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10-28-2013, 03:49 PM
How many here have a student using Apologia Biology? Curious how you schedule things? I have been using the schedule from donna young's site but I am finding my ds needs more time to study between the day the study guide is assigned and test day. We are using the study guide and tests provided by Apologia as well.

Thinking I might need to change things a bit but not sure how.

Any suggestions? Experiences anybody wants to share?


Heather (WI)
10-28-2013, 07:30 PM
We used it last year, and I always buy the daily schedule/lesson plans from "My Father's World". With shipping, they are about $20., so not cheap, but they are worth it!! We've successfully used them for several years (including this year with Apologia Chemistry). It breaks it down into manageable chunks each day (usually less than 1/2 hour for the most part), and it's only a 4-day/wk. schedule, so you could use the 5th as a catch-up day if you needed it.

10-29-2013, 01:00 AM
My ds16 is doing it with co-op this year (one hour, once a week - mostly to answer questions and do the lab experiments). They basically follow the Donna Young plan of 2 weeks for each module, taking the test by the following Tuesday, the 2nd day into the new module. I am completely hands off except to make sure that the daily work is completed and attempt to help him study. I agree the schedule is FAST! If we were on our own with the same curriculum, I would go much slower for sure. His grades are not the best in this class, but he is learning a lot and talking about it a lot. He collected mushrooms....and just got done growing mold on peppers in the garage...eww!

10-29-2013, 01:45 PM
We tried the Donna Young schedule and it was way too much. This year I slurged and bought MFW lesson plans for Apologia and ds loves them. Like Heather said, they have a 4-day plan and the daily lessons somehow seem much more doable.

I thought some of the tests were overly difficult for high school level. I don't remember which modules, but I know there were probably three modules that I allowed ds to use his notes on. Also, on the module that he discusses evolution/creation, I had ds write a persuassive essay for his test.

This year, ds is doing Apologia physics and I think they are college level. I had a friend look at them who teaches science at the college level and she said none of her tests were that difficult. So, I have been writing my own tests. I really wish we would have just switched curriculums.