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  1. Setting for Higgins Bend...
  2. Speaking of nature studies...
  3. Jesse Bear, What will you wear?
  4. Is VLFT based on a real activity?
  5. Volume 4 question?
  6. I am amazed...
  7. How to Make an Apple Pie go-along
  8. How much to pay for Henry the Castaway?
  9. Has anyone done FIAR for a weekly co op?
  10. Art Lessons Question
  11. The Salamander Room
  12. Is there a FIAR lapbook that includes a lot about animals?
  13. Need a union/confederate map to color
  14. FIAR books and Texas?
  15. Owl Moon Language Arts Resources
  16. Ping! I just have to say...
  17. Looking for recipe/Salamander Room
  18. I wish I had written it down [My Blue Boat]
  19. Brooklyn Bridge coloring page at Dover this week
  20. Introduction and thanks!
  21. Harold and the Purple Crayon fun!
  22. Owl Moon Great Horned Owl Resources
  23. go-along for Katy
  24. Owl Moon Funny
  25. Animal titles?
  26. Have you seen these synthetic owl pellets?
  27. Babar Question
  28. the quiet way home
  29. wanted to share something cool!
  30. A neat story to go along with Mirette
  31. Nice go-along book.....
  32. Books that work well with A New Coat for Anna
  33. Lentil Taste Bud Lesson
  34. Hi, I'm new!
  35. Quick Owl Moon Art Lesson
  36. Activities for Ping- Chinese Shadow Puppets and What floats
  37. Three Names Fun!
  38. nice go-along book
  39. Jane, about the "Bravest" bread
  40. Warm as Wool: funny sheep herding go-along
  41. Mr. Gumpy Art Connection...
  42. I think I need to be here...
  43. Excellent, easy experiments for germ study
  44. Adding a history study to FIAR/Beyond.....too much??????
  45. Introducing myself!
  46. Another Andy and the Circus thread (movie go-along)
  47. Well, I paid about $15 and got...
  48. Blueberries for Sal OOP
  49. great wheat sites for CKM
  50. NEW book..If Jesus Came to My house..have you seen it?
  51. Kumon workbook question
  52. our Bee Tree Week
  53. Question about Kumon and Rod and Staff....
  54. Anyone doing Blueberries for Sal?? If so . . .
  55. Thanks Jane Claire!
  56. Have you made lapbooks and...
  57. Art project for Mrs. Katz and Tush
  58. how many use FIAR conversationally?
  59. Roxaboxen
  60. superbook ?s
  61. Cool Story for Make Way for Ducklings!!
  62. Our "finale" to Mrs Katz and Tush
  63. Blueberries for Sal to Come Back in Print!
  64. If you're rowing Peter Rabbit this week...
  65. Dover Sample - How to Draw a Great Horned Owl
  66. A Pair of Red Clogs- Japanese song
  67. Ask Mr. Bear
  68. Do you have any--for lack of a better word--keepsake books?
  69. Babar, To duet or Not to Duet
  70. Found these bible activity sites and thought I'd post here.
  71. My children had a blast acting out Peter Rabbit...
  72. Anyone order frog hatchery before? The Salamander Room
  73. Earth Day
  74. Printables for Caps for Sale?
  75. Hi, I'm new!
  76. "Conversationally" plus other helps in the Manual
  77. I really should not go to B&N
  78. Cool free online spelling resource for FIAR books
  79. Cowboy Charlie questions
  80. Read Aloud Booklist
  81. Paul Revere Resources
  82. Snowflake Bentley Comprehension Worksheet
  83. Free, easy field trip for Pair of Red Clogs, Ping, etc.
  84. The Amazing Race and PING
  85. Bee Tree go along...
  86. FIAR Illustration Art
  87. Can you help me out?
  88. The Hatmaker's Sign
  89. Fun Response to Amber
  90. Notebooking question - cover pictures
  91. Fun idea for "book reports" for the books you row...
  92. Harold & The Purple Crayon on hulu
  93. Climbing Kansas Mountains and making bread
  94. The New Ping FnL
  95. Seasonal Planning
  96. Pleasantly surprised rowing "The Wild Horses of Sweetbriar"
  97. FIAR books and gardening?
  98. PBS Reading Rainbow
  99. blog roll call?
  100. How do you do the HSS components?
  101. Frogs??
  102. A bunch of VLFT @ Abe Books!
  103. Do you have pictures of things you have done with Ping?
  104. Virginia Lee Burton
  105. Harmonica and Recorder on clearance at Walgreens
  106. Gramma's Walk DVD
  107. Ant Farms at Target in the $ Bins
  108. big or little board books?
