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Lindsey Carter
01-14-2011, 10:56 AM
Hudson, my youngest ds was an early talker. He was speaking in sentences before the age of 2. He is very verbal and has a great vocabulary. So, I never really worried about his speech until recently. He is turning 4 next month and has a problem saying certain s blends. For example for spoon he says poon for school he says cool for snap he says nap for smell he says mell and for scrape he says crape. He has no trouble saying other s words like shoe, super, soft, desk, flowers.

I know that it is common for kids to have some sort of speech problems and that many kids out grow them. However we will be moving to Japan in 6 months where he will be learning a second language and I imagine finding speech therapy would be more difficult. I am wondering if this is something that is likely to fix itself or if I should have his speech evaluated? He does not seem to be able to correctly pronounce the mispronounced words even when corrected (which I usually never do). Any thoughts or advice?

Lindsey Carter
01-22-2011, 11:13 AM

01-22-2011, 10:12 PM
My son, who is now 4.5 had several speech issues that were quickly corrected with ST (in less than 6 months) He was discharged from services, but the last skill they were working on was S blends. My son, also can say the S sound in the beginning, middle and end of a word, just not ST,SN,SP,etc. So you know he can make the S sound, that is good.
Kaden's ST wasnt' all that concerned about him not getting the S blends, since he is only 4.5, but she said it's something to continue working on.
Since he was discharged and I work with him at home, this is what I do with him. Pretty simple, maybe Alice will chime in here, if there is something more...

Basically she gave me several sheets with pictures of S blend objects , also some cards for a memory game,also with pictures on them. you could probably print out clip are "snakes, snow, sled" etc. We play "find the picture and say the word" , or memory, or bingo with the picture cards.

So his ST told me to just me model the sounds first: say the S first,then the rest of the word, for example: Ssss.... nake..., ssss...led... then have him copy you. over and over and over! :lol:
and gradually, get them closer and closer together. Eventually the S blend should just come together. It took my son a month or two of trying and he is pretty consistant with it now. Most times he says s blend words with little reminders or effort.

Alice R
01-25-2011, 10:12 PM
Amy has got it going on! :clap: :hi:

You can get him checked since you are leaving soon and find out exactly:
Which sounds
In which location of the word/sentence
Is there a pattern

Once you get that, you can work on it at home.

Super Duper Speech always has great stuff, parent friendly and not too expensive.

Or you can figure it out on your own and work on it.

Those /s/ sounds and /s/ blends do take some time, especially for boys. 4 is not an age where you are in the panic zone but it's something to think about and possibly address in a very low key manner.

Lindsey Carter
01-30-2011, 05:03 PM
Thanks ladies! I've tried the sssss nap and ssssss nake, etc, with him and it seems to be helping. I'll try making some games and work on it for a few months and see if he continues to improve. You ladies are awsome! :clap: