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Diane E.
08-12-2009, 04:43 PM
I have a 3rd and 1st grader. What subjects do you do everyday? I am doing Bible, FIAR, Reading, Math, Spelling, Handwriting, Awana (starting in a week). It seems like so much to put in one day. I also want to add in some cooking, sewing and nature study. Do you have certain things you do certain times of the week other that different subjects with FIAR each day? For instance, do you do spelling 3 days a week and grammar 2 days? Does this make sense? I just wondered if anyone rotates. I know I want to teach nature study one day a week but feel that something else would have to drop that day so the day isn't so longggg.....

08-12-2009, 04:47 PM
We do math, handwriting, reading and foreign language everyday. It seems like a lot but each subject takes fifteen minutes at the most so it really isn't too much.

Tricia O
08-12-2009, 04:52 PM
We do Bible, FIAR, Math every day. We try to do handwriting, Language Lessons, reading (or spelling for our oldest), and Explode the Code about 4 times a week.

Anjie in PA
08-12-2009, 06:00 PM
Let's see ... at that age, in addition to FIAR and math, I know we did Bible, spelling and handwriting every day. I wasn't adding anything else at that point, I don't think.

08-12-2009, 06:46 PM
I do scripture memory, FIAR, math and language arts 4 days a week. On the fifth day we do nature studies, cooking, sewing, whatever interests the kids want to pursue. :)

Kendra AU
08-12-2009, 06:48 PM
EVERY day we do math, fiar, & reading (usually them to me).

Every day we also try to do: read aloud

Each week we add: nature study (sometimes it's just a walk and collecting things on the beach..), bigger art project.

That's really it. We do expand on certain FIAR topics, as in I try to have a hands on science deal for them because my boys LOVE science. I also try to expand on the historical aspects (if and when possible) so we can add them to our timeline. However, the historical part often becomes our read aloud. ;)


Holly S
08-12-2009, 07:11 PM
My 2nd grader does 2 pages of Explode the Code, a Singapore math lesson, spelling (I give her several words to spell from an old fashioned speller, Scott Foresman Online Writing and Grammar book (a page or two), and she reads a short lesson from her McGuffey reader. I do occasionally leave a subject or two out if we're running short of time (or they're losing interest). I keep these subjects pretty short, so we usually finish them each day. Math is the longest and we usually finish in 20-30 minutes...with interruptions.

We cover our other subjects once or twice a week (FIAR subjects, extra science, extra art, etc.). We also have daily Bible of some sort...memory work, children's Bible, sing a hymn, etc. We spend 9-12 working on 3R's and chores, then work on other subjects in the afternoon. If they have free time, I make sure it counts as school...basically I don't let them watch TV during school hours. ;)

08-12-2009, 09:46 PM
Everyday: FIAR, Math, Language Arts, Read-Aloud

Diane E.
08-13-2009, 10:20 AM
Thanks for the replies, so many different ways to do things.:)

08-13-2009, 01:14 PM
We do 1 pg of MUS, 1 pg of Explode the Code, 1 activity in Beyond the Code (it has stories to read that are several pages), our Bible devos (we have book for dd and a seperate one for ds) and our FIAR, every day. Maybe 1 hour of time total on all that, if we stay focused and don't have to many inturruptions from the toddler!

We also spend time reading other stories (usually before quiet time and bedtime), nature studies as we go throughout our normal activities, and they always have supplies for arts/crafts/etc. sometimes I offer suggestions, but usually let the enjoy it as they so desire.

08-13-2009, 03:25 PM
I have 2nd graders. Every day we do:
2 pages of Explode the Code
Copywork or 1 page of HWOT workbook

ClaireDevaux in SC
08-13-2009, 03:29 PM
I may be the only one doing it differently here, but everyday: FIAR, 2 read-alouds, MWF-language arts, T TH-Math, vocabulary (from FIAR or read alouds) daily, science once or twice a week, depending on FIAR and usually on T TH, geography 2-3 times a week (ususally on MW), art of Friday (although we usually incorporate some art daily). On LA days, we do RME with corresponding workbook pages (to include copywork) or Explode the Code primer for my youngest, some sort of game, usually three letter word puzzles, some worksheets with letter tiles, reading from Bob books. Math days include Mammoth Math, pattern blocks, funtastic frogs and any math with the FIAR days. So, although we dont "do" math or Language Arts daily, we put a lot of focus on them on the days we do do them....

Susan A
08-13-2009, 09:42 PM
Every day we read aloud (her to me), Explode the Code, Math-U-See 1 page and FIAR......if we have time (and effort LOL) we do other stuff!! ;)

08-14-2009, 01:32 AM
We do FIAR Monday-Thursdays and do notebooking, go on a nature walk and to the library on Fridays. I like to try to have the FIAR meal on Fridays. I also rotate some classes. :)

Paige P
08-14-2009, 06:42 AM
All together we do:
*FIAR in the afternoons while Ben is napping
* Scripture Memory in the morning over breakfast (and we review the verse at each meal), then have a morning devotion of some kind
* chapter book read-aloud during lunch -- I read while they eat (Julie Y's idea that works GREAT in my family :thumb:). We may read later in the afternoon, as well, or may work on a different book, but by making it at lunchtime, it always happens.
* Bible devotions with Daddy before bed

* Abeka Math
* Queen's Language Lessons for the Very Young (I think that's the title) -- I'm only doing this because she LOVES it
* one page of Draw Write Now
* she reads to me at least 3 days a week, but typically every day

* Abeka Math
* Abeka Language Arts
* Queen's Virtuous Girlhood Bible Study
* Sequential Spelling
* Queen's Cursive
* reading -- I'll sometimes give her an assignment (a book) that's related to what we're studying in FIAR, but she reads likes crazy, and I'm satisfied with that

Oh yes, both girls also write a creative story once a week (Tuesdays) as an assignment. I found a composition book at Wal Mart that has a place to draw a picture on the top half on the page and handwriting lines on the bottom half of the page. They LOVE this part of the week :thumb:

I definitely feel your pain about wanting to add "fun" and not knowing where to find the time. We haven't fully implemented our school schedule for the year since we had our first week of school then my parents have been here for the 2nd week of school, but I've tried to write down a true "schedule" with blocks of time (the "written part of school takes Mattie 1st maybe half an hour and Katie 3rd about an hour --she drags out Math). To me, with a baby and a 4 year old, finding the one-on-one time after "school" to work on sewing, etc. is difficult. Going outside for a nature walk or a "romp" in the backyard is not a problem; it's the focused time that's hard for me. Maybe I'll get it figured out ;)