View Full Version : Abeka Highschool DVD courses

Laurie Dawn
09-29-2014, 07:56 PM
Anyone have any experience with these? I was curious about the English and Science courses the most.

10-02-2014, 08:54 PM
We did 9th grade English and my son really enjoyed her. He decided to Google the teacher at some point and found out that she had passed away a few years earlier. To him, that made the videos and instruction all the more meaningful. **on a side note, he did enjoy the videos...and I didn't push every assignment that was assigned, but he learned a lot and his writing improved.

His favorite video teacher of all time is the guy that did Geography.

For science, have you heard of Red Wagon Turorials? He uses the old Apologia books and has DVDs or maybe even online classes still. It's been years, but he was quite fun to watch/listen to.

Alice R
10-04-2014, 08:23 PM
We did not finish the DVDs.
That was procrastination and a mess of other problems that had nothing to do with Abeka.

Nathaniel liked the science. English was not his favorite, however, that is never his favorite.

It was a pleasant DVD and nothing that gives you headache because it's too hard, too boring, too slow, too fast. He felt it was well paced and quality instruction.

Laurie Dawn
10-05-2014, 09:53 PM
Thankyou so much for your responses. This really helps me. My 15 year old has really been saying she needs some audio type school.

I will check into those Red Wagon Tutorials..... never heard of them and I love apologia.

DD in IL
11-07-2014, 08:12 AM
We have used them for several years. We don't use the math because between all the review, etc it was a longer experience than dgs wanted but he loves the history and science classes. The teachers are very informative and funny. I have seen him rewind something the teacher said or did probably every day. The English....again we usually don't use the English because of time. The Spanish is good.

Laurie Dawn
11-09-2014, 11:52 AM
I ended up getting the English for 3 of my kids. It has been more work than they are used to but I definitely think that it has been filling in some holes. I am just not great at teaching this subject and feel that it has been pretty good. My 15 year old dd is also doing Spanish ( she loves ) and History. This has been a good fit for her because just reading history was not working with her retention. The videos have really helped in this area and she is motivated to get her school done which is a plus.