View Full Version : Online Courses - What have you used?

Melissa Crabtree
01-10-2016, 04:58 PM
I'm looking for good interaction, challenging coursework and a Biblical worldview. What have you used, for what subject, and how did you end up feeling about it? This is for high school for a very social boy.

The more I look, I think I'm most in need of online comp courses. I see IEW, Omnibus, Wilson Hill, Liberty Online, Bravewriter (seems very expensive for the amount of classes needed to make a year course). Jacob is a natural writer, so I'd like a challenging course for him.

01-18-2016, 09:20 PM
You already know we've used Wilson Hill. We really like the teachers and the coursework is rigorous. We've taken their Great Conversations classes (equivalent to veritas scholars online prep's omnibus classes), AP science classes, math, spanish, logic and the lit classes. All the teachers are excellent. The social aspect of online classes, they really do get to become friends with their classmates. They have conversations before, during and after classes. They create Skype times. If they are on social media, they connect that way. They email, either through the schools messaging system or private emails. It's amazing how quickly they get to know each other. WH has yearly meet ups at the end of the school year as well. Teachers and students/families get together in San Antonio for four or five days of fun, playing, eating, graduation.... We've never gone, but they look fun! Maybe this year since Emily's graduating.

Rebecca is taking a really good, and hard, writing class right now, Literary Analysis and Argumentation. They read short stories, poems, essays and then write critical essay's on the pieces they've read. There's a lot of discussion in class as well. She's learning a lot. She is not a natural writer, but is learning the process of a well written essay. Emily, who has listened in on some of her work and is a natural writer has said, more than once, I wish I could take that class!!