View Full Version : Our fold-n-learn for Memorial Day is done!

Wendy KY
05-29-2007, 01:18 AM
Megan and I had fun putting together our lapbook and learning about Memorial Day. Megan enjoyed learning about the special military decorations that our servicemen and women receive for going beyond what was expected of them and for being wounded or killed in war.

About the former, we talked about doing more than what is asked of you, not for the reward of receiving something, but because it can bless someone else. For instance, if mom asks you to pick up your toys and put them away, and you do that, but you also pick up discarded clothing and put them in the hamper. Or, your asked to take your dishes into the kitchen and you do, but you also take someone's else's with you. (I was trying to keep it simple in something she could actually do, not trying to minimize going to war :) )

We both learned about family members who had been in war (that I didn't even know about:eek: ). She had an uncle in Vietnam, a great uncle in the Korean War and a great grandpa in WW2. And her Daddy who served in the Navy during peacetime. They all got a star.

Thank you for creating this Fold-n-Learn for Memorial Day. It really helped to create conversations about a sensitive topic. :kiss: :hcry:

Mary FL
05-29-2007, 07:55 AM
It sounds like you had a very memorable day!

Paige P
05-29-2007, 08:16 AM
I like the way you related "serving" to something she could identify with (ie., picking up extra clothes, etc.). That's a great idea!

We loved doing the fold-and-learn and can't wait to do another one :)

DD in IL
05-29-2007, 08:19 AM
We did ours in a scrapbook. I have pics of one grandfather, his father, and 2 of his great grandfathers in uniform. We are hoping to get a pic of his other grandfather in uniform.

Michele TX
05-30-2007, 09:14 AM
We are doing ours this week. We are enjoying it too. I'm finding it a great way to include dad in our school. His father was in WWII and received a purple heart. I love that we are learning about these medals.

I like your discussion about doing more than what is asked of you. I think I will do that with my dc. We just started yesterday but we have already had great discussions. :clap:

Steve Lambert
05-30-2007, 10:25 AM
... for me to toss in my 2 cents on the whole Fold-n-Learn topic!

We have heard so many questions about "how is it supposed to go together" and "how long should it take" and "should I do it or have my children do it" and "how do I know if I'm doing it right?" etc.

Fold-n-Learns, like so much else in FIAR- is about going on YOUR UNIQUE EXPERIENCE with your children. Just like the FIAR lessons, Bible lessons, etc.- there isn't a right or wrong formula for Fold-n-Learns.

They offer a quick and easy, ready to use selection of resources that you don't have to spend 3 or 4 hours trying to gather together that will allow your children (with or without you) either individually or collectively- to learn more about a topic, holiday, book, season, theme, etc.

They can take an hour to complete, or 3 days to complete. They can be in a notebook, a lapbook, a file-folder. They can be made into a game or an art project or a lampshade! :roflol:

They provide a rich opportunity for you to talk with your children, learn from your children, explore with your children, listen to your children, create with your chidlren and build memories as a family- WHILE you're learning about meaningful topics.

Feel free to add, expand or otherwise use Fold-N-Learn's ANY WAY YOU WANT and see where it leads you!! Let your children take the lead. You may not feel creative- but they usually DO! Listen to THEIR ideas!!

Someone told the joke the other day about the Sunday school teacher who was rehearsing the children on the topic of "how to get to heaven" in a Q&A format. The teacher said, "If I sell all my possessions and give the money to the poor, will THAT get me into heaven?"

"NO!" the children all shouted!

"If I spend every spare minute serving at the church, mowing grass, weeding flower beds, waxing floors, will THAT get me into heaven?"

"NO!" the children all shouted!

"What do I have to do to get into heaven, then?" the teacher asked?

One brave lad shouted out the obvious answer, "Ya gotta get DEAD to get into heaven!" :lol:

We often overlook the obvious of simply handing the resources to our children and seeing where they go with the materials because we're so busy trying to "plan" how it "should be" done!