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Amy Joy
09-18-2012, 11:08 PM
My son has a significant speech problem. He is going to be 7 at the beginning of January and at his most recent (this past week) evaluation he was said to be only 50% inteligeble. This was hard for me as I understand him. I know that moms typically can understand their own children much more than others, but we've seen so much improvement in him that I thought he would be seen as more intelligible than that. :unsure:
Because we have to go through the school system to get speech therapy (unless we went private which is an hour away and $95 an hour--though we might opt for this) it is a fight. We live in a small town where the speech therapist (one for the whole division) has a lot of rural towns she much go to. So an EA does the actual day to day speech therapy. She has taught me how to do it at home and I will be doing it daily with him. She will see him every 6 weeks maybe.
She is also recomending an assessment of his phonological and auditory processing skills and an evaluation of his language skills as he makes consistant grammar errors. Does anyone know what this entails?
I want what is best for him, but am struggling with what that is. It's hard as the province we live in is not so homeschool friendly. So much therapy stuff is tied up in the shcool systems here.

Christi in OH
09-19-2012, 07:04 AM
We can't get therapy through our schools for school age children at all. We are blessed to have a very active ST program at our local college. Ronnie attends speech camp there. I am thinking I need to take our E in soon for some private one on one as he has a few sounds he just can't make right. He will be 5 in May so I'm not too worried yet.

It can be really frustrating. Have you checked out Play to Talk by Dr. Macdonald(maybe Mc can't remember) He also has a yahoo group Communication Partners, he is really helpful. Also the Small Talk book sold here is really nice. I need to pull it out and see if there are any ideas I can use with my middle two.

It is always a shock to me to hear those sort of numbers. My Ronnie is considered to be preverbal. :sad: Good luck. :group:

Alice R
09-19-2012, 07:18 AM
Phonological errors are sound errors that the child makes not because they can't produce the sound but because they haven't learned the rule of where to put that soound. It's more like a language based articulation problem. ;)

Auditory processing is easy to understand...there is a breakdown in how the child processes language. The child hears but when those words go into the brain to be interpreted, something breaks down.

A full language assessment is looking for general language skills. At 7 you shouldn't really have any grammar errors at all in your native language. When children do have noticeable errors, we look at what's going on, where they have trouble, with what rules and sometimes we can see a pattern etc. Then work with that info to correct that pattern and get the speech back on track again.

Mary FL
09-19-2012, 11:11 AM
Amy Joy, speech is difficult to navigate. Hoping everything will work out for you! We're facing an appeal to our insurance company for ds.

We have to keep advocating for our children. Yesterday I felt tired. Today, I'm ready to go get 'em! :lol: