tube Video for Mr. Gumpy's Motor Car
  147. Elephant page for Babar
  148. Snowflake links
  149. Should I do volume 4 books or stick with vol. 1-3?
  150. Follow the Drinking Gourd - On PBS
  151. Cool FIAR coincidence.
  152. paper bag book report
  153. child disliking books
  154. Good Spain/Spanish resources to go with Ferdinand?
  155. Florida or beach FIAR book
  156. Can I see a sample lesson from Vol. 4?
  157. Incorporating Vol.4 w/ first 3
  158. Free Family Tree printout
  159. Did you ever notice
  160. Wee Gillis simple monochromatic project
  161. Where can I order Warm as Wool?
  162. What does the new lay-flat binding look like?
  163. Rec'd Vol I last week...
  164. The Bravest of Us All
  165. Story Disk ?--Little Nino's
  166. Fold and Learns
  167. FIAR Planner
  168. Anyone have older kids doing the Fold & Learns?
  169. who owns the sun or follow the drinking gourd
  170. simple machines on PBS this week
  171. trouble finding Vol 4 titles
  172. Does anyone have the FIAR Holiday through the seasons?
  173. Neat FIAR experience
  174. Which B4 lapbook is your fav? Why?
  175. Vol. 4 favorite titles for an older boy?
  176. Being convinced about FIAR by convincing others
  177. Feeling guilty...
  178. More on Cowboy Charlie
  179. great go-along for "Bravest"
  180. New and MANY QUESTIONS!
  181. Maps For Small Places..
  182. Help! Need game ideas for Owl Moon
  183. How do you know when your child is ready for beyond? Advice? Kendall?
  184. What are your experiences with Fold n Learns?
  185. Got my manual! Excited...and more questions...
  186. The Salamander Room Go-Along
  187. Higgins Bend question...
  188. Is the St. Patty's day fnl the same one from 2007?
  189. Just wanted to say hi (again)
  190. Planning for Jesse Bear with a therapy twist.
  191. New here with a question
  192. Question About Nature Studies
  193. Archives?
  194. Do you take time out to do special units, like holidays?
  195. Question about Laminated Color Story Disks
  196. Thinking about purchasing FIAR, but I have questions
  197. Our first week
  198. Three Names Prairie link
  199. Do you read other books during the week?
  200. Books and/or activities to accompany The Red Carpet?
  201. Favorite ABC books?
  202. Rice Krispy Sushi
  203. Is There..
  204. Neat tie in for the weathering lesson from Sweetbriar...
  205. Madeline Cake Idea
  206. Madeline, how do you say it?
  207. My goodness I'm indecisive! Yet another fnl question...
  208. Ping Reference
  209. Three Names Simile and Hyperbole
  210. My daughter's complaint about FIAR
  211. snowflake sample at dover
  212. The Hickory Chair
  213. Three Names: Art Vanishing Point Perspective
  214. Which book is the BEST for teaching animal classification?
  215. giraffe that walked to paris
  216. World War 2
  217. Our "How to Make an Apple Pie" week
  218. Lapbooks??????
  219. The Story Of Ferdinand..
  220. Ask Mr. Bear
  221. The Hickory Chair-Great Braille Book
  222. 10 Apples Up On Top
  223. Free Passports..
  224. Reading the Story Five Days in a Row?
  225. Does anybody use FIAR with one child, Beyond FIAR with others??
  226. African-Americans in Science
  227. Introducing myself.
  228. Plan ahead for Warm as Wool....
  229. my Stopping by the Woods art idea today
  230. Historical prices
  231. Another Fruit/Dessert Sushi Recipe
  232. Favorite PreK workbooks? Favorite Prek activities?
  233. If Jesus came to my house-blog post
  234. The Giraffe that walked to Paris
  235. We made potato stamps yesterday....
  236. Does this sound OK?
  237. Storm in the Night questions
  238. Ezra Jack Keats
  239. Does anyone have a list of the quiz question for each book?
  240. FIAR FAll Nature studies.
  241. Resources for Madeline
  242. Other than Henry the Castaway...
  243. Salamander temp. tattoos
  244. Spreading vol. 1-3 over three (or more?) years
  245. go along books?
  246. Woohoo back to rowing today
  247. Storm in the Night story disk?
  248. most advanced books
  249. Who Owns the Sun - Any lapbook or notebook visuals?
  250. I'm so excited...we're rowing Ping next week!