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Vivian (WI)
07-13-2007, 11:17 PM
:hi: Hi - My name is Vivian and I have 6 children (17,15,11,6,4 and 4). I am new to this board but not to FIAR. I've owned it since my oldest two were young enough to use it but we only did a few times. Now I want to get on board and use it with my youngest three.

I have read a number of threads about notebooking, lapbooking,etc and have posted a question or two but none of them have been responded to so I thought I'd start a new one in hopes of getting some direction.

I was perusing through my Vol 1 just now and noticed very little mention of this notebooking concept so I am thinking this has developed over time b/c it's a widely used concept in the HS community currently. I believe I know the general concepts behind at least those two methods - one is more of a file folder with info, pockets, fold outs, etc on one topic - the other is a continuous log of what you are learning in some varied type of format, which I think people refer to as: a 3 ring binder, a scrapbook, etc.

:eek: IS there anywhere on this website or others that I can get a better grip on this concept - a place where it is all laid out and explained. I read mention of notebooking.com and checked that out for some idea on what people meant be free vs paid pages. It seems a lot of you have access to clip art, fun pages, coloring pages, etc --- just wondering how this all comes about!!! :unsure:

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE ------ YOU all are getting me excited about trying this journey again after years of shelf sitting!!!!!


07-13-2007, 11:53 PM

Has good examples of lapbooking.

So does http://www.homeschoolshare.com/

Of course in the digital store there are fold-n-learns

Lori D
07-14-2007, 01:01 AM
I thought I read an article about keeping a FIAR notebook somewhere recently by Jane Lambert- maybe someone has that. I can't find a link.

We keep a very simple notebook- so simple that once I posted what we do and I got the response that is sounded boring. :D We love it though. I simply copy the cover of the book we are reading and place in a page protector. All projects and documentation that goes along with that book gets placed in page protectors behind that picture. If you would like a page by page description of one of our 'notebooking' endeavors, I'd be happy to email it to you. I also have the original list that inspired me that someone posted of their Papa Piccolo study that I can send- let me know.

07-14-2007, 01:22 AM
Hi Vivian,

Sorry no one answered you previously. I looked at your other posts and they hadn't seen much action. For future reference, you'll get a better response by posting a new thread, like you did here, and by stating what you want in the subject line. So you'll get more responses to "Someone please direct me to notebooking/lapbooking resources" than "someone please direct me"

Ok, let me see, member Sheri has some good examples of how she does notebooking. Here is her blog address: http://theshadesofpink.blogspot.com/ She uses the simple wire bound scrapbooks from WalMart.

If you go to the top of the screen, you'll see something that says "search". Click that and type in "notebooking" or "notebook" or Lapbook etc and that will bring up all the threads people have done recently.

You asked where all the neat stuff comes from. I think most people just do a quick search of a given topic, print of a few pictures or a map etc. www.enchantedlearning.com (http://www.enchantedlearning.com) is a good source for flags to color, maps, and many other printables. www.homeschoolestore.com (http://www.homeschoolestore.com) has a freebie of the week and sometimes it is a lapbook/notebook thing with templates etc to download. Tonya on these boards has these great links http://www.hwtk.net/links.html. This is from her blog. This one is about "What is a Lapbook" http://www.lapbookladies.com/what_is_a_lb.htm and here is a link with some free templates http://www.notebookingpages.com/Notebooking_Pages_Free_Lapbooking_Elements.html.

Watch the boards for a couple of weeks and you'll see topics like "I did it!" or "Wanna see our notebook?" etc Check those out. Additionally, many folks have blogs where they share their product/projects. If you click on the person's name you'll see a link that says "Visit _____'s homepage!" and that will take you to their blog. If it doesn't say that, then that person hasn't linked their blog. (Just didn't want you to get confused if you tried it on someone and didn't see it!)

The Fold N Learns are really beautiful. They were overwhelming to me at first but then I downloaded some OTHER similar things and those had sooo much in them and many of them had PAGES of links where I'd have to go and find the stuff. The nice thing with the FNL's is that it is ALL there. For littles you can print, cut out what you want and just paste it in. For middler/olders, you can print, have them copy, narrate, summarize, whatever... And the graphics have been quite nice in my opinion. I like that they aren't ENORMOUS. Don't get me wrong - there's lots of info. But it isn't the overwhelming 60+ pages that some things are. The FNL's seem to be very useful in pretty much each component.

