View Full Version : How much school work stamina do your kids have?

Susan in Kentucky
10-23-2009, 04:23 PM
DD is in 3rd this year and just doesn'thave the stamina to do what I think she should be doing.

Maybe it's her personality and not so much stamina:unsure:

When it's time to work it's often 'I don't feel well, I'm hungry, what are my brothers doing, etc." Getting her to write very much for very long is frustrating for me.

Right now she has been working on a list of spelling words and she has written several but then starts those BIG, fake yawns. She had 10 words to copy. I said I was going to give her 5 to spell on the back she said 'oh, my writing hand hurts so bad.':eyes:

I think about if some tragedy would happen and she would have to go to ps - she would be in terrible trouble with the amount of writing/work that she would have to do.

What about your kids?

Tami in IA
10-23-2009, 04:55 PM
My 8yo ds sounds about the same as your dd. There is a lot of flopping around on the chair, needing a snack, needing a drink, needing to use the bathroom....
A suggestion that a friend gave me is to set a timer for 15min. When the timer is done move on to the next subject. If the work is not complete then it becomes Homework if he has been fussing & flopping. If he has been working quiet diligently for the 15min then I figure I have just assigned too much work.
Having a quiting time has really helped him stay on task because he sees an end.

HTH! :group:

10-23-2009, 06:25 PM
I would give her a choice to get it done now or after the other subjects are done. If she chooses later on and acts like that again, at least she has the rest of the day to get it done without you worrying about other subjects to move on to. Sometimes, my dd just needs a break, handwriting wise. I let her have one.

10-23-2009, 09:13 PM
Do you sit with her while she writes?? Maybe she just wants some attention/companionship.

I had one dd who was very independent and would work just fine, but my second dd liked me to sit right with her while she did her work. She just liked to be with someone. I would do some work alongside her and then she would be fine.

You could try writing with her. Have your own copybook for poems or quotes from a book you are reading. Make her spelling lists into a game. She writes one word on her list, and you right one on yours. Or roll a dice to see how many words to write.

Sometimes it's just boredom--so try and make things fun and do things together, even if it seems like such a little thing.

Kendra AU
10-24-2009, 05:21 AM
My 8 year old is only in 2nd grade. We were in no rush to start considering we didn't have to. With that said I've only *just* started having him do any form of spelling.

He loves to write stories, or notes, etc. I get notes all the time from him thanking me for one thing or another. They are very sweet notes. So I decided to have him write a few of the words he often misspells a couple of times this week. Then I had him write 2-3 sentences using those words and draw a picture of the "story". It was a very cute story and gave us plenty of words for next time. :) Personally I'm not into spelling as a drill and kill. I hated it as a kid.

I went to private school for 3 years. In 2nd grade there we were given 25 words (spelling) each week. Each DAY we had to write them 3x. Sometimes we had to write 3 sentences using the word(s). :eyes: My spelling improved when I actually used it for something useful rather then just nonsense. Dh feels different, so we've opted to split the differences for now on this one.

Jennifer in TX
10-24-2009, 07:54 AM
My 7yo dd was this way. Drove me crazy. I started giving her a list for every day. She checks off each item as she completes it. I write the list on a pastel index card with a different colored marker every day --> That adds to the fun factor. :D I also either designate a time limit for each item on her list - complete with timer - or a natural end as in one page, one chapter, etc.

I think my dd just needed to understand the scope of her work. I think she needed to know that it would end, and the ending point didn't depend on my mood.

My dd is like a new student now. I am :D and :clap:!

Michelle B.
10-24-2009, 08:10 AM
My dd has a list too. It really seems to help her. On her list there are designated "catch up" days occasionally. That way if she gets behind there's a specific time for her to catch up. It seems to motivate her to complete her work:) IF everyone has there work completed on a catchup day we'll often head to the park or downtown to the zoo/science museum.

She picks other times for her aches and pains;)

Susan in Kentucky
10-24-2009, 08:16 AM
Thanks for so many good ideas. It's not just her spelling - it's school work in general.

Cindy - she does seem to need the attention. I neede to do better with this, since she has started reading fairly well I think I have been expecting her to be more independent. Thanks for the reminder. I have been doing some of the things from Games for Writing with her and she seems to enjoy that.

Kendra - I actually just started some spelling with her last week - mostly b/c of the misspellings in all the notes and lists she writes!:lol: She too is a note writer - even when she could just ask me something she will write a note.:) Yesterday, the list I gave her was a list from the computer, tho, of 2nd grade spelling words. I probably overwhelmed her.:unsure: I think I will lessen the number of words and pull them from her writing. Thanks.

Jennifer - we started workboxes this year, so that is sort of a checklist. However, life has been crazy the past 3 weeks - family trip, then sick twins, then a field trip, etc and I haven't used the boxes for a while. There was a whole lot less 'whining' from all of them when the boxes were full......hhmmmm.

Thanks, again, to all of you!

10-24-2009, 10:09 AM
My just turned 8dd (2nd grade) has been a pain on and off this year about getting work done. She will use every excuse to delay starting and then will draw, talk, play, etc. instead of doing her work in a timely matter. Ask to do only one math page or less writing, etc. It drives me crazy.

I have it set up so we do the same subjects in order M-Th. I keep the amount of work required for each one as consistent as possible from day to day. On Fridays, I only plan reading and writing which gives us some wiggle room if we get behind on something during the week. She knows that if she does all of her work during the week, she gets the weekend off. This seems to encourage her to get her work done.

The past three weeks have been off. First week we all had the flu, so no work was done. Second week I hadn't fully recovered so I scaled back a bit. This past week, I tried to get back on schedule but we are going to have to do some make-up work today. By Monday, I know that she will be more willing to get back to a normal routine so she can have next weekend off.

Two other things - I remind her that she has it easy (about 2 hours a day) compared to public school (all day) and I also tell her when she complains "Too bad, we all have to do things we don't want to do in life". Sounds like a mean thing to say but it is true and she might as well get used to the idea.