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  1. Question about the digital Holidays book
  2. What does a week of BFIAR look like?
  3. FIAR Holiday book (digital download)
  4. Question: getting the kids involved
  5. Candy Crystals - Snowy Day?
  6. Red Carpet
  7. President's Day Fold and Learn
  8. Prayer for a Child
  9. Model Boats for My Blue Boat
  10. Caps for Sale
  11. Blueberries for Sal
  12. How About Katy No Pocket?
  13. Spring Ideas
  14. We're Going on a Bear Hunt
  15. Cute Idea - Angus Lost
  16. Go-alongs for Bunny Books
  17. History/Social Studies for Caps for Sale
  18. More links for Warm as Wool
  19. going on a bear hunt..
  20. The Carrot Seed
  21. The Runaway Bunny
  22. New England/Moonjellies
  23. Prayer for a Child
  24. Eiffel Tower
  25. CD go-along with Babar "Surprise Symphony"
  26. Animal Classification Game
  27. Babar..Pictures at an Exhibition
  28. Make Way for Ducklings
  29. The Quiet Way Home
  30. Jessie Bear Felt peices
  31. Ant Farm
  32. Mr. Gumpy's Motorcar
  33. Notebooking ??
  34. Who will be Henry?
  35. Carrot Seed Go-Along
  36. Angelo-History lesson ideas please
  37. Adventure Box
  38. Andy and the Circus!
  39. circus music!
  40. Go along ideas on Three Names, help?
  41. Grass Sandals
  42. Truman's Aunt Farm-homonym book
  43. Duchess Bakes a Cake
  44. Our Grandfather Journey Page
  45. Little Red Lighthouse in Los Angeles
  46. All Those Secrets of the World/ Rationing
  47. Rowing through the Human Body
  48. Check out this website!
  49. The Salamander Room - go alongs
  50. Around the World with FIAR
  51. Tell me about: Finest Horse, Horses of Sweetbriar
  52. Rowing in the Southern Hemisphere
  53. Owls
  54. Roxaboxen fun
  55. LA experts? Jane?
  56. Animal classification board?
  57. Carrot Growth Chart!!!
  58. lapbooking
  59. Lapbook storage question
  60. Build a Lighthouse Craft
  61. henry the castaway and ping
  62. So how did Paul Revere get his horse across the harbor?
  63. Ever been Talk of a Vol 5 & 6?-To the Authors
  64. how do you "teach" the holiday FnL's?
