View Full Version : How do you use your Bible Character Supplement?

Stacy in OR
06-07-2007, 07:17 PM
I just received my Bible Supplement today. I am really looking forward to using it. I would love to hear how others have incorporated it into their lessons. Thanks!!

Candace C
06-07-2007, 07:27 PM
Hi Stacy! I really love having the Bible Supplement! What I do is read through the supplement for the particular story we are about to row. Generally I choose 1 of the Bible stories or character traits to focus on for that story. Then, I do it like I do any other FIAR story...we read the FIAR book, then a Bible verse if applicable, then talk about how they are related, etc. Usually I just tie it into one of our "couch" conversations. We generally talk about that same verse or trait throughout that entire week.

Kendra AU
06-08-2007, 01:20 AM
I tend to start out the way Candice does. I look through the supplement for the story we'll be rowing. I pick one or two of the character traits to cover this time through on the story. Then we read the corresponding story out of the kids story bibles, and do a matching craft. We have various children's Bible's so we tend to read the same story from a different Bible each of the days we row the story. We have one Bible vs and the kids will memorize that in the week as well. I also use the Bible verse for copy work for my six year old. :)

For stories that work on obedience.. Peter Rabbit is the one that comes to mind. I read a story on Monday about what happens when we obey God (Noah), then a story about what happens when we disobey (Adam and Eve), then again what happens when we obey (Daniel in Lion's Den), and then another when we disobey (Jonah), and then one more on obedience (moses)

Sometimes I'll pick a story from the Character Supplement and sometimes I'll get lead off on a thought of our own and run with it. For instance with Madeline I got side tracked by the fact that there were twelve girls following one leader and jumped on the opportunity to talk about the 12 disciples, who also thanked the Lord before they broke their bread.

Of course, by the end of our Bible story and matching craft my three year old was sure that Peter Rabbit, Thomas The Tank Engine, and James his friend were all part of Jesus' disciples. :eyes: :lol: My six year old also decorated his disciple"ship" as a pirate boat .. Ahh, but they remember who the disciples where, and what they did an they even made some amazing connections I wasn't sure they would.


Suz MamaFrog
06-08-2007, 01:43 AM
We used it in a much more organized way, thanks to someone from the boards sharing how THEY had used it......

Monday: Read the story from the Children's Bible and do a coloring page (I get them from here: http://www3.calvarychapel.com/children/site/curriculum.htm ) If I can't find a coloring page, I have them draw me a picture.

Tuesday: Read the story from my NIV Bible and discuss the character trait

Wednesday: Read the story from the KJV Bible and discuss how it relates to our FIAR story (which they've heard at least twice by now)

Thursday: Have the children narrate the story, which is writtern on the bottom or back of their coloring page from Monday. In this way, the dc make their own Bible story book with their words and artwork.

I used the different Bible versions so my dc could see that even though the words are different, the stories are pretty much the same. It also keeps them from getting bored from hearing the story or passage three days in a row. (Funny, they can handle FIAR stoires FIVE days in a row, but like the Bible stories "mixed up." :eyes: )


06-08-2007, 07:36 AM
When I use the CS, I choose a verse for each day and explain how it relates to the story.

Hannah in N.Ireland
06-08-2007, 09:22 AM
we choose one lesson for each book from the bible study supplement,we read the verses in the bible and discuss how it relates to the book and to our lives.Then when we are compiling our lapbook we choose either a verse or quote from the bible related to the particular character trait and include it.

MichelleL in Tn
06-08-2007, 10:08 AM
We use the Bible Character supplement-primarily to focus on Character.

We may discuss one or more scriptures, I may choose on or more topic during the week to talk about-it just depends. We use the scriptures that I choose for copy work during the week. Perhaps writing 1 scripture per day.

We really have not focused on memorizing these scriptures yet-but may begin to do so soon. Right now we are memorizing scriptures I have chosen
like 1 Cor 13.

I also am using the Maxwell's Story Bible Volumes this year-so we read through the bible chronologically with this and usually do 1 activity on each story we are studying.