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Kendra AU
12-09-2010, 03:04 AM
Back in March I hurt my knee.. walking. I normally run on the beach, but the tide was against me that week and I was stuck walking on the walk track. After putting it off for a month I went into the Dr because resting my knee didn't help it much and I had a lump on the left hand side of it.

He was convinced I had a flap of cartilage that would need cutting off and sent me for an x-ray. He was wrong and totally mystified. He sent me to the PT (physical therapist) who in turn bruised my body left and right. :lol: I don't want to scare ANYONE who may need a PT in the future, because the guy helped me too, but man can we say PAIN and BRUISES.

I use the method of breathing they teach you for labor WAY more in that room then I ever did in the delivery room.. Seriously. I went home with a bruise on my rear so dark one day that I sat down and jumped back up screaming.. much to the confusion of the company in our home. :lol:

ANYWAY.. after 2 months in PT he released me stating that we had made enough progress and I knew how to take care of myself and the best thing to do was keep on keeping on. At that point I couldn't walk or function well without having my knee taped in a way that took the pressure off my knee.

Hoffa Syndrom is just a name they've given for a displace fat pad (which also has another name but is to bothersome to remember :lol: ) ANYWAY.. fast forward to December. I still limp if I don't wear ONE particular pair of shoes. My fat pad is still hanging off the side of my knee, though not as bad as it was at first.

I still can't run, all though I do so occasionally on the beach but can barely bend my knee the next day. I still have to ice my knee daily or I'm in agony and limp profusely the rest of the day. I can not do half the yoga moves I use to be able to do. I can not be on the floor on my hands and knees for an indefinite period of time.. more like 30 seconds at most.

I'm tired of it! I want my flexibility back, and I can't stand not being able to run more often. Has anyone else EVER had this issue before? When I look it up online there's very little in regards to helping one move past the injury.

I did post a running msg board where one fellow was given cortizone in the knee and it relieved his problem (I'm not keen at all on that idea).. apparently in extreme cases they can operate and remove part of the fat pad (the pain comes from it getting pinched when you bend and unbend your knee if I understand it all correctly), and another fellow in the UK said that his Dr gave him a shot of alcohol into the fat bad which reduced it in size and thus eliminated the problem.

I'm not even sure where to begin in regards to further treatment or if my Dr would even hear me out on it. I don't honestly have a Dr. Mine retired and the other person in the office now sees me, he empathises with me being incapable of moving, but I haven't seen him since the referral to the PT. The PT felt that I needed to keep up what I was doing and continue on my weight loss journey, but.. it's kinda hard to do that when it's HARD to do the workouts a person is use to doing.

I could really use some advice here, and I'd love to hear a story that shows me I will recoup completely. At this point I've rather lost hope that I'll ever have full mobility which is killing me. :unsure:

Gail in NY
12-09-2010, 10:01 PM
no answers for you Kendra - but I hope you find answers soon. My dh went to the chiropractor for a while, but it ended up doing a torn miniscus and he had surgery. Good as new!

Kendra AU
12-20-2010, 04:55 AM
You know, every time my knee twinges I think of you guys. I remember you sharing about your dh and praying I wouldn't have to do it because the thought of surgery was freaking me out. There are many times since then I wished the prognosis had been different. :unsure:

I still can't run on hard surfaces, I can run occasionally on the beach. I can't sit for prolonged periods of time with my knees bent or my legs straight. I must keep mixing it up or my knee gets too stiff to "fix".

The entire situation is so frustrating. The PT felt it was all related to my hip, my right hip can easily pop in and out of where it should be. :eyes: There are certain exercises that I do and the people around me shudder from the noise. :lol: It's a disgusting family trait I hope I don't pass on. ;) Anyway, he also felt I needed to strengthen my inner knee muscle and my rear-end muscles. If only squats didn't hurt my poor knee so much!

Must say though, I've found an interesting and new way to use the 5 kilos (that's 10+ pounds) of popcorn we have in the freezer. :D

On a more serious note, I can tell it's getting better, I'm just frustrated at the pace in which it's taking. For instance, today I was able to be on my own hands and knees and dry my freshly mopped floor without pain. That's a HUGE deal for me, first time since the whole incident. I then proceeded to catch my shoe on the freshly mopped floor and my knee popped big time and was a tad sore afterwards. :lol: I was also very naughty and instead of wearing my "special prescribe" shoes I wore flip-flops on the beach and had no pain when I returned. That's another HUGE deal for me. Normally if I don't wear my proper runners then I'm done for.