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07-26-2013, 11:29 AM
I posted this on the family room board but think this might reach a mom who can help me.

Without going into too many details....my college age daughter who has only a savings and a checking was rejected by a credit company. The letter said because it was because of information from TransUnion and that she needed to contact them for more information. When she tried to pull up her credit report it asked two multiple choice questions about credit/finance/car loans opened in 2011 and to check which company she had it with and what the payment range was. Of course her answer was none of the above. It then said they could not verify it was her and would not give her her report and she needed to mail in proof of ID.

We found out there are no more local credit bureaus. The bank cannot ethically give you your report and the only way to get it is automated or by sending in proof of ID. We now have to wait 15 days for the automated request to be completed.

Does anyone who has a young adult have experience with this? We are very concerned her ID maybe was compromised. Has anyone been asked these same types questions?

We totally understand the rejection...just not the rest. We are just hoping this is all because they really should not have anything on her but these were alarming questions and then to be locked out. I am hoping to find someone willing to see what happens if they check if all they have is savings and checkings.

Tricia in TX
07-26-2013, 01:11 PM
Have her try again. I've answered those questions wrong one day, and then correctly the next and they let me in.

However, we had an issue with the 3 major credit reporting companies recently and it was a nightmare to correct. We were able to get 2 of the companies to look into the error and they fixed it themselves. The last company (I can't remember which one) would not fix it. They simply ignored our requests and it's darn near impossible to actually get to a human, via email or phone.

We finally had to get a lawyer to send them a threatening letter (not sure what the lawyer threatened! ;)) and finally they fixed it! The whole thing took about 6 months.