View Full Version : A good go-along for books about possums would be

06-01-2007, 10:36 PM
'Epossumondas' or Epossumondas saves the day'. They are soo good and fun. The writing lends itself to really draaaawwwwww out those LA slang :lol: I'm not from 'Loosianna' but I sure want to be! I have a blast going all out...
Epossumondas, Epossumondas..you don't have the sense you were born with!' or 'Sody, sody, sody sallyratus!' :roflol: You really have to check out the books whether they 'go-along' or not! The author gives some backround about the choice of words she uses at the back of the book. And Mama and Auntie are big, wonderful women :lol:

highly recommend them!