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Hollie in SC
02-22-2013, 06:40 AM
Can we start a thread with ideas for electives that you have been done? We will have several offered at our co-op, but I'd love a basic go-to thread for ideas to do at home even if it is a boxed curriculum that you enjoyed.

Would you list the following: class name and description, the resources and requirements for the class, full credit or half credit.


Laura JL
02-22-2013, 09:37 PM
These are some we've done that I can remember off the top of my head w/out pulling out the kids files:

Life 101 – 1 credit
Manners Made Easy for Teens (Moore)
What Color is your Parachute for Teens (Christian & Bolles)
1001 Things Every Teen Should Know Before they leave home (Harrison)
Who Needs a Superhero? (Brewer)
The Reason for God (Keller)
America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook 3rd Edition

Some of the books have questions to answer for either the chapter or for the end of the book. DD also kept a notebook where she wrote narrations for the readings and then she discussed them w/ us. The cookbook is great because it explains how to shop, how to select produce, meats, etc. test-kitchen ideas for the best canned or frozen products in place of fresh, etc. She would select various recipes , shop for the items and prepare the meals. She also created plans and menus and hosted two parties -- one for homeschool families/friends and one for a family holiday.

Art 1 and Art 2: 1 credit
AOP Lifepac Art program
Sister Wendy ‘s Story of Painting
Artilier Art DVD’s level 6 & 7

We were told we could issue two credits for this but she only wanted to do credit each year. She completed the Lifepac Art program using books 1-5 for year 1 and 6-10 for year 2 – these have project ideas which some we adapted and there are also tests over terms for each booklet. She used the Art DVD’s for production work and to see better how to use specific techniques. She is reading the Sister Wendy’s book and making a notebook of artists and photos of work that she particularly liked. She has also done a number of craft type projects that she's found on-line, etc.

World Religions – 1 credit

World Religions: The Great Faiths Explored & Explained (Bowker)
The Usborne Encyclopedia of World Religions: Internet-Linked (Meredit, et al)
One World, Many Religions: The Ways We Worship by Mary Pope Osborne

DD kept a journal as she read about the various religions she wrote about what she learned, thought or questions she had. She also had to select three additional religions that were not covered in her readings or that weren’t covered in much detail and write research papers.

College and Career Planning – 1 credit
We are using Sonlight’s program which is laid out step by step. She is making a list of careers she is interested in, researching degrees needed, employment possibilities, income, etc. She is also interviewing or job shadowing individuals in those careers. She is working on college searches and making college visits.

SAT/ACT Preparation – credit (although I know local high schools were awarding 1 credit –1/2 for math; for Verbal)
SAT Question of the Day (on-line resource that is e-mailed daily)
The Official SAT Study Guide, 2nd edition (The College Board)
Kaplan SAT 2013 Premier with CD-ROM (Kaplan Sat Premier Live)
Cracking the ACT with DVD, 2013 Edition (Princeton Review)
Barron's ACT Flash Cards (Leader in Test Preparation)
Reading through the guides, taking practice tests, and discussing various test questions

Keyboarding - credit
We used Typing Instructor Deluxe when dd did this and this year we’re using Typing Instructor Platinum.
We require 70 hours of keyboarding work – a large portion is using the software and then we count some of the hours for typing papers, etc.

Computer Applications – this can be or 1 credit depending upon the software covered
For DD we used Microsoft Office and she worked w/ Word; Power-point; Excel; Internet Explorer – which included e-mail, research, etc. She also learned Quickbooks to make it a full credit course.

Psychology – 1 credit
We are planning to use Sonlight’s Psychology course.

DD also did Consumer Math using BJU’s program for an elective credit in Math - it was 1 credit.

Driver’s Education – credit
Our state Driver’s Manual – we require that they read the book cover to cover, answer questions from us and then we allow them to take the written test. Then they take a Driver’s Ed course which is an 8 hour course required by our state DMV. They must drive w/ us for 70 hours including during bad weather and night driving and 6 hours with their Driver’s Ed instructor. They must of course pass the driving portion of the test and receive their license.

Laura JL
02-22-2013, 10:23 PM
I don't know how I forgot this one --

Robotics -- 1-2 credits depending upon how many of the programs you use. We used just the Eduction program for middle school but for high school we will use Robotics Engineering 1 and 2 from Carnegie- Mellon.

Hollie in SC
02-23-2013, 08:14 AM
Thank you, Laura! :yes:

Tricia O
02-23-2013, 08:18 PM
Laura, this is very helpful! Would you mind sharing what academic year you did which electives?

