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05-19-2007, 12:26 AM
Hi all!

Ok, question... before I go and spend hours creating review questions for Volumes 1 & 2, has anyone actually done this and wouldn't mind sharing? I thought I'd ask before I go and "reinvent the wheel" so to speak... :)

I'm thinking of creating a "homeschool game" that I can use for review and just keep adding to it. I was thinking I'd use a gameboard we already have, like Candyland (who doesn't have that one??) or Chutes & Ladders, and then use question cards I create from all our subjects (FIAR, Math, Spanish, etc.) To move, I'll have them roll two dice and add or subtract the numbers to find the total they should move (or you could do adding doubles, multiplying, dividing, or whatever you were working on at the time in Math). Once they get to a space, they pick a question and answer it. If they get it right, they can move ahead another space, and pick another card. If they get it right, move ahead again or something. I thought I'd print the questions on differnet colored cardstock (Story questions on blue, Math on green, spanish on yellow, FIAR on pink, etc.). Maybe some of the story cards can be to act out a story and see if we can guess what it is. Other questions can have them drawing a picture so we can guess... kinda like cranium. I'm still in the game-designing phase, so any advice or ideas you all have would be great! If any of you are interested, we can share review question cards as we go along to make things easier for all of us! What do you think?

Have a WONDERFUL day!

Cate OH
05-19-2007, 10:20 AM
Debbie in ak just posted questions for vol. 1-4!
It is just awesome, thanks again Debbie!

The post was called "It's that time of the year"


05-19-2007, 01:46 PM
Hi again,

Yes, I saw the review question for the kids for each volume, and those are wonderful and I plan to use them (thank you for those who posted them!!). What I am looking for now is detailed review questions from each story, such as, maybe a question from Ping could be: "Where did Ping live? Can you point to it on a map?" I'm want to take review questions from each subject we learned while rowing a book, including geography, history, science, math and art. That way I can really see what the kids recall from each story we did and review it at the same time. Make sense? Anyone have anything like this? If not, I'll go through and create some questions, and upload them for others to use if they want to. I'll just go through the volumes and take each subject within a story and create a question from it... anyone have any other ideas about this?

Thanks again!

05-19-2007, 05:53 PM
Hi Wendy, :hi:
Are you looking for something like this? These are from the homeschoolshare site.

Here's a "Ping" game. It looks like there are lots of questions included there!

Here's a Bingo Game for Vol. 1:

Hope that helped a little! That site also has pages for the other stories. I saw that there was a Moonjelly game that looked really neat.