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Heather W
07-24-2015, 07:33 AM
This Week's Challenge: Common Areas- because I'm going to attempt to keep mine in order while the 4-H Fair is happening!

School Challenge: Book organizing, putting away, reshuffling, etc.

Inspiring Thought: Either you run the day, or the day runs you. –Jim Rohn

For me today:

get gas- when I drop Dan off
watch J practice for tonight's talent show- he's doing a yo yo act
put away books- for real
clean up posters- in J's project space
pick up the first floor- we've been dumping and running
fold laundry- this is a desperate need
amazon order
run a load of laundry and get control of it in the master bedroom area
fair - two drops today. One at noon and one at 3pm. I think we'll all end up there at 3pm.
blog work- this morning or whenever I have time

Dan's doing another half day which is great for the inlaw factor. It's been going ok. I think they are really enjoying seeing the kids at a more relaxed pace rather than for a short visit. They just come and read or whatever and the kids go to them one on one to talk or play a game. It's working out for them. I find it nerve wracking just because so much is going on and even though they don't want me to fuss over them, it feels like I'm supposed to. :unsure: Plus, I am introverted so I'm lacking down time. They go in the evenings fairly early so that part is good, but I feel like I'm "on" all the time. :eek: Of course, that has to do with responsibilities at the fair and story time, etc as well. Yesterday I ran a workshop on Fibonacci numbers (which went well) and I did story time not long after that.

We took the kids' cardboard cars to the fair last evening and it required putting the seats down in the van. Dan took all those books I've been riding around with out of the van. I don't know where he put them! So, I have tons of books out of place anyway. I need to put those up and then start finding a place for the new ones. I have an empty bookshelf downstairs. I wonder if I can use it. I wonder if I can find a spot for it up here somewhere.

I have no teaching to do today, so I'm hoping to relax more.

Have a fun Friday!

Lindsey Carter
07-24-2015, 07:35 AM
Today I…
-made bacon and eggs, we started the anti jet lag diet today
-Facetimed with my brother. He told the boys that he bought them bb guns. :eyes: They will stay at his house and not mine. I’m not really a gun person. I get to jumpy and would shoot my husband or anyone else for coming in the door unexpectedly and of course regret it. I told my brother that I was going to buy his daughter the most loud and obnoxious toy I could find! :lol:
-sorted through dvds & cds. Put together a case of preschool videos for my niece, put together a case of audiobooks and music to take with us.
-tided up dd’s room, packed a few toys, etc
-got dd to repack the toy suitcase to fit everything in it
-decided that I would want some family photos in the house for the year so I dug some up and packed them
-sewed up ds’ backpack, the straps are starting to fray. We’ll have to get a new one in the USA.
-packed up some shoes, my quilt, some books and clothes
-went to the church to give a guy the van key
-dealt with some cranky kids. A certain child does not transition well as was evident today and said child brought the other dc along for the crank fest.
-got stressed out so that my heart started acting up and took a brief nap
-washed a ton of dishes
-dh came home and took the dc to Costco (to get frozen berries for fruit and veggie day for the anti jetlag diet) and gave me a break
-dusted the living room
-cleaned out the shoe holder
-made a master list with dh of all the stuff left to do before we move

I didn’t get much sleep last night. I’m wiped out! I’ve got to work with dh to finish the prayer card order. I ran in to trouble uploading photos and didn’t get it finished last night. We also plan to try to get the car buying process started tonight. Then it’s off to bed!

Heather, I hope you get that chance to relax!

07-24-2015, 07:55 AM
Go Lindsey!!!!

Today is our last pack/sort day. We have gotten rid of a lot. Hope the yard sale goes well tomorrow!

Happy Friday!

Paige P
07-24-2015, 08:10 AM
Morning, all :hi:

Heather -- it sounds like it's going well with the in-laws. I understand the eating into the "down" time and feeling "on." I'm glad they're able to see the kids in a relaxed manner, though -- that's a good thing!