  109. The Hickory Chair -- FYI
  110. Peter Rabbit Coloring Pages
  111. Snowflake Bentley at a bargain price.
  112. Boxcar Children Chpt. 6 Great Links
  113. Fun Sushi Tutorial For Grandfather's Journey!
  114. Re-introduction
  115. When do you do FIAR?
  116. What do you use for Bible Time with your kids?
  117. Little Nino's Pizzeria crafts
  118. My AWESOME library sale find!
  119. Rak
  120. Some really fun Going On A Bear Hunt activities
  121. Row volume 4 titles for just one week? (hoping to get Jane's advice as well) ;)
  122. Giraffe That Walked to Paris and Andy and the Circus
  123. Fantastic Bird Site
  124. Big Green Pocketbook Day
  125. How do you decide?
  126. Five In a Row Really Works!
  127. Brand New Here ...
  128. ABC Bunny
  129. Vol. 4 title for water or planetarium?
  130. Question re: Follow the Drinking Gourd
  131. Does anyone have a list...
  132. Idea's and where to get maps?
  133. Climbing Kansas Mtns Idea
  134. A real-life Make Way for Ducklings
  135. Andy and the Lion
  136. Jenny's Surprise Summer Alternative...
  137. Great Go-Along for Papa Piccolo
  138. What would your cousins kids be to you?
  139. "Goodnight Moon" Fold'nLearn is now available!
  140. Glorious Flight - Art
  141. Great Go Along Book for Yellow Ball!
  142. Mrs Katz & Tush Freebie
  143. Another Newbie
  144. Katy No-Pocket rowers
  145. Need Advice using FIAR in Virginia
  146. B4 Question
  147. Trish Marx
  148. Our week with Night of the Moonjellies
  149. Praise for FIAR - testing - and "Is it Enough?"
  150. how to draw duck
  151. Calling all FIAR bloggers
  152. Hanna's Cold Winter update :)
  153. Starting again with my last baby
  154. ( not so ) New here!
  155. Kendall
  156. SOOO impressed with Vol 4
  157. Truman's Aunt Farm- author's blog
  158. studying a state....what do you do?
  159. Can we talk about FIAR notebooks?
  160. Thinking of rowing Before
  161. I'm new!
  162. Do you plan Vol 4 any differently?
  163. OK, so I'm gonna need Kleenex...
  164. Zillions of Questions
  165. Beatrix Potter Sighting
  166. Message of gratitude to the Lamberts
  167. Pictures of your notebooks?
  168. Kugel (FIAR Cookbook... still good six years later!!
  169. List of science topics
  170. My book find
  171. Pottery related story?
  172. Cool add-on for Ping!
  173. World War 1 Trivia
  174. What are you rowing the week of June 8?
  175. FIAR Titles on Audio 4 Downloading
  176. Another newbie
  177. Cork Tree lesson in Ferdinand
  178. Our rowing of Arrabella
  179. Vocab word for Ducklings
  180. Giraffe That Walked to Paris
  181. Madeline Fold and Learn question
  182. New here: Should I use FIAR for a 9yo or would she be behind?
  183. Hello from a new member, but long time lurker...
  184. Digital Download, planner
  185. If you are planning to row a beach book this summer....
  186. Time for a little forum housekeeping!
  187. Green Friday
  188. Green Friday
  189. Cranberry Thanksgiving
  190. Just had to share...
  191. Go-along books, help please!
  192. Newbie intro
  193. Usborne Science Activities
  194. Board or Bored?
  195. Coming back to FIAR
  196. Who has been searching for...
  197. Whatever Floats Their Boat
  198. Whatever Floats Their Boat
  199. Neat, inexpensive "go-alongs" or basket ideas
  200. Math curriculum needed for 5-6 yo?
  201. I think I have jumped the gun! Please help!
  202. Wednesday - The Peter Principle
  203. New to FIAR and homeschooling
  204. Zarafa and The Giraffe that walked to Paris
  205. Pictures from our rowing of Ferdinand
  206. Cheaper by the Dozen
  207. Cheaper by the Dozen
  208. YouTube Video for How to Make an Apple Pie...
  209. Freebie for Going on a Bear Hunt
  210. are you outbidding me??
  211. Friday: The Sky's the Limit
  212. Friday: The Sky's the Limit
  213. Good deal on Warm as Wool
  214. Guess what came in the mail!!!
  215. New to FIAR--Ques regarding story disks
  216. Is there anywhere to see a "sample" of the FIAR planner?
  217. Bookshelves for all the great FIAR books
  218. I am down to ONE title left!
  219. Wee Gillis question
  220. Quick question for those who do FIAR conversationally
  221. notebooking problem : (
  222. Smile and the World Smiles With You
  223. Smile and the World Smiles With You
  224. Need help with oil pastels
  225. If the shoe fits- wear it
  226. If the shoe fits- wear it
  227. Classical approach
  228. Where is the best place to get world maps to use with FIAR?
  229. New to FIAR and curious about Co-op Ideas
  230. Hi, newbie here!
  231. Hi from a major Lurker:)
  232. The Wonder of Under
  233. The Wonder of Under
  234. Play With Me Lapbook Ideas
  235. World War II resource
  236. I love Mrs. Katz and Tush
  237. The Oil of Gladness
  238. The Oil of Gladness
  239. I spotted a red salamander this morning!
  240. Time Warp Trio: Summer Reading is Killing Me
  241. Advice for a newbie
  242. Spiral Scrapbooks - where can I get one like this for notebooking?
  243. Outfox Bored Students
  244. New here...lapbooking...do you make weekly?
  245. Which Fold 'n Learn would you choose?
  246. Sermon Illustration
  247. Rak
  248. Just "Weight" Till They Try This!
  249. Just Weight Till They Try This!
  250. Guess what just came from ILL