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Alice R
10-28-2013, 01:33 PM
Thought I would start a new thread on suggestions since I found out that this is a common problem.

10-29-2013, 12:44 AM
I must tell you, seeing my name in the title makes me feel a little...well...nervous?!? Anyways, I've typed up a combination of the notes I took and the thoughts I had during one of the 3 day study sessions we did last month. These are all things I have read before, or seen before, and have tried to implement before on various occasions. I think the difference this time was that both my son and I wanted to see positive change. And it helped a lot having the information come from someone else. I felt as though I was beating my head against a brick wall nagging at my dear boy. This amazing mom/teacher gave this workshop and told my son everything I had been trying to say for a few years now - and he actually listened. And I was renewed in the process. So, here is the short of it...

This information is to evoke or suggest thought. This is not to prove anyone wrong or right. Mom’s answers are for her own personal use. Student’s answers are for his/her own personal use. Any answer your student gives should not ‘proven wrong’. If mom finds an answer that is not ‘right’, form a ‘what if’ question instead of a ‘you do’ statement.

Adjust Attitude –

Mom’s Attitude – Are you being a positive coach? Are you making yourself available? Are you encouraging? Are you expecting more than what you have taught? Most of us have experienced a good teacher or a good boss, and most have experienced a bad teacher or a bad boss. Make a comparison T chart of a boss or teacher you have had and on one side of this chart list the good and on the other list the bad, trying to compare like things. For instance, a good boss would offer great training, a bad boss would just turn you loose and then complain or nag at your failure. A good boss would smile and encourage you to do better, a bad boss would look cross at you and point out your faults when they pass by.

Student’s Attitude – We all have an attitude. It’s either good or bad. Who controls your attitude? Who decides how you feel? Who decides how you act or react in every situation?

What is your job? (list all the things you are responsible for at home and away from home)
Do you complain about your school work? (explain)
Do you complain about your chores? (explain)
Do you follow directions or do things your own way?
Do you stay on task or allow yourself to be distracted and/or day dream?
Is your attitude with your friends a good attitude or bad? (explain)
Is your attitude with your family a good attitude or bad? (explain)
Is your attitude with others good or bad? (explain)
Look up the word Rebellion. Look up Rebellious Attitude. What do they mean?
What kind of student do you want to be?
What do you need to change or improve to be a better student?

Getting Organized –
Everybody needs a planner. These come in a variety of different types, pick one and stick to it. Planning takes time. Make the time to plan and stick to it.
Routine is the key!
On a sheet of lined paper, make columns with each school day across the top, and down the margin write the time in 30 minute increments with the normal waking time as the first time listed. Fill in meals first. Fill in personal care time each day (shower, dressing, etc). Fill in scheduled activities with driving time to and from. Fill in chores expected to be done by or at a certain time (animals, yard work, household). Next fill in subjects, being generous with time allowed to complete a lesson – this could be 1 hour for English Lit each day, and 1.5 hours for math. Whatever it usually takes to complete the assignment well. This exercise may show that there is a lot of extra time available, or you may see that your academic expectations for your student are too high for the time you are giving to complete the work.

Mom – Teach the kids to plan. Match the planner to the kid.
Start slowly
Make a check list and be specific (lesson numbers, page numbers)
Establish a routine – enter all dates/assignments/activities. Keep the planner with the kid. Insist that they check it throughout the day.
Prioritize tasks and carry them forward.
Motivate! Motivate! Motivate! (and smile often)

Student –
Keep track everyday of your start time and end time of each assignment. This is critical for high school students.
Start with your subjects – Do each of your subjects have a spot? Either a tab in a large binder, or a binder of it’s own?

Chores – schedule a certain time to do each of your chores everyday and make sure you do them timely. They don’t all have to be done at once in most situations. Some things need to be done to help the home run smoother at certain times, for instance unloading the dishwasher before breakfast so that it can be filled with the days dishes and not pile up in the sink, or taking the garbage to the curb the night before trash pick up.

Activities – what activities do you have each day?

Free time – Do you save free time for after ‘school hours’? Do you access social media or websites or games during school hours? Even checking in on a social media or playing a game for just a second is an act of rebellion if it is not allowed during school hours. Clarify with your mom whether this is allowed or not. Are there things that you would like to do if you had more free time?

Wasted time – Can you think of ways you have wasted time? Daydreamed? Not really focused on your assignment? When you find yourself wasting time, make an effort to get up, to stretch, get yourself a glass of water, ask for a snack, etc. During this time of refocus, make sure you are not distracting others in the process. If you need further ideas of how to get focused, ask for help. Sometimes a walk to the mail box and back is just enough to get us back on track. You have to want to learn and you are the only one controlling your behavior.

Organize your stuff
Do you have a special space for your school supplies? Do you have a special space you like to study best? Are you lacking any school supplies? Do you have enough binders and dividers?
Remove anything that doesn’t belong, or that clutters the area you study in. This does not include siblings. They cannot be removed, but they can be distracting. Set an example to them as to how to be focused. Even a younger sibling can be an example to an older sibling and vice versa. Be positive to your siblings and smile at them often. They may be pleasantly surprised with a good attitude and they may even smile back!

Alice R
10-29-2013, 04:23 PM
Thanks Miranda!

Heather W
10-30-2013, 12:00 AM
:lol: Alice! I was thinking as I read all those responses yesterday, someone is going to need to call Miranda out! She'll never see these requests!

Thanks Miranda. I look forward to reading these suggestions.

10-31-2013, 04:05 PM
I have some of the forms/spreadsheets on my computer and would be happy to post them if someone can tell me how. Other information shared during the 3 day workshop was one day about note taking and one day about test taking. This day of random notes I posted was the one on organization which was where we were lacking most.

We are still working on it. This week my ds doesn't want to check things off his list...and he just came to me and said he did half of next week's science because he forgot to stop while he was doing the oyo's. Silly boy.

Anyways, does anyone have good consequences? I am refraining from making him write 'I will check my list and mark my work off for each subject each day' but he'll probably just correct my grammar and get me flustered! ;)

Paige P
11-08-2013, 04:40 PM
Great idea, Miranda! Thanks for sharing!

If you want to add the spreadsheets, etc., they have to be under a certain Kb, but I'm not sure exactly what that number is. You can hit reply to thread and then "go advanced" and you'll see the paperclip -- that's how you attach a document. I'd give you better directions from there, but I always have to play with it every time I do it :perplex: Maybe someone else has more specific directions. Btw, each attachment will have to be it's own "reply" post.