On your other post you asked about a hard copy of the planner. No, no hard copy available. Color printing is not NECESSARY only NICE if you know what I mean! I don't have the planner so I"m not answering from direct experience, only what others have said. You are correct in your understanding in that it is a digital product downloaded to your computer and then you can print what is useful to you.

I hope this has been helpful to you. Good for you for asking again in a new thread. These boards move FAST and if you're not getting an answer, ask again! I've only had 1 thing not answered that was SCHOOL related and I ended up posting all the things I'd found anyway! So usually we're pretty good about helping out! Welcome Vivian! Glad to have an experienced mom aboard and hope to see you on the Family Room boards too so we can glean from your personal experiences!

blessings, carriejoy

07-14-2007, 01:27 AM
here are a couple more links that might be helpful

www.barebooks.com (http://www.barebooks.com) has some really cool "empty" products prices are good too.


http://www.homeschoolhelperonline.com/index.htm info on free units, lapbooking, notebooking etc.

When someone posts a link I think I might like but don't have time to explore, I quick go to the site, and add it to my favorites. Then, when things are slow, I go through my favorites and see what new cool ideas I find.

Kendra AU
07-14-2007, 02:37 AM
www.hold-that-thought.com has notebooking pages as well. However, you do have to buy the cd in order to get the pages. They are made for younger children as well though. Plus, if you buy them from a web page BESIDES hold-that-thought you get FREE shipping. :)


Paige P
07-14-2007, 08:18 AM
Welcome, Vivian :hi:

Just thought I'd add a "how-to" comment for you...... I did FIAR for the first time last year and have just started notebooking. One thing I learned after a LONG session was that (at least for my girls) the best thing to do is collect items throughout the week -- go ahead and cut out Monday's work, Tuesday's work, etc., take a picture and print it out (if you have digital capabilities), have the kids narrate the story to you and type it out, ..... whatever you want to do to go in your notebook. Then, on the last day compile everything. The first thing I tried was the Memorial Day FNL -- it was fantastic, but I tried to do it all in one day. After an hour or so, my kids lost interested, and it was tedious. The next ones we've done, we've "collected" over the week, and then they love getting down their notebooks, reviewing the week, and placing them in their books.

Becca P
07-14-2007, 08:53 AM
Hi Vivan:hi:

I don't have anything to add about notebooking, I saw you were from Wi too and just wanted to welcome you to the boards. This is a great place to gather info and everyone is so friendly.

Mary FL
07-14-2007, 11:12 AM

Just to let you know, we've yet to try notebooking, scrapbooking, or lapbooks a/k/a fold n learns. My children will be going into 2d and K. Jane mentions notebooking in the manuals, as a way to keep things organized and for the children to refer to and take pride in. We just haven't had the time to do it.

Does it matter? Not to me. Not yet. FIAR is so rich and wonderful without the extras. I will be adding notebooking this year, at least that's my plan. I love the fold n learns in the Digital Store. The link is on the homepage. I hope to purchase one soon.

Welcome here!:hi:

MichelleL in Tn
07-14-2007, 12:00 PM
When we began FIAR we used the kind that is mentioned in the FIAR manual. The tabbed notebook-3 ring... But as I began to see lapbooking I liked the concept of our whole weeks work being in one place. (Plus I like to scrapbook.)
So this was an easy way to put in my creative energies and also begin to teach my children to build something to show...

We recently (this last row-we began a new HS year) so we switched over to the scrapbooking/notebook type method.

Sometimes we do more print outs sometimes we mostly write and draw our own stuff-it just depends...

This year we will also be doing a separate Nature/Discovery Journal.

I love looking at other peoples notebooks and visiting sites.
There is another great site not sure if anyone has mentioned it.

I think the easiest way it to just begin...Let your older children begin their own if they like, and you can help the youngers or just combine their work.
I only have 2 dc so we combine all our work in one notebook. But as they get older and both can write and put their thoughts down better (themselves)
I will turn this more and more over to them..

You can click the link below to see our recent one if you haven't already.

DD in IL
07-15-2007, 06:50 PM
We have not done any notebooking or lapbooks. We have been putting our fold n learn downloads into scrapbook form. DGS doesn't have a great attention span for this right now so the scrapbook works well for us.

Vivian (WI)
07-16-2007, 12:12 AM
:cool: Thank you so much for these references and bits of wisdom. I do so much appreciate it!!! It seems weird to have one child graduating from high school this next year and two preschoolers - WOW - and three more in between!