Lindsey -- :hop: USA bound :D Praying the trip goes smoothly and that emotions can be soothed -- it's a stressful time.
About BB guns. Obviously, you've figured out by now we are "gun" people ;) But even BB guns come with strict, VERY strict rules around here. I think one of the biggest problems with gun and kids who use them improperly are kids who are given freedoms and access without training and rules. Some of our rules involving BB guns even are that you must make sure you don't point it at people or animals and that anyone outside with you MUST be standing BEHIND you when you shoot. You can buy cheap targets (bulls eye) that the boys love to shoot at :)

Karen :clap: Good for you on all the cleaning out. Good luck with the yard sale! How are all the moving plans? Find a place to live?

I'm headed to the commissary today. BLech. Not something I want to do, but, other than pork, I'm down to one package of chicken in my freezer. I have lots of veggies :lol: but my cupboards are bare otherwise. I want to go before we start to school, so today it is.

That should consume most of my day. Between driving an hour there and back, shopping, and unloading, we won't be finished until late afternoon. :yawn: A necessary evil :lol:

Ya'll have a great day :hi:

07-24-2015, 08:24 AM
Good morning! Another not-so-great sleep night, but I guess I'm going to have those. I'm at the point where I think I might as well wean off the Ambien, as I don't think it's doing much any more. We'll see. I need to get past the overall exhaustion first. It's better, but I'm definitely not there.

So far this morning, I'm not feeling overly energetic. I did get dressed fairly nicely, although I could probably go in my pj's and not one would notice. It's just a drive and drop kind of thing. I will most likely come home and putter. Today is the only day I have to do both runs, which has been SUCH a blessing. Three hours is such an odd interval of time. It takes 20+ minutes to get back home, which only leaves about two hours. It's something, but having done it in previous years, you just get started in a project and it's time to go again. But for a day, I can deal. Should have saved some of my errands for today, but I think I'm pretty much errand-free!

So here are my goals for the day:

Dress/Breakfast/Meds (skipped the shower)
Make bed/Tidy bedroom a bit.
Phoebe to dance camp.
Put out trash. Ugh. That's TJ's job.
Unload/reload dishwasher.
Otherwise restore order to the kitchen.
Downstairs tidy. It's a biggie.
Pick up Phoebe from dance camp.
Last day treats :)
Rest time. Just a little one.
Work on TJ's room. Phoebe will help.
More rest time. I can tell.
Get Danielle to clean powder room. Ugh.
Run a load of laundry.
Do a light clean of our bedroom.
Leftovers for dinner.
Work on TJ's room some more.
Finish up the downstairs.
Dave will be home 8:30-9:00 pm.
Hang out/family time.
Bed for me. Don't know about the rest.

See you all later -- have a great day!

Lindsey Carter
07-24-2015, 08:34 AM
Paige, yes, my husband grew up in Alaska and owns several guns (they are at his parent's gun safe). We both agree no touching the guns until they have had a gun safety class. No use of guns unsupervised and they are still staying at my brother's house! :lol:

Jen in OK
07-24-2015, 09:01 AM
Good morning!

Heather, I'm glad the visit is going well overall!

Lindsey and Karen, good job on the moving prep! I have done pretty much nothing, though dh did get the paperwork filled out on the rental last night.

Yesterday ran away with me! I was cleaning for the inspection (dh said he was glad I got it looking really nice because the buyers came!) when I got a text from ds's friend's mom about skating--you could get free admission with a book, and I had a couple of duplicate still in the car, so it was only $3 for 3 hours of skating. I probably wouldn't have made that decision at the last minute, but this was his friend who will be attending school for the first time in a few weeks, so I wanted them to have some fun time. After that we went right to the pool, where we swam for about 3.5 hours. It was not crowded at all and the water felt so good. We went with Rachel and then my sister and her family came, so we pretty much relaxed in the water and chatted while the 8 kids played. It was nice. Then we ran home, changed clothes, fed the dog, and headed back into town to see The Lego Movie at the Farmers' Market. They set up games for the kids to play before the movie and this time they gave all the kids Lego chalk. It was fun, but it was SO humid!

