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  1. Welcome...
  2. I need a website/book for making transcripts
  3. How do you High School after FIAR?
  4. Senior Pictures Question
  5. community college vs. university ... and how do they compare with high school?
  6. Need some science guidance
  7. High School Curriculum...
  8. Far above rubies
  9. Celebrate my prodigal!! And a ???
  10. how do you encourage and guide a young man...
  11. Transcripts
  12. pulling together a literature course for high school
  13. If you could pick 2-3 novels for 8th grade
  14. How we have utilized Job Shadowing & Interning
  15. Can we talk highschool?
  16. elective ideas for my 16yo ds
  17. I'm teaching high school American History
  18. Has anyone used Lightbearers
  19. High School Classes
  20. High school health
  21. Notgrass VS. Truthquest
  22. high school science? what's available?
  23. can we discuss good jobs that don't require a college degree?
  24. anybody else down to only one child left at home?
  25. Let's update!
  26. High School Foreign Language
  27. Graduation Attire
  28. Need quick transcript help!
  29. PSAT and ACT questions
  30. How long for LOF fractions and decimals?
  31. Life of Fred Geometry?
  32. how did you decide between the ACT and SAT?
  33. Will you look at my eighth grade plan?
  34. DJ got a job!
  35. If you've been thinking about Aleks....
  36. College Prep Open Courseware Class
  37. Algebraic proofs?
  38. Allow my son to graduate early, gap year, or what?
  39. Notgrass Questions
  40. How to dress a son for prom on a non-existant budget
  41. Planning/planners? & grading?
  42. Illuminations by Bright Ideas Press
  43. floundering
  44. I need advice
  45. Cool animated science link
  46. British Lit - Doyle
  47. high school diploma
  48. High School Portfolio
  49. Joyous conversation
  50. How to postpone Algebra I?
  51. Life of Fred ?
  52. Grammar Help
  53. Latin?
  54. Officially "here"
  55. Reintroduction :o)
  56. my son is so motivated to graduate early...
  57. Our first FIAR student - a graduate now
  58. Our 1st graduate: Thank You Lamberts and FIAR family
  59. Summer Reading -- High School -- Fun Flow Chart
  60. There's one less unemployed college student in the world today!
  61. how many credits for graduation?
  62. Another high school graduate
  63. Progeny Press Study Guides Question
  64. Our 1st born graduates from High School ... thank you Lamberts and FIAR
  65. Apologia General Science Lab Reports
  66. What are some books my high schooler should read?
  67. Chris got his ACT results...
  68. ACT scores
  69. Another graduate :)
  70. I wish my son would take a summer break
  71. Cooking Unit?
  72. High School Courses
  73. Ryan update
  74. High School Lit. and FIAR
  75. Home Ec for High School
  76. Chemistry ?
  77. Easy Grammar Plus Schedule
  78. Let's Chat Grades..
  79. High School Reading Lists
  80. Recommendation for High School French
  81. Movies As Literature as a co-op
  82. Can you tell me what your freshman in highschool is doing?
  83. Tapestry of Grace?
  84. daughter failed the college english entrance exam
  85. Anyone use Beautiful Feet Western Expansion?
  86. E books for college classes
  87. Romeo and Juliet
  88. Rak
  89. Electoral College Map?
  90. OOP FIAR books came today, and...
  91. s/o of jobs without a degree thread...
  92. Have to share...
  93. On choosing literature
  94. Physical Science
  95. Read alouds with dd17
  96. Update on your high school and college-age kids
  97. tips for tackling the harder math/science classes?
  98. CK-12 Flexbooks....anyone use these?
  99. I cannot believe it's already time for...
  100. graduation ceremonies w/ co-op
  101. Post High School Question
  102. My son, who got D's in his high school science classes...
  103. Literary Lessons from the Lord of the Rings for 9th Grade
  104. PSAT prep
  105. Former FIARer needs suggestions
  106. Common college application question
  107. racing to adulthood
  108. Geography for High School
  109. I Kissed Dating Goodbye
  110. Making transcripts "official"
  111. At what point
  112. question about college lectures and note-taking
  113. Consistency issues as we move toward high school?
  114. Graduation and Engagement!
  115. Dual enrollment
  116. Resources for studying for the SAT
  117. ACT: writing or not?
  118. Hope this is encourages you Moms of FIAR grads
  119. Sequential Spelling and Older Students?
  120. Need transcript help ASAP
  121. Updates
  122. What do your kids say about FIAR?
  123. Notgrass Question
  124. Literature
  125. Literary Lessons w/ Lord of the Rings
  126. A Funny Thing Happened...
  127. mothers of older teenage boys...
  128. Math sites
  129. Military Strategy Class
  130. great war movie
  131. Military Academy ?
  132. After FIAR plans?
  133. Best ACT resources?
  134. Homeschooling high school books?
  135. How do these 8th grade plans look?
  136. High school history?
  137. How do we guide our olders in making career choices?
  138. Extra curricular activities/Community Service Activities
  139. High school history with lesson plans?
  140. High School Electives
  141. Upper Level Math & Testing Questions
  142. High school plans?
  143. figuring GPA
  144. Physical science options?
  145. Spanish for High School
  146. Science and Math
  147. High school Latin?
  148. Writing Help Again, Please
  149. Class description help
  150. Classical conversations for high school?
  151. help me think through 12th grade math
  152. Finishing up Beyond
  153. Considering putting together my own curriculum
  154. Math Relief
  155. HELP!!!! What do you do when you are just STUCK with math?
  156. Economics and Government
  157. Can You Help w/a Science Plan Please
  158. Has anyone started Sonlight for High School?
  159. AIG: History Revealed
  160. What are you doing (or have done) for High School? Hits and Misses.
  161. Curriculum to use with a 6th and 8th grader?
  162. Geography Unit Study?
  163. LOF for high school?
  164. Bluestocking books for gov't and economics
  165. Clepping Classes
  166. Birds Back in the Nest
  167. High School Chemistry
  168. high school literature recommendations ?
  169. One Year Adventure Novel- have questions
  170. Is there a foreign language program that really, truly, provides ....
  171. Life Science & Biology
  172. Biblical worldview course for high school?
  173. Teaching Tapes Tech, Teaching Textbooks, DIVE, Art Reed?
  174. World War II help please
  175. Help with transcript, please.
  176. Govnt & Economics course (bluestocking press?)
  177. College Majors
  178. A Skill I Missed
  179. Science to prepare for General Science?
  180. Need Lesson Plan Help - CLP materials
  181. Just sharing: Math Relief is working!!!!!!!!!!!
  182. personal finance class?
  183. College composition modular clep test
  184. Helping your kids prepare for college financially
  185. High School Spanish
  186. Moving Beyond the Page
  187. Dyslexic son who needs foreign language.
  188. American History Lit Study for Middle School
  189. what do I call these social studies classes?
  190. Literature Expectations
  191. Spanish
  192. Needs ideas for my senior this year.
  193. Regarding credit for college kids
  194. German course - online? Free or inexpensive if possible!?
  195. Excellence in Literature
  196. High school world geography?
  197. FIAR Notebook Builder ~ FINAL DAY OF INTRO PRICE
  198. free science curriculum
  199. Where does your teen do his/her school work?
  200. Above and Beyond question...
  201. Foreign Language ?
  202. Rosetta Stone Sale
  203. ACT prep?
  204. If you only had ONE year to teach writing, what would you use?
  205. What is your 9th grader doing?
  206. How to give credit in high school
  207. Keyboarding?
  208. 2013 FIAR Christmas Ornament Swap
  209. apologia physical science - what do I need?
  210. math mistake? now what?
  211. Good Dictionary for HS/College level
  212. Grading composition work
  213. Grading music
  214. Anyone using Teascript?
  215. Highschool Record Keeping..
  216. Teens and sleep
  217. Advice for high school history?
  218. Giving High School credit to 7th and 8th graders?
  219. Biology Lite?
  220. Grading math?
  221. Do you combine any of your kids for high school classes?
  222. Career Planning?
  223. Have any of you used Anne of Green Gables as a high school study?
  224. MUS Stewardship--If you have used it
  225. Speaking Of Grading {Free For Kindle..}
  226. Would this class interest you?
  227. For those of you homeschooling junior high students ...
  228. How do you keep High Schoolers on schedule????
  229. Last night...
  230. Strategies to keep high schoolers on schedule (Miranda!!!!)
  231. Apologia Biology
  232. LOF error question
  233. straight talk freebie
  234. Test prep
  235. Really helpful book to parents of teens
  236. How to grade a project?
  237. Apologia Biology?
  238. Choosing curriculum for High School after BFIAR
  239. World Cultures/Geography/history help? Reading lists please.Map resourses
  240. Making sure you cover all the important stuff in high school?
  241. College style high school learning
  242. what so you do
  243. German
  244. What order for high school math
  245. High School Current Events?
  246. Notgrass Government/Economics
  247. Keyboarding Class
  248. anybody use Wordsmith or LLATL in 7th or above?
  249. Need a little high school advice
  250. Life of Fred Language Arts