View Full Version : Modern World History, Literature, & Geography

Jennifer in VA
03-24-2014, 12:08 PM
Howdy all -

Wondered if any of you had pulled your own combination of the above together or used a "big box set"? Although I like the idea of ordering it all together and lesson's being mapped out, not liking the dollars behind someone else doing all that.

Would like to do history from about 1900 to present and geography. Literature doesn't have to fully tie in, but thought certain titles might make more sense if we're going this route.


03-24-2014, 02:01 PM
I like Coursera and The Teaching Company lectures for history in general. Right now we are combining early history from each of these sources. I'm using Coursera to take us from 1300 forward then picking up the American history lectures from TTC's highschool series. I usually have to pull up maps online though as neither lectures series offers enough visuals (IMO).