Today we get to stay home all day! :clap:
*call USAA about roof--the inspection showed we had hail damage, so I got that set in motion by 8:00!
*blog work
*check on library account
*kids' sheets
*renew other storage unit for one month

And hopefully lots of reading time!

Now I'm going to do a short walk while the kids eat breakfast. I haven't walked the last two days and I cannot fall out of the habit!

Have a great Friday!

Rachel Jane
07-24-2015, 09:02 AM
LIndsey :clap:

so far:
made self breakfast
made self presentable
fed dogs
walked Eva (with concern, she is in heat. ack. I do not want a pregnant dog!)
had a client

Up next, not in order:
watch a show and color
master bedroom orderly, dust and vac
downstairs, dust and vac
clean kitchen
check the schedule at the gym, see if there are classes i can take. The back surgeon says I can lift low weights, high reps if I use good form, but is not happy that my foot is still buzzing
figure out dinner
write out paperwork for tomorrows classes
get homework in order for tomorrows classes

07-24-2015, 09:12 AM
I have lots of comments but no time. Just want y'all to know I am thinking of y'all and praying for y'all :hi:

Today is my mama's birthday. At some point we will go over there to give her presents.
We also have a pretty full day with dh's family, starting here in a few minutes.

Have a GREAT day!! :)

07-24-2015, 09:31 AM
Good Morning!
Another great weather day! We'll be heading up to 85*F, but the dew point is staying in the 50's so it'll still be lovely.
So far I've only walked 5 mega miles with Leslie, showered and ready for the day, and ate my veggie bowl.
There's something in the air affecting my allergies. It started yesterday afternoon. I have late summer/fall allergies but this is a little early for those.

This Week's Challenge: Common Areas.
:yes: I will be tidying up the living room, kitchen, and table piles because the neighbor is coming over later this afternoon to do the portfolio review.

School Challenge: Book organizing, putting away, reshuffling, etc.
:yes: I have more to do with the shelves downstairs, but I may not get back to them today.


pay bills
tidy up living room
clean up kitchen
tidy up table piles
print off portfolio review paper and set out everything; review at 3:30pm or so
spend time outside with ds8 soaking in the Vit D :aah:
what's for supper?... grilling out would be nice
library run and possible grocery run for camp food
Friday night ice cream

That's the plan! Enjoy your day! :cool1:

Karen-- You are doing a great job with the packing! :thumb:

Lindsey-- Hoping your dog's papers make it in time. Will you be flying on Sunday our time?

07-24-2015, 10:00 AM
Good morning!

Yesterday I mostly read and worked on scrapbooks. I'm ready to feel better again. And this isn't that bad of a cold either. Just seems wrong to be sick in the summer!

I was just looking through my bullet journal. I think I've only gone on my morning walks 5 or 6 times in July. Boo. Once I'm feeling better and have more energy I hope to make this a routine again. Hopefully that will be soon.

Got a call late last night. My bil who was just here will be flying in late tonight so he can come to the funeral tomorrow. He'll fly out on Sunday night. A lot of other family members are driving over tonight for the viewing.

For today:

Bible study
Reading lesson with ds5
Reading comprehension lesson with dd9
Water outdoor plants
Read - start Adam of the Road
Work on scrapbooks
Empty dishwasher
Tidy house
Get guest room ready for bil (mostly done since they were just here)
Attend wake
Go to Beth Moore event

Heather - I totally get needing the downtime when guests are over. I hope you find some alone time.

Lindsey - I did the anti-jet lag diet both times we traveled to Asia to meet our kids. Really helped me since I can't sleep on planes. Hope you get the papers for your dog on time.

Karen - good job on the decluttering! Hope you have a good sale.

Jen - wow! What a busy day you had yesterday!

Michelle - happy birthday to your mom!

Rachel Jane - hope you find a class you can take at the gym

It is 9 am - time to get moving!

