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DD in IL
05-26-2013, 07:18 AM
Who has used these? Pros and Cons of each? I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

Laura JL
05-26-2013, 08:55 AM
I've only used Teaching Textbooks. We started w/ it the year that TT came out w/ Math 7 and dd was in 5th grade -- moving from Abeka 5th grade math to TT Math 7 there was some review, but dd was so happy to be away from Abeka that I didn't worry about it. Then I began having people tell me TT wasn't rigorous enough so we moved to BJU for Pre-Alg and Alg I --- both of which DD hated. TT was recommended for Geometry and I knew that I wasn't comfortable w/ teaching Geometry. So we both used Geometry -- after 40+ years I finally understood Geometry and dd loved it. She is now finishing up TT Pre-Calc and has done well not only in the courses but in Standardized Tests.

I decided to use TT for middle ds we did skip Math 6 -- he's finishing Alg I. I will start youngest at the end of 4th.

The Cons -- sometimes as you progress in the program the lectures can be really long -- so while it looks like there are not enough lessons, once you factor in over an hour lecture you might find that it works best to split some lessons into two days (at least in Pre-Calc). I've heard from some parents that their dc were able to cheat on the program so didn't learn the material -- that hasn't been my experience, but I stay fairly involved and for the most part if my dc were to enter an incorrect answer they would wait to answer a 2nd time until I was there to check their work first. Also, bec dd has completed the older editions all of her work was done in the book and she only used the solutions to review if she missed an answer. For ds bec I don't always assign all problems if I feel he's not grasping a concept I can have him use the textbook and go back and work the problems for me.

The Pros -- the lecture is straightforward in a way that a student who struggles w/ math as well as a child that excels in math (I've had both) can grasp the material and move on. I like that there is review built in -- although we do frequently only answer odd/even instead of the entire lesson -- but it's not overkill like in some programs. I love that their are solutions worked out, esp for Geometry up. I like that it makes math more independent for my dc and not something I have to teach, even though I enjoy all math until Geometry. I like that it is multi-sensory so it fits both my highly visual learner as well as my extremely auditory learner. I like that the textbook has enough space to write and solve problems without having to copy them onto paper -- which can be a pain for kids w/ dysgraphia or dyslexia. But, most of all I like that my dc like the program, don't complain, and score well on tests.

Joy in Alabama
05-26-2013, 09:06 PM
We have TT geometry and the kids have really liked it. They've pretty much breezed through it without any complaints or help from me (we're not a math family, btw).

DD in IL
05-26-2013, 11:02 PM
When ya'll say TT are you meaning teaching textbooks or teaching tapes?

Joy in Alabama
05-27-2013, 10:31 AM
When ya'll say TT are you meaning teaching textbooks or teaching tapes?

Teaching Textbooks geometry

05-27-2013, 08:49 PM
We have used teaching textbooks for math 5,6,7,pre alg, and alg 1. Just like in all of our schooling, ds had had times when math got hard, he would get 'blown out' or couldn't grasp a concept or whatever. I found what worked best for my child was to use the 'show the solution' and see the problems worked again and again. Eventually the concept would click and we would move on.

I've also changed my way of thinking with this high schooler and our homeschool in general. FIAR has opened my eyes into fostering a culture of constant learning at our house instead of the education race game...so with that said, alg 1 has taken 13 months to complete instead of 9 or 10...and thats ok with me. I'm going to order geo this week and we'll start that next.

Student pro-his annual SAT test scores have always shown 'above grade level' in math.

Mom pro-i don't have to grade papers, or teach lessons. I can be a cheerleader :)

Julie in AZ
05-28-2013, 12:26 PM
My ds started Teaching Textbooks when we were fighting about math. I was able to step back from teacher and become the "mom who is there to help" in that subject. It has worked out great. He used TT6 (skipped 7), Pre-Algebra and Algebra. My dd just completed TT5. The same system is working out well with her too.

05-28-2013, 12:53 PM
Both of my oldest daughters completed TT Geometry for their geometry credit. They did not have any complaints or problems.
My son will start it in the fall. He says he is looking forward to a break from Algebra. :lol: