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Jill S
07-13-2009, 10:34 AM
Have any of your children gone through any of these classes? I was looking through the list and Anna saw a couple she wanted to take but I was hoping to find a testimonial or two. ;)


07-13-2009, 07:17 PM
I signed up for some (the zoo ones were cancelled). But, the one I selected that hasn't been cancelled is not live and we can watch it anytime and I've never gotten around to having the kids watch it. :unsure:

You might try one of the really inexpensive ones to see if you like it.

07-13-2009, 10:16 PM
This summer we're trying out some just to see. So far Nim's Island is great and easy to work into the week. My 8 and 9 yo boys just completed the first week without any help and learned quite a bit. It is set up with weekly lessons explained in a video, notebook pages to complete each week, and a hands on project. It's a nice unit study and my boys find Prof H to be quite entertaining. Short lessons are a plus here!
6yo dd is taking the space class with older bro age 12 helping her. She has loved everything-lots of crafts and hands on stuff. The videos are short and interesting. We're not adding anything to this study it's just right for her. The projects do require an older person but an 8yo could do it all without help.
We're also testing some other classes with an eye toward the fall semester. Does this help some?
Everything we've signed up for was on a big sale and so totally worth the money. At the end of the study I'll be able to say if it's worth the full price- at the moment I'd say yes.

07-13-2009, 11:14 PM
We are on our third currclick class this summer. We did Smelly Science which we loved! We are still working on Live Space which we were not so happy with. Several of the facts were incorrect like how many moons many of the planets have, I think they were all incorrect except for one and there were some mistakes on the print outs that should have been corrected, mispelling of the planet Jupiter and a few others. They had not been corrected when we last checked. We do like the class otherwise, with the mistakes though I would not have been happy to have paid the full $30 price. I think too for this particular class that we were bound to be a bit dissappointed. Justin my eight year old loves space and he already knows so much (we own over 100 solar system/space books) and I know he wanted it to be more advanced. He is enjoying it though. I had to laugh when he sat there talking to Prof H (his video) and telling him, "I am sorry but you are incorrect" on several of the facts he pointed out!
We are now on Nim's Island. We just started it and we are loving it! I would recommend taking them. They were all very inexpensive, we paid less than $10 for each class. All of the classes we are taking are by Professor H so really I can only speak for his classes. He is very engaging with the kids. My boys love him!

Kendra AU
07-14-2009, 12:32 AM
Yeah, Mr Popper's Penguins was canceled too, we were sad. He sets a number of people he needs signed up for the class (this is families, not individuals) and if it's not met you get your money back as a credit via CurrClick. So you never lose out.

Plus, large families get a great deal because you only pay ONE fee and that's it, anyone in the house can "play along". I like that cause I'd not be impressed with paying for each individual child.

I also give it two thumbs up that you don't have to meet a specific time. He posts the videos and papers and you watch the videos and printout the papers and "do".

The downside, especially for international users, is that his timing of posting isn't always punctual. That means when a class starts on a Monday in America it's all ready Tuesday here. When he slips and doesn't post in timely fashion you are really up a creek.

I also give it a thumbs down for not submitting in the welcome back an itinerary or a schedule. This means you have to wait and see what's posted when. For the book classes you are told what to read when, but you don't know what activities and other goodies you'll be doing based on that.

We, too, are in the Space class, and I was very bummed with it. However, I can't complain too loudly as I paid very little for the class itself. I was disappointed because he didn't proof anything he posted and there were two VERY big typos in his pdfs for the kids. I had to email and point them out and it still took him 3 days to change them. :unsure: He also had some inaccurate information, which comes from lack of double checking facts. My biggest fault, though (after all mistakes are made), was that the class was over 24 hours late getting it up and running. I'm on Tuesday afternoon here and week 3 is still not posted. That irritates me, big time.

Thus far in Nim's Island isn't too bad, and while there is a reading schedule I'm disappointed not to see an outline of things he'll be covering with the children. Does that make sense? I feel like I'm limping along, but then again I'm a huge planner and organizer and I like having everything all lined up.

With ALL that said, as the Mom I'd probably not give it super high marks, but the kids are learning from it and they think he's downright hilarious. In that case it makes my 5 bucks worth it. KWIM?


Jill S
07-14-2009, 10:15 AM
Hmmm....this is the one Anna was particularly wanting to do:

Adventure Through Literature with me! This is a fall semester class. The focus group of the class is about 4th grade and up. We will read and complete weekly assignments and projects on awesome literature selections for youth and young adults. The class will meet once a week from September through December, with assignments to be completed between classes. Check schedule below for dates and times. With this age group, classes consist of lots of Q&A discussion panels, small group and team work, and interesting projects. The goal of the class is to have the children love reading and apply concepts learned in a fun, creative way. Students are encouraged to be independent learners and to share their ideas and thoughts. The content of this class will include vocabulary assignments and writing assignments along with various unit study themes for each literature selection. The class is fun for both guys and gals!

Books that will be included in the class (that can be found at your local library or at a book discount outlet): The Wright Brothers by Quentin Reynolds, Sing Down the Moon by Scott O'Dell, The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare, Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls, and Sarah, Plain and Tall. We will also probably read one of the sequels to Hatchet by Gary Paulsen and a couple more. There will be a complete list of the books in your Welcome Packet after you are registered for the class. All of these books are about courage, determination, overcoming struggles, and adventure.


Class will meet for 1 hour each Thursday from 1:30-2:30 Central Time from September 10th-December 10th. No classes will meet Nov 5th and 26th. Make-up classes will be offered as needed when scheduling is possible.


We will meet in CurrClick's Live Virtual Classroom. You will need a headset with microphone to be able to hear me and speak to me during the class. CurrClick's Live Classroom is free at gotomeeting.com with weekly Meeting ID #s. It is a fun, easy way to have live online class!

Parents have the option of the teacher giving a semester progress report. If you choose this option, you will either need a scanner to scan in completed work and email to the teacher, or you can mail completed work to the teacher via her home address at periodic intervals to be graded. With this option, you will need to include a postage paid envelope for return of graded material.


12 Live Classes, Project/Assignment Packets, Optional Grading and Semester Progress Report! If choosing Optional Grading and Progress Report, each student in your family in this age group will need to purchase a seat in the class. EVERY STUDENT WILL BE ENCOURAGED TO SHARE ASSIGNMENTS, PROJECTS, AND PICTURES WITH THE CLASS. Every student will receive feedback from the teacher throughout the semester.

If anyone made it this far, does this sound good to you? It seems like it would get rid of one of the problems noted by Kendra, i.e. the class not being posted in a timely manner since it is live and scheduled. The books sounded really good to me (we read The Bronze Bow last year and loved it).

Thanks for taking the time to answer, ladies!

07-14-2009, 10:27 AM
This is one we're looking into for the fall. This class seems more formal and the literature selections sound great. However, we've never had a class with headset/microphone - the "really live" part is throwing me a bit. Not sure how that would work for us,
The summer classes were just for fun and dirt cheap.

Jill S
08-10-2009, 03:35 PM
Well, Ging, I've signed Anna up for that class. Maybe she'll see your child there? The teacher has sent a couple of sweet emails to Anna already so we're excited! Should be interesting to see how this works...