Heather W
07-24-2015, 11:21 AM
So far:

started a load of laundry
folded gobs of laundry. all of it.
farmed laundry out
put my clothes away that were on a chair
made a hot breakfast
had the dishwasher emptied
it should have been refilled
folded up some blankets
put the nebulizer away
put several piles of books away- tip of the iceberg, but I did some ;)
opened up some windows
put away some shoes in the foyer

Another gorgeous day here today! Low humidity. Might make it to 80. Nice!

Time to get going to the fair and pick up Dan from work. My fair runs are getting closer together which I'm not happy about, but there it is.

This afternoon not sure what's up except for going to the fair at 3pm with at least R. Not sure if I'm staying or what yet.

07-24-2015, 01:32 PM

pay bills-- DONE
tidy up living room-- DONE
clean up kitchen-- DONE
tidy up table piles-- DONE
print off portfolio review paper-- DONE, and set out everything; review at 3:30pm or so
spend time outside with ds8 soaking in the Vit D-- Got in 30 minutes so far :aah:
what's for supper?... grilling out would be nice
library run and possible grocery run for camp food
Friday night ice cream

I've been keeping myself busy taking care of misc. items here, there, and everywhere. I just need to set out ds17's review stuff and I'll be set. I even have time to hit the sun for another 30 minutes! :aah:

Jekka Renee
07-24-2015, 01:37 PM
good afternoon!

Today has been hectic and a bit difficult.

Dh, his siblings, dad and sons are all going to "man camp" this weekend. It happens ever year. Dh came home from work early. I was happy, thinking he got off to pack. Nope. He's sick. He insists camp will happen, but he isn't going to help me pack. Normally, I do nothing for packing except to insure all the boys have underwear...

I have a friend coming. She's not a relaxing friend, she's constant chatter and noise. Not normally bad at all, but today that will not work so well. Her daughter is spending the night because she's coming to the Laura Ingalls pageant with us so she has to come. I told her dh was sick, so she's adjusting her plan to come later.

Not to mention, somehow the house errupted into shambles this week. I have no idea how that happened (perhaps my lack of dailies as I was switching up the game room?)

So that's my day - packing, organizing, cleaning out the car, the van, ect.

I'm sure it will all work out fantastically in the end.

Rachel Jane
07-24-2015, 02:35 PM
I did most of my list, cleaned the french doors, the toilet, sink and mirror and floor of the downstairs bathroom.
I still need to vacuum the red room, make the bed, and decide what to do about dinner.
I decided to clean instead of go to the gym. I did look at the classes but wasn't excited to try any of them in my current state of health.

- - - Updated - - -

Jekke, I hope you can get everything done and enjoy your company.

Jen in OK
07-24-2015, 02:39 PM
*paid for the storage unit
*20 minute Leslie walk
*read to the kids
*walked the dog
*continued laundry--last load is in the dryer now
*made lunch/watched The Waltons
*took a catnap on the couch--it is sooooo hot and I was soooo sleepy!
*cleaned the lizard cage
*renewed library books
*put some chicken out to thaw--I've hardly cooked all week!

Now I'm going to do some ironing and fold the last load of laundry.

Paige P
07-24-2015, 04:30 PM
Back from the commissary. What a day it is!!! I unpacked all the cold/frozen stuff and then relaxed some. Now it's time to unload pantry stuff.

Cindy -- did you see my list of ideas for FIAR land formations/biomes? You can always ask on the FIAR board, too -- I bet you'd get a lot of good ideas :)

Off to unload groceries. (I'm procrastinating..... ;) it's not something I really want to do, but it must be done.....)

07-24-2015, 05:19 PM
Joelle -- hope you feel 100% soon

Paige -- yay for groceries

Jekka -- hope your dh feel better soon and things go well for you with friend & dd

Yesterday was a full afternoon/evening with family.
Quick run to store for cook out stuff.

