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  1. What encourages you?
  2. ok I can't keep up...
  3. Ds says words move about on page
  4. Speech problem?
  5. Risperal?
  6. omega /fish oil?
  7. Wanted to share this post on my blog
  8. Such a blessing! (bragging on a FIAR sister)
  9. mic-key buttons and swimming
  10. Some really useful iPad apps I have found.
  11. math for the dyslexic kid?
  12. Questions, frustrations, etc.
  13. Anyone watching American Idol??
  14. When YOU don't meet the vision/expecations of others...even yourself
  15. A great day!
  16. essential oils/ADHD/ autism?
  17. Do we need an IPad?
  18. question about meeting state standard for ASD daughter
  19. Special Needs church ministry near Tucson?
  20. ADHD or Aspergers
  21. Pad Math!!!! Another great iPad app for our special kids.
  22. vision app
  23. getting a second opinion...
  24. Auditory processing disorder
  25. what would you do?
  26. Apps for Special Needs
  27. Anyone ever tried Focus Formula?
  28. Dyslexia Testing
  29. spelling help
  30. How to approach special needs..
  31. Picky eaters: Food Chaining
  32. ABA apps--free this month
  33. Thinking out loud and wanted your opinions...
  34. Cylinder Blocks for PT
  35. Grandma told ds that he's (legitmately) retarded
  36. Required testing with special needs
  37. OT for ADD/ADHD?
  38. need ideas
  39. Who to see for a diagnosis
  40. Refrigerator locks or ideas
  41. Autism resources for a friend
  42. this was sweet :)
  43. Wanted: Shoulder to cry on, apply within
  44. Am overwhelmed and need help and insight re: testing
  45. I think something is wrong with my son?
  46. When kids are mean...
  47. trying to introduce new foods
  48. autism spectrum: ABA vs. early childhood(public school)
  49. Williams Syndrome -- anyone familiar?
  50. I've found myself unknowingly trying to fit in...
  51. how do you explain to younger siblings?
  52. Terrible listener or CAPD?
  53. Please welcome five new FIAR Staff Members
  54. Lots of changes prayers appreciated
  55. decided to apply for a disabled car tag
  56. has anyone seen a bed like this?
  57. Update on Testing
  58. Anyone Here Have...
  59. Autism Spectrum . . . where did you go for help?
  60. met a neat family...
  61. We are on the waiting list now...
  62. Sleep, O Sleep Where are you?
  63. Speech Therapy books?
  64. first time post - special needs 5 year old
  65. Comprehension
  66. researching ABA and play based therapy...
  67. Looking for some help for a friend
  68. Supplemental math for autistic child?
  69. book recommendations for SPD
  70. I need help ASAP! PLEASE!
  71. can we talk diapers here?
  72. Update: I spoke to the mom
  73. Reading and down syndrome?
  74. Anxiety ?'s
  75. Montessori for special needs preschoolers?
  76. Clothes
  77. How does FIAR look with your SN student?
  78. Autistic and learning to read
  79. Yahoo group for visually impaired homeschooling
  80. Aspergers Parents
  81. 504
  82. shoe dilemma?
  83. G is back in school....
  84. Is this a learning disability?
  85. Teeny tiny brag
  86. I don't know if this is a good sign or not...
  87. Sleeping issues?
  88. church
  89. child training tips when you have a SN child?
  90. So happy!
  91. How Far Do You Go to Accomodate?
  92. just when I start feeling frustrated with ds...
  93. can you all help with eye doctor?
  94. Hearing loss and reading
  95. When things are hard
  96. Help! I think my ds is dyslexic
  97. great news to report!
  98. Praises and Prayer Requests for Fall and the Holidays
  99. Helping aspergers kid with FIAR
  100. Found a HUGE list of IEP goals (free)
  101. Aspie Pity Party
  102. FREE apps for TWO WEEKS for special needs kids
  103. Interactive Metronome
  104. Question for moms of hearing impaired kids...
  105. Biofeedback/neurofeedback?
  106. special needs mama's... need your input
  107. Good math program for dyslexics?
  108. i-Pad questions
  109. DS learning Q's
  110. Can I cry for just a moment...
  111. Son possibly Asperger's
  112. Pediatrician Visit Yesterday
  113. Ocd
  114. Give me a go-to
  115. ? about aba/where to find help for behavior issues
  116. Audio Books
  117. Can we talk about special needs strollers again?
  118. Feeding clinic appointment
  119. wonderful special needs poem
  120. Letter reversals
  121. Evaluations
  122. Anyone do brushing and joint compression?
  123. using headphones on a child with autism
  124. Visualizing and Verbalizing?
  125. Anyone else homeschooling a blind or seriously visually impaired child
  126. Activites to improve sound discrimination?
  127. Fragile X
  128. Just want to share this tip I found about b/d reversals
  129. Math for struggling learners?
  130. I think my ds is jealous
  131. any advice on developing fine motor skills and hand strength?
