View Full Version : Needs ideas for my senior this year.

07-25-2013, 10:25 PM
My son hopes to graduate a semester early. He is finished with his math and science credits. (not going beyond geometry and chemistry).
He is not on a college track at this point. What else can I add to this?

So far this is what he will have for classes:
*Consumer math
*American Lit
*Novel /essay writing
*Biblical World View
*ACT study/prep - not sure how I can incorporate this into a class?
*Taking a welding bootcamp at the tech school (one day course) I plan to have him research job possibilities in other fields as well, and take a career aptitude test at the tech school. - Could this be lumped into "occupational studies"?

Laura JL
07-28-2013, 08:47 PM
How many credits does he need to graduate? You say he's not college track so what is he thinking he wants do when he's finished w/ high school?

Our public schools offer a 1/2 credit ACT/SAT Prep Course utilizing various resources and taking lots of practice tests. Our oldest took it in public high school, so dd who is a Sr. will be doing the same at home. If she completes 70 hours worth of reading, practice tests, reviews plus the actual taking of the test -- shes' taken the SAT once - then I'll count it as 1/2 credit if less than that it will be 1/4 credit. Although I'm not sure if your ds isn't planning on college why he would need to take the SAT/ACT. If he is thinking about Community College/Tech School he might be better off seeing if they have a placement test and what he needs for the placement test. Several community colleges will have a course for placement test prep that can be taken -- generally they are a few hours for each section type.

The welding course you could add a few things to and call it a Career Planning course. SL has a career and college planning course that we've used and dd really got a lot out of it. You could even include job shawdowing in areas that he thinks he wants to pursue a career in.

Has he done anything like a Life 101 course?

Does he have a job? Can his work count as Work Study?

07-29-2013, 09:32 AM
that's just it, he has NO idea what he wants to do. He did have some ideas a year ago, but since then has changed his mind completely.:unsure: He has gone the whole gamut... physical fitness , cosmetology/barber, lab tech.... see what I mean??? He doesn't want to start doing any course without being certain.
I didn't have my oldest dd do the ACT, and now she is regretting it, since she has to do the placement test at the tech school after being out of highschool for several years. So I guess that's my main reason, so the info is fresh in his brain.:)

For now, he wants to get his welding certificate and just work until he knows for sure. He would go to a tech school if anything, he says he is absolutely certain he doesn't want to go to a university.
A local place for adults with disabilities, offers high school credit for people that want to volunteer, so I'm going to have him look into that. He is very good with dev. disabled people, haven 2 special needs brothers... it could be a possible career path down the road if he enjoys the volunteer work.

Laura JL
07-30-2013, 07:57 AM
I get the ACT/SAT thing -- at our community college though it has to be within a certain number of years. Sometimes it's not really advantageous to use ACT/SAT scores that are a few years old bec frequently those could place a kid in a higher course, particularly math, but when the topics haven't been used for awhile they get into higher classes and have to drop or don't do well bec they've forgotten the math skills needed. I've had a number of kids tell me that the placement tests at the CC were much easier than taking the ACT/SAT and at least the ones on the computer aren't timed which is a plus for a lot of kids.

The Career course through SL or something similar might be a good option for your ds. It does help the dc to explore their strengths, weaknesses, things they like, etc. It explored questions that dd and I hadn't even thought of and it really helped her to narrow her focus. Within the course I added in job shadowing once she had some ideas so that she could see what it was like to have that job day in and day out (well at least for a week). I also had her explore what degrees were necessary and within those degrees what courses would she need to take, etc.; what the pay-scale looked like; opportunities for advancement; etc.