Meeting everyone at nephew and his wife's house. They wanted to reveal to whole family what the baby would be. They did it in the cutest way. They decorated up a big box in pink and blue. Painted on their due date one it. Inside the box they had a bunch of helium filled balloons. Then the 3 of them (them 2 and their nearly 2 year old) opened the box and released the balloons. Blue balloons so I will have another great nephew.

Quick stop at house for something and then out to BIL's for cookout and hanging out for about 4.5 hours.

Today we went to the museum for a little over 3.5 hours with family. Then boys and I left, stopped by the house, picked up mama's present then went to mama's. Stayed at mama's for 2.5 hours.

I should be fixing supper because we have to leave in a little bit to meet back up with family for some free concert thing. They have a plate meal you can buy at the concert but it is rather high priced for the amount to food. I told dh we could just eat something here and then meet up with the others. He said good.

07-24-2015, 05:36 PM
Paige-- :yes: I saw it. Thanks! I was thinking about making a separate post. I may still do that. Right now I have 10 books without using Vol. 4, and that will probably be enough because we'll have other units in there as well. I really want to save Vol. 4 for next year, though I may add in just a couple anyway. ;)

The portfolio reviews are done! My neighbor (a retired 7th grade english teacher) is so wonderful and encouraging. I just love her. I'm glad we were able to get that done before vacation. I was hoping to get that to the office on Monday but forgot we are leaving at 7am. It'll have to wait until Thursday when we get back.

The rest of tonight will involve relaxing and enjoying the splendid evening we have, plus working on ds8's intended curriculum doc. It shouldn't take very long, just revamping last years. I never made it to the library so I'll do that in the morning plus grocery shopping for camping.

RJ-- how does your foot buzz? Like it's asleep? Sorry you didn't find any classes that would work for you.

Jen-- Congrats on finding a house to rent so quickly. It looked like you had a nice relaxing day at home.

Jen in OK
07-24-2015, 05:44 PM
Thanks, Cindy! I think it will be cute and I'm really pleased with the location. Hopefully we will get a definite confirmation soon!

*talked with the insurance adjuster--he will come out on Tuesday
*played some games with the kids
*helped dd with her fort in the living room
*read some more to the kids--we're reading Family Shoes
*printed some artist study pictures--I want to have the first couple of months ready to go so we are still ready to go in spite of the move
*sheets back on the kids' beds--did I say that earlier?
*gathered some things for a blog post

I have absolutely loved having a whole day at home just doing normal stuff. Ds has had his legos all over, dd has been playing with model magic, and I haven't had to worry that someone would call for a showing! :D

Now I need to get dinner going!

Rachel Jane
07-24-2015, 06:36 PM
Cindy, the buzzing is almost like I am holding my foot against a massaging chair. It feels like electricity. It kind of starts at the big toe and buzzes up the calf. Sometimes I have pain in the calf and foot, but not very often.

Lindsey Carter
07-24-2015, 07:05 PM
Today is my day to finish as much stuff as possible so that we can enjoy church and the goodbye picnic tomorrow. Here is the master list of everything to be finished before we fly between dh and me...

-reweigh the bags and see which bags have room left in them, make sure no bags are overweight
-finish laundry
-finish packing
-get ds to clean the turtle cage
-write down turtle instructions
-give the turtle to the people from church who will take care of him for the year
-get the dog paperwork done
-do a vehicle millage report
-find all the important paperwork to take with us to the USA
-submit the salary paperwork
-send in medical claims (this might wait until we are back in the USA)
-confirm our flights
-go to the bank
-clean out the car (I might try to get the kids working on this one)
-clean the kitchen
-clean out under the couch
-clean the bathroom
-vacuum the bedrooms

Yes, Cindy, we leave the house Sunday PM (about 8:30 PM EST, 9:30 am our time) and fly out in the middle of the night USA time. We want to get to the airport very early. We'll have the dog, lots of luggage, and dh and the dc are flying on an airline that tends to overbook and then give away your seat if you're not early. They are flying Areomexico because it was much cheaper (over $1,000 per ticket cheaper). I'm using frequent flyer miles and flying on Delta so that I can bring the dog.

