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03-03-2011, 04:05 PM
My 9 year old daughter has always been "in her own little world" but the older she gets the more concern I have about her. I was wondering if I could describe some of my concerns and as moms of special needs kids maybe you all can give me some direction:

She is a bit spacy..in her own world
loves to imagine
below level in reading and writing. on level for math
very artistic
not very social. she will find a corner in a crowd and retreat to play alone
has no concern about what others are doing or peer pressure
tries very hard to look you in the eye, but slides her eyes to the left or right a lot. especially on camera

her room stays messy. even when we clean it , it will be a mess within 20 min and she will clean it up and then mess it up . it is just a never ending cycle of clutter,

she does this thing where she will shake her feet when she gets on to a bed or couch. she says there is dusties on her feet that are alive and she will kill them if she doesnt shake them off.

will not learn to ride a bike and has no interest at all in sports

she dances and after an hour dance class she is exhausted from just trying to pay attention.

Any thoughts? I am concerned yet she is not disruptive at all and so I dont really know if there is a problem or if she is just my free spirit that is behind a little in school???

Rachel Jane
03-03-2011, 04:17 PM
I am NOT saying she sounds like this but,
She could be ADD without the H. Have you looked into that?

Children with symptoms of inattention:

* Often do not give close attention to details or make careless mistakes in schoolwork, work, or other activities
* Often have trouble keeping attention on tasks or play activities
* Often do not seem to listen when spoken to directly
* Often do not follow instructions and fail to finish schoolwork, chores, or duties in the workplace (not due to rebellious behavior or failure to understand instructions)
* Often have trouble organizing activities
* Often avoid, dislike, or don't want to do things that take a lot of mental effort for a long period of time (such as schoolwork or homework)
* Often lose things needed for tasks and activities (e.g., toys, school assignments, pencils, books, or tools)
* Are often easily distracted
* Are often forgetful in daily activities.

Children with inattentive symptoms have a hard time keeping their minds on any one thing and may get bored with a task after only a few minutes. If they are doing something they really enjoy, they usually have no trouble paying attention. However, focusing deliberate, conscious attention to organizing and completing a task or learning something new is difficult.

Sheryl in NH
03-03-2011, 04:55 PM
My DD is very similar. We recently had her evaluated and they found that:

Her troubles with handwriting/math/reading and most importantly, eye contact, were related to a convergence disorder (her eyes cross) for which she is now receiving vision therapy and we are seeing some improvement.

Her dislike of bikes and sports were related to a problem with