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Paige P
02-19-2013, 08:00 AM
I recently stumbled across a scholarship form (yes, early, I know, but it has me thinking ;). For high school, what do you "count" as extra curricular activities? What are some community service things your children participate in?

Also, on that form, it asked for the "college board code" of the school. Obviously, as a home school, we don't have one. What do you do/say about that?

Bombard me with ideas, please -- I guess it's time to start planning ahead for these things :D

02-19-2013, 08:21 AM
Actually, there is a college board code for "homeschool". If you go to the collegeboard.com website, it will have the code there.

For extra curricular/community service, we put everything they did that fell in those categories, even if I used them for school credit. For example, I used my daughters dance classes as PE hours, but we also listed dance as extracurricular. We used drama/theater hours towards some fine arts credit, but also listed it as extracurricular.

We used church/youth group stuff/mission trips as community service, and opportunities where they had leadership roles were also listed, ie. VBS, leaf raking and window for the elderly, mission trips, packing USO boxes for troops, state youth officer for our denomination, etc.
Any community service things they did with our homeschool co-op was also listed.

They did theater internships so we listed that as well.

I kept a running list of everything they did each high school year on my computer, because I knew when it was time to fill it all in we probably wouldn't remember everything.
Depending on how much your kids do, and who the scholarship is from, also will depend on what you highlight on that form. You may not end up listing all of it, but at least you'll have it. My kids didn't do a ton of extras. Most were focused in specific areas of interest which showed a commitment over time to certain things.

Joy in Alabama
02-20-2013, 07:14 AM
The school I'm with now has a co-op, like the one you are participating in. For high schoolers, we have a volunteer class. The coordinator finds volunteer opportunities the kids can do in an hour. So, we have moms assigned to drive and we go to the place and volunteer, then back to school. This year we've been doing a Hospice program, where the kids go to the office and do filing and envelope stuffing and cleaning. The coordinator also regularly tells us about other volunteer opportunities in the community so the kids can participate if they'd like, such as a 5K our local CP organization had in the fall, where the kids could help in a number of ways. I guess it was a bit of work at first for her, but she has regular places she now contacts. The trick is to get these places lined up before the sororities get them since we live in a college town. This gives the kids ways to volunteer beyond their local church and the moms can put it in their portfolios.

Just an idea to stick away in your brain for later......

Paige P
02-20-2013, 07:37 AM
Joy, what a GREAT idea :thumb: I need to pass that on along ...... ;)

Cindy, thank you for your explanation and ideas :D They were most helpful!