Dog update: We got one dog paper but are missing another. Hopefully dh can just go to the vet and pick it up. The rush is on now.

Karen, I hope your sale goes well!
Michelle, have fun celebrating with your mom
Heather, that does sound like lovely weather!

07-24-2015, 07:27 PM
Lindsey- praying the vet can get you the paper!

I got quite a bit done today. I have gone through all rooms & the attics are cleared out. I started on the kitchen & I hit a migraine so I am resting row. I know what I want to sell from the kitchen, but need to put some things out.

This has been crazy.

Your prayers & encouragement have really ment a bunch!

07-24-2015, 07:46 PM
I don't feel like doing a cut & paste on my list.

Phoebe was transported to & from dance camp. She had a good week :)
Danielle actually cleaned the powder room last night.
Two loads of laundry went fully through the system & were processed.
Downstairs is tidy, other than the futon smack in the middle of the family room.
Kitchen is in final stages of clean-up. Girls are working hard!
Did a quick run to the grocery store. Seems like we always need something!
Danielle made good progress in her room. Hopefully Dave will be satisfied.
TJ's room looks lovely. Best in a LONG time. But there were mouse turds. Ugh.

And that's about it. TJ's room was a BIG project. And there was a significant nap involved in the afternoon as well. Doing better, but not there yet by any means.

See you tomorrow.

Jekka Renee
07-24-2015, 07:57 PM
Wow! What a day :)

The rush is over. I managed to get everything packed, all the bodies out of the house, and am relaxing with two very silly little girls. It's amazing how fun two little girls are when we are alone.

The house is still in shambles, but I got all the really gross laundry and the dirty dishes in the washer so the rest can sit without harm for a day or two.

Lindsey Carter
07-24-2015, 09:37 PM
Checking in and trying to keep going...
-reweigh the bags and see which bags have room left in them, make sure no bags are overweight in progress
-finish laundry in progress
-finish packing in progress
-get ds to clean the turtle cage done
-write down turtle instructions we gave them verbally
-give the turtle to the people from church who will take care of him for the year done
-get the dog paperwork done done! :clap:
-do a vehicle millage report
-find all the important paperwork to take with us to the USA
-submit the salary paperwork
-send in medical claims (this might wait until we are back in the USA)
-confirm our flights
-go to the bank
-clean out the car (I might try to get the kids working on this one) done by Wesley
-clean the kitchen
-clean out under the couch
-clean the bathroom
-vacuum the bedrooms

We got the final okay from the animal people and the dog is clear to fly! :clap::hop::)

I'm sending dh off for salads and I am working on packing up as much of the clothes as possible.

07-24-2015, 09:46 PM
Lindsey- Woo hoo for the dog! You are doing a super great job!!

RJ- that sounds awful!

shonda in ca
07-25-2015, 01:11 AM
RJ, is that peripheral neuropathy?
Lindsey, you rock! :clap:
Karen, how are you? You sound better. :)
Cari, good job and glad you are improving, although slowly.

So much going on with everyone, I'm sorry I don't have more comments in me.

I went with dh to his doc appointment. More blood tests. Still a mystery.
Did all the towels. There were a lot with guests, pool, and beach visits.
Kids folded and put away.
Stripped Mckenna's bed and washed her linens before she came home from camp.
Cleaned half of dh's bookshelf. Put a ton of stuff away. Organized his books.
Cleaned cat box. I try to do it daily.
Emptied dishwasher
Loaded dishwasher
Cleaned sink
Set up new Brita filter.
Went to Costco

McKenna had a good time at camp but she is exhausted and has some spots that got sunburned where she missed with the sunscreen. She came home and slept. She has a bad headache and her neck is stiff. It's not terribly bad but not minor. She does not have a temperature. So I'll be watching her and trying not to worry.
We had frozen pizza from Costco for dinner.
Good night!