  132. Behavorial Diary
  133. Delayed separation anxiety?
  134. Sugar, caffeine, dyes, oh, my!
  135. How do you handle day-to-day life
  136. Second opinion?
  137. Does anyone here use Bookshare?
  138. I'm sure this has been discussed before
  139. What advice would you give...
  140. Gluten free and autism
  141. autism spectrum
  142. Sensory issues
  143. potty training a child with autism/ using PECS
  144. Back to HS-need advice and help
  145. Pros and Cons for electronic devices and ADHD
  146. Behavioral Health Tutorial
  147. What can you tell me about PDD?
  148. Are there stages to this?
  149. Rad
  150. vision issues - any suggestions for us?
  151. to moms of children with autism
  152. Has anyone read
  153. Easter Baskets
  154. Bike Riding
  155. Feeling overwhelmed
  156. Holding it together
  157. Car seats?
  158. Not sure where to turn
  159. spacing out
  160. teaching a child with DS
  161. LDs Need opinions please
  162. taking a SN child out of public school
  163. Webinar
  164. Private school, co-ops, stay on current course, OR?
  165. Horse therapy?
  166. appointment with neuropsychologist
  167. I think we have an accurate dx finally
  168. For a child with ADHD
  169. New things!
  170. Cori's LD Thread
  171. GFCF...how long before you notice a difference?
  172. what do you do with a child who will not sleep?
  173. Fast ForWord
  174. why do some new skills take so long to learn...
  175. Decoding Words
  176. I am reading a great book!
  177. Letter and Number Reversals
  178. Can I share an update about Veronica?
  179. Writing, dyslexia, & other learning glitches
  180. Do you have one good day
  181. How do you adjust our fiar lesson plans for child with autism?
  182. Free Sample for Dylexia Resource
  183. Child frustrated
  184. LD Update
  185. Composition help needed
  186. Math for severely dyslexic ds
  187. Test Scores
  188. Update to sleep issue with my ds..
  189. Consumer Math?
  190. VNS Therapy for Epilepsy
  191. Dyslexia & A.D.D.
  192. exciting news!
  193. Thank you is just not enough
  194. Speech Therapy website for Aspergers/social skills etc
  195. Good to have a plan . . .
  196. Fall plans for our special needs kiddos
  197. Hey Hollie (SC)
  198. Never posted here before
  199. Video on how to make a weighted blanket (by my friend)
  200. what to disclose to others about your child?
  201. Diagnosis changes
  202. Free dyslexia picture book
  203. book written by adult with Asperger's?
  204. Seriously picky eater
  205. Play dates with other special needs children?
  206. another missed event
  207. determining a child's developmental level/Alice ?
  208. Vision Therapy
  209. miraflex glasses and beyond?
  210. siblings of special needs kids - a positive side
  211. Free Therapy Resources
  212. Biofeedback
  213. A Question for Those with a Child with Down Syndrome
  214. Feingold in the news!
  215. Ideas for interactive schedule for Asperger's
  216. Starting the year off slow and adding on?
  217. What do you do with a child that doesn't want to be helped?
  218. Reversals
  219. A Great Day!
  220. Oh, dear
  221. ADD/inattentive
  222. Modesty?
  223. One of my special friends got baptized this morning!
  224. Quick Vision Update
  225. frustrated with math program for child with autism.. what do you use?
  226. software programs for auditory processing?
  227. Aspergers in girls
  228. Adhd?
  229. So we went to the vision therapist.......
  230. Neurologist and/or Psychologist questions
  231. Speech Language issues
  232. dyspraxia and visual/spatial learning problems
  233. EEG and more
  234. Therapy "silly putty"
  235. ideas for toys for child with autism...
  236. Speech Therapy
  237. Free! Free! Free!
  238. Newbie--HELP!
  239. Dianne Craft is coming to VA!
  240. Medication question
  241. how much to expect with a child that has learning disabilities?
  242. What do you do to make your lives easier?
  243. Fish oil/ vitamin supplements?
  244. Weighted blanket
  245. Psychiatrist
  246. Just a bit of encouragement
  247. setting goals for a special needs child?
  248. Feeling OVerwhelmed
  249. frustrated with holidays
  250. Teaching Textbooks for special needs