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02-17-2011, 10:05 AM
Reading that link brought to mind a recent occurence in our household. I *finally* managed to get me and the children scheduled for eye exams ... I was pretty sure my prescription needed updating (haven't worn my glasses in years, and I can tell my eyes are not what they used to be anyway), and of course all kids ought to have at least one vision check sometime early in their school career, right? Never saw any reason to suspect issues with their vision, but better safe than sorry.

So we went, and to my surprise and dismay, BOTH kids needed glasses ... they were joking that the kids clearly inherited my left eye, because their prescriptions were almost identical, and the same as my left eye (I deal with a lazy eye sort of problem, eyes not working together, and the left one is the weaker one ... sees well but has to work a lot harder to do so). Browsing through the frames left us with sticker shock (and headaches, since our eyes were so dilated), but we took the prescriptions and planned to shop around to see what we could get.

To my further surprise, dh was not on board with hurrying up and getting the kids glasses. He was more concerned with my deteriorating vision, and he also preferred going online and ordering cheap, where I wanted to get the kids fitted by someone in person, at least the first time. Plus they needed to go first, if budget was an issue, because young eyes are more easily fixed. (I was stubborn and won this argument.)

We finally got to pick up the finished glasses Tuesday, when the kids were a little bit better (waiting on getting me a new pair, as my old ones aren't too far off from what I will require) ... and when Lysle put them up to his eyes he was pretty astonished at how much it blurred his vision. I guess his knowing how I'd gotten by pretty well without glasses for so long, and hearing that their eyes were like my bad eye, somehow downplayed what that actually meant for their vision. But putting those lenses to his eyes gave him a new perspective, so to speak. And hearing the kids themselves say that things now look clearer is pretty major too.

It's always nice when we can get someone to understand where we're coming from and what we're dealing with, even if it's just a little thing. :)

Cate OH
02-17-2011, 04:11 PM
:group: Everyone needs a little perspective! Hope you are able to get your new glasses soon.

Jessica Vega
02-27-2011, 05:52 AM
:group: Everyone needs a little perspective!

:yes: :clap: