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01-16-2013, 11:13 AM
Thought I would update on my graduates. It's been a roller coaster ride with Levi (my oldest). He tried two semesters at community college and hated it. Right out of college he was accepted to, and wanted to go to, a Christian college not far from us. My dh and I decided to put him in community college instead. Needless to say, he is starting at the Christian college next week. :clap: He is nervous and excited. He will be going full time and living at home with us, but we would eventually like him to live on campus.

Lydia went to community college, but is now ready to transfer to a college in Seattle. We took her to visit it a few weeks ago, and it looks like if everything falls into place, she will be moving at the end of June. :( :hcry: It's hard, but I'm very happy and excited for her. She will be majoring in Fashion Merchandising.

Abigail is in her last semester of high school. She plans to attend the same college as Levi. We also would like her to live on campus, but we are not sure yet if that will happen in the Fall.

Anna can finish high school next year, if she chooses to finish early. She has not decided yet.

There is a nice, neat update with my four. Believe me, it's not as tidy as it sounds! :lol: :no: Lots of ups and downs and emotions all over the place around here. I can't even believe they are all getting so close to flying the nest. I'm enjoying these last years together and I am grateful for them, but I'm also looking forward to change ahead too....even if it's hard. Hold me. :group:

How's it going for you???

Gwen in Texas
01-16-2013, 08:46 PM
Oh, Marcia! :group:

I don't have any big changes from my last update. Karis is still working on her two year degree from our local community college and living at home. She has a couple of jobs plus babysitting. Meg is still taking dual credit and is set to graduate high school in May. She is only taking one course this semester at the cc and is also working two jobs. She'll just have one year ahead to finish her two year degree. They both would still like to take a year to do missions work, preferably in Africa, preferably with orphans. Then they will decide whether and where to pursue four year degrees.

Nate and Ev are still homeschooling along. Nate continues to work with his dear educational therapist twice a week. His latest victory was conquering the Texas driving manual towards getting his permit. He is enjoying off season workouts with his football team 3x/week. Ev loves being home and is a disciplined, delightful student.

I'm working with 4 students at work, doing educational therapy and tutoring. And considering a second job (seems to be a family theme). Looking forward to reading updates!

01-16-2013, 10:12 PM
I was just thinking about both of you the other day! (And trying with all my might to remember Levi's name LOL)

Marcia, your kids sound like they are doing great! And wow, they are all almost done. I'm in awe. I had to double check Abby and Anna's ages because I thought they were close to Madi and their being so close to graduating threw me for a second.

Gwen, SO great to hear an update on your kids! Dylan is super interested in missions. In fact he's researching becoming a missionary. But first comes missions trips. Sigh, the thought of sending my kid off to another country is a bit daunting! Woohoo for Nate!