02-24-2013, 02:04 PM
My oldest has done:
9th Grade
Logic w/ Fallacy Detective .5
Intro to Architecture .5
Martial Arts .5
Creative Writing-variety of resources but his main project was writing a continuation of "The Wind in the Willows" I think it's about 15 chapters and he's still revising it. 1 credit
Woodworking- dh did this class as he's a woodworker. Caleb built a family size picnic table as his final project

10th Grade
Martial Arts .5
Intro to Astronomy w/ a variety of resources .5
Personal Finance .5
Speech .5 at co-op

11th Grade
Creative Writing w/ One Year Adventure Novel- 1 credit
Martial Arts .5

12th Grade (If I can find resources, this is our plan)
Military Stategy
Intro to Philosophy (Dh will do this class)
Great Communicators MFW has a Great Comm. book I think we'll use.
Martial Arts .5

Seems like I might be missing a couple classes but this is most of them.

Hollie in SC
02-24-2013, 02:23 PM
:thumb: You ladies are super!

Stephanie, Itunes U has some military strategy lectures. Also, check around for colleges with ROTC programs as they may have classes (and texts) for their Military Science programs.

Laura JL
02-24-2013, 03:41 PM
Laura, this is very helpful! Would you mind sharing what academic year you did which electives?
DD has done the following:
8th grade:

World Religions (this tied in nicely bec she did Geography for History)
Computer Application
Health (I didn't list that one above -- it was 1/2 credit and we used AOP Lifepac along w/ a CPR/first-aide course through Red Cross)
Consumer Math (she completed Alg I in 7th/Geometry in 8th and she decided she wanted a break w/ an "easier" math)
Piano/Music Theory
PE (required by my accountability group - her PE was gymnastics bec she's a competitive gymnast and easily spends more than 150 hours)
Intro to Spanish (1/2 credit)

Art I
Life 101
Spanish I
Driver's Ed

Art II
Spanish II
College/Career Planning
(she is doing SAT/ACT Prep but w/out the credit as we tied it into her Engl 3 and Pre-Calc; Oldest took SAT/ACT Prep in 11th grade for credit)

12th (this will be next year)

My oldest graduated from ps -- I don't recall all the grade levels for when he did the electives - but I do recall most of the topics:
Honors Environmental Science; Creative Writing; Drama I-3; Driver's Ed; SAT/ACT Prep; Music Theory; ROTC; Acct I; French 1-3; Keyboarding and Computer Applications.

02-24-2013, 06:36 PM
Off the top of my head, my girls had:

Speech (using the Lightning Lit speech course) (https://www.hewitthomeschooling.com/Materials/mItem.aspx?id=8091)

Classical Astronomy using Signs and Seasons (http://www.classicalastronomy.com/On_line_Ordering.asp)

Spanish... taken through a co-op

Art... taken through a co-op

Homeschool band program

Drama/theater.... partly through co-op but mostly through the local community theater

Personal Fitness... using various books from the library and establishing fitness goals to work toward

Music History

02-24-2013, 08:46 PM
This list is off of our high school graduation contract and is all courses. I apologize for not deleting core courses, but in some subjects there are more than 4 years of courses and you could use them as an elective credit. It's just saves me time to cut and paste it. Forgive me! :blush:

Mathematics choices:
Algebra I
Algebra II
Consumer Math

Language Arts choices:
English 9
Composition I
Composition II
American Literature
British Literature
World Literature
Creative Writing (.5)
Business Writing (.5)
Literature Thru Film (.5/1)
Fiction Into Film (.5)
Poetry (.5)
Screenplays (.5/1)

Social Studies choices:
American History
Civil War History
World History
Civics (.5)
20th Century History (.5)
State history (.5)
World Geography (1)
Current Events (.5)
Vietnam War History

Science choices:
Earth Science
Marine Science
Aviation and Space Science
Forensic Science
Environmental Science

Other Courses (electives as well):
Speech (.5)
Home Economics
Spanish I, II
American Sign Language (I, II)
Computer Science
Business Math
Business English
Business Computer Applications
Upholstery I, II, III, IV
Yearbook (.5)
Culinary Arts (.5)
Interior Design (.5)
Fashion Design (.5)
Introduction to Business
Office Procedures
Keyboarding (Typing)
Automotive Basics for Drivers (.5)
Automotive Mechanics
Driver's Education
Photography (.5)
Drawing (.5)
Sewing (.5)
Scrapbooking (Digital or Paper) (.5)
Foreign Cultures (.5)
Music History (.5/1)
Independent Music
Small Group
Work Study
Film History (.5)
Desktop Publishing (.5)
Music Theory (required .5)
Computer Animation
Computer Programming C++
Metal Shop