  65. FIAR night
  66. Before you row "Follow the Drinking Gourd"...
  67. Question re: digital units & fold-n-learn
  68. Harold and the Purple Crayon Co-op Help
  69. A great go-along for the coat books
  70. Mirette On The Highwire
  71. Make Way for Ducklings
  72. Buying US & World Maps?
  73. Free go along for they Were Strong and Good
  74. Go-along for Hickory Chair
  75. Jesse Bear paper dolls...
  76. Gullywasher fun
  77. How Does your Family Celebrate ThanksGiving
  78. Butterflies and FIAR?
  79. What age for the fold & learns?
  80. FIAR and Charlotte Mason
  81. The Story Behind the Story
  82. Free Peter Rabbit E-book
  83. FIAR titles @ space, solar system or stars?
  84. Book Suggestions needed for North America
  85. Review Game clues
  86. Which book is the Onomatopoeia lesson?
  87. It's that time of year-vol. 4 clues
  88. How to make inexpensive felt boards
  89. New here and need advice!
  90. Lessons on the eye for Hickory Chair
  91. Making connections on her own (Amber on the Mountain)
  92. FIAR summer series
  93. Coloring pages for blood components-Arabella
  94. China
  95. Review game for Vol 1 & 2
  96. Free History Project Books: WWII, Colonial, Egypt, etc.
  97. Found Ebooks for...
  98. Go along for Katie and the Big Snow
  99. Using FIAR w/ older children
  100. Sheri and other notebooking converts...
  101. Papa Piccolo: Venice Debates First Woman Gondolier
  102. The Rag Coat
  103. Re-rowing
  104. Grandfather's Journey
  105. Simple Machines Links
  106. FIAR titles for a Kindergartner?
  107. Question for lapbookers
  108. Sheri..notebooking questions
  109. FIAR Co-Op... have YOU been in one?
  110. Andy and the Lion go-along
  111. Duchess Bakes a Cake printable
  112. Real Gondola's in Minnesota of all places!
  113. Inuit games article
  114. Glorious Flight - Roman Numeral Freebie
  115. Yet another NOTEBOOKING question.....
  116. Year-end testing
  117. To row one week, or two -- THAT is the question...
  118. Anyone know of picture books with Bugs?
  119. Shelly L (and other PT workers)
  120. The Bee Tree
  121. Where can I buy a cigar?
  122. FIAR book comprehensive chart
  123. Bird Watching?/Jane, You Mentioned...
  124. Animal Classification cards
  125. Being "Lentil"
  126. Babar Coloring books at Big Lots
  127. A good video go-along for the How to make an apple pie book
  128. Apple Pie "funny"
  129. Truman's Aunt Farm printables
  130. Yet Another Notebook/Lapbook Question
  131. FIAR Art Question...Jane?
  132. Big Green Pocket Book cake
  133. We Finished CBThanksgiving & made a webpage
  134. Combining FIAR and Beyond link??
  135. Our fold-n-learn for Memorial Day is done!
  136. Might be helpful with notebooking
  137. Does FIAR have enough science?
  138. The spiral Bare Books are perfect for notebooking!
  139. Jane, a question for you . . .
  140. Introduction and questions
  141. Go-Along Book for Little Nino's Pizzeria
  142. Go along for Who Own the Sun
  143. Can I see your FIAR timeline?
  144. Your h/s names...those were so neat! They all sound so ....smart!
  145. A good go-along for books about possums would be
  146. Planning your FIAR units?
  147. Higgins Bend-and the results of our fish unit
  148. jellyfish blessings!! check out this pic
  149. Using FIAR with Galloping the Globe
  150. Basket ideas
  151. Miss Rumphius
  152. Lentil resource
  153. All I needed to know I learned from . . Children's Picture Books!
  154. Salamander Room Social Studies?
  155. our new FIAR summer plan...
  156. Do you know what the covers look like on FIAR book selections? I don't soo...
  157. Cute "cartoon" for teaching amphibians
  158. Scrapbooking and FIAR
  159. The Red Carpet
  160. For those of you that scrapbook/notebook, I have a question...
  161. Bee Tree - Great find! Bee collector used in Pioneer Michigan days
  162. Please help with notebooking adhesive
  163. How do you use your Bible Character Supplement?
  164. FIAR bingo
  165. Go along for A Pair of Red Clogs
  166. Papa Piccolo and appreciating Great Books!
  167. Fun Ping Week
  168. Just finished our LAST vol 4 title
  169. GREAT link for The Little Red Lighthouse
  170. Trying to figure out logistics of story disks
  171. China hs blogger
  172. Storing all this cool art......
  173. Madeline go along
  174. Literature based studies work!!
  175. Order of History?
  176. Any cool ideas for vocabulary words?
  177. Native American books for FIAR or B4?
  178. Fun with the Duchess Bakes a Cake!
  179. cool site for Hatmaker's Sign
  180. Giraffe pronounciation (sp?) questions
  181. Charlotte Mason and FIAR
  182. Article about Virginia Kahl (author of Duchess book)
  183. Title of book - need help!
  184. How do YOU pronounce "lupine"?
  185. Roxaboxen
  186. Papa Piccolo - Marco Polo
  187. classification board
  188. Mike Mulligan On-line Resources
  189. Arabella ... postcards to Wendy Orr
  190. Paul Revere's Ride Coloring Page
  191. Our fun with Giraffe
  192. Great website to buy hs books
  193. FIAR cookbook - Mashed Turnips
  194. science?
  195. A day in the life resource?
  196. There's a wonderful Arabella go along activity -- Galveston Harbor
  197. Lesson planning for 2-week rowing...
  198. Follow the Drinking Gourd web links
  199. I need more explanation of "notebooking"
  200. How to Use the Holiday Fold and Learns...
  201. Short attention span...any ideas?
  202. Mrs. Katz and Tush
  203. The British are coming! The British are coming!
  204. Cowboy Charlie
  205. We made a Pavlova today!
  206. Yellow ball
  207. Returning User trying to use the new FIAR Planner
  208. The 4th of July FnL would be a great go-along for Paul Revere!
  209. Owl Moon
  210. My ds knows what conflict is!
  211. Those that have done Vol 4???
  212. List of books according to seasons
  213. Adventures in Odyssey and Paul Revere's Ride
  214. Robin Hood for a 6 year old
  215. Our library had a Reading Rainbow video -- go-along for The Raft
  216. Notebooking ?
  217. Scrapbook/notebooking
  218. A note Wendy Orr (Arabella) asked me to post to the ladies on the forum
  219. Cool Resource for Note/Lapbooks or just fun!
  220. Jane...An idea for a Digital FIAR Title...
  221. Need French Help for Giraffe
  222. Go Along book/lesson idea for Giraffe
  223. Go along for All Those Secrets of the World
  224. For those rowing 'round the world, here is a really neat book
  225. List of Field trips?
  226. Article about One Morning In Maine(re: Robert McClosky)
  227. The "Pings" at our park didn't like the rice cakes, LOL!
  228. A Go-along for Katy No Pocket
  229. Finest Horse In Town
  230. We did it-Our First Notebook!
  231. questions about notebooking/lapbooking
  232. Anyone include older siblings?
  233. Science...Gold Mine of a Site for Many FIAR Titles
  234. Peter Rabbit go along
  235. Giraffe that Walked to Paris -- webcam site
  236. Notebooking question
  237. which book to row first?
  238. A Pair of Red of Red Clogs go along
  239. What Things Have You Included with Ferdinand?
  240. China Read Aloud..
  241. Gearing Up for Mr. Gumpy..Fun Extra Ideas?
  242. Advice Needed....about doing B4 and FIAR
  243. Vol. 4 Subject List???
  244. Owl Moon Idea
  245. Favorite Notebooking/Scrapbooking Covers/Holders/books?
  246. A cute go-along for any of the "duck" FIAR titles
  247. Help with Night of the Moonjellies
  248. Albert (vol. 4) coloring page
  249. Need source for Madeline Stickers and or other stickers!
  250. When my dd grows up, she wants to be like...