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09-06-2012, 02:36 AM
and can't do it on FB where ds would not appreciate it.

Ds1 started college this week. He's attending a small private business school and taking graphic arts. His schedule for the first quarter includes "Business Communications". I asked him last night exactly what that class was supposed to cover. The first few weeks is a book re: personal responsibility in college and the business world; the rest is GRAMMAR. He was so horrified when he told me that that I had a hard time not laughing. All LA was the bane of his school years. The program class listing had him convinced that he wouldn't have to take an English class, and he thinks it was SO rude that they snuck it in there. :lol:

I'm sure he'll do fine, but he's obviously concerned because he asked me tonight if I think his grammar is OK. I assured him that his grammar usage is probably better than most of the students, but we'll just have to wait and see what kind of things they'll be covering.

So far, I'm impressed by what ds has told us of the school policies. They are very strict about cheating, attendance, and dress codes. Their goal is to replicate the expectations and environment of a business. They keep close tabs on the students grades to stop any issues before it's too late. It appears that this school was designed to make sure that the less academically-inclined students will be successful. Ds likes all his teachers so far, and was tickled pink at all the goodies in the art supplies kit. The student body is mixed ages, and he was surprised to learn one of his classmates was 30yo. I think this environment is going to be much better for him than a traditional university.

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:clap: That sounds great, Wendy. Both the school and your ds's attitude and experience there.

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That is so awesome, Wendy! :clap: Sounds neat!!

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That sounds wonderful! :clap:

Leslie Nelsen
09-06-2012, 11:48 PM
Sounds like a neat place. :thumb: I love the variety of options out there.

Had to :lol: at the grammar though.