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  1. For our kiddos - Christmas gift ideas
  2. Asperger's
  3. Struggling
  4. Can't seem to get it right!
  5. Does your child use PECS?
  6. so irritated
  7. ADHD alternative treatments
  8. Recommendations for Ipad apps or software for learning to read/count etc
  9. Visiting pediatrician on Friday 12/28
  10. Special Needs Christmas Carols
  11. New AMA guidelines for autism
  12. Questionnaires
  13. Educational & Entertaining videos
  14. Bedwetting and Sensory Issues
  15. Baclofen
  16. Evaluation with school
  17. What do you do
  18. Handout on Auditory Processing
  19. Shampooing Hair
  20. Do you think Facebook is a great tool
  21. New with Questions, Dyslexia
  22. IEP and goal setting?
  23. ADDitude magazine?
  24. birthday party decisions
  25. Agressive behaviors - help!
  26. Questions about ADD
  27. Two Words
  28. Anyone have a girl with Aspergers? or know an adult woman with it?
  29. Blog explaining standardized testing
  30. Coursera ADHD Class
  31. Can we talk about the siblings of special needs children?
  32. Where to begin? May be time to seek a diagnosis.
  33. Autism Encouragement
  34. What to do when your child figures out they're "stupid"
  35. Has anyone sent your special needs child to
  36. Sensory Seeker Idea
  37. anyone use Earobics?
  38. Zoos & Aquariums Go Blue for April 28
  39. Special needs homeschooling help needed!
  40. How do you fit it all in?
  41. DSM 5 being released
  42. Social/Emotional Intelligence Resource
  43. Did you ever send one child to pc for a year?
  44. Dysgraphia
  45. Speech Therapy question
  46. speech therapy help for 3yo?
  47. Found an ADORABLE (free!) prayer book for children with limited speech/special needs
  48. General anesthesia for dental work?
  49. verbal processing disorder
  50. Dysgraphia
  51. Math
  52. Co-Writer has an APP!!!!!
  53. Homeschooling a child with Down syndrome panel discussion
  54. would love any tips from moms with autisZZtic/ severe cognitively disabled kids...
  55. Language Arts issues??
  56. Fall Praises and Prayer Requests--Come join us!
  57. The Reason I Jump
  58. Feingold Diet? Ritalin?
  59. Sweet praise
  60. Tell me this will pass
  61. Noise Reduction/Cancellation Headphones
  62. we got a diagnosis
  63. dyscalcula
  64. Friends
  65. Alice R - speech question (and Moms, too)
  66. Irlens Mammas..
  67. Another Speech Therapy question.
  68. Holidays/Change of Routine Tips for our Special Children
  69. Hi!--a little update :-)
  70. Is everyone settling back down after the holidays?
  71. Anyone use a visual history ? For Visual learner?
  72. we have a (several) diagnosis
  73. New to FIAR
  74. Does anyone use an SEP (homeschool IEP)?
  75. Motl?
  76. Introduction
  77. Games for dyslexics to improve math?
  78. Maybe I need to reintroduce myself...
  79. This could be REALLY helpful if doing speech therapy at home....
  80. Not sure what to do!
  81. Wearing an ID bracelet ?
  82. ADD & ADHD medication related question
  83. Just when I thought our homeschooling days were behind us...
  84. LD Online latest newsletter
  85. Books to read...
  86. Advice/Prayers Appreciated
  87. Not a surprise but my Ds Luke was diagnosed with dyslexia today.
  88. What are you doing to prep your child
  89. Think I have something figured out!
  90. Not Learning Letters
  91. Hi!
  92. Dyslexics & Electronic Readers
  93. Saw this posted on another board- Executive Function resources
  94. Cursive writing
  95. Life of Fred
  96. Newly diagnosed ADHD-PI
  97. ?'s re your SN child vs other kids
  98. Neat option for flying with kids on the autism spectrum
  99. Math for son
  100. Math Frustration. Need help Please!
  101. Question about how to test and what to test for
  102. Anyone with older students with Auditory Processing Disorder?
  103. Interesting Read
  104. Dysgraphia in teen
  105. New to Gluten free
  106. Where do I begin?
  107. Basic, Incremental Drawing Program?
  108. Auditory processing therapy
  109. Requesting accommodations on PSAT/SAT/ACT?
  110. Can I just wait on spelling? (Dyslexia)
  111. Deaf Kids
  112. Introducing Myself~
  113. dealing with chronic illness
  114. Got a diagnosis, Visual Processing Disorder
  115. Help for teen with disgraphia
  116. Letter Reversals
  117. IEP Coming Up
  118. Reading Milestones Curriculum
  119. My special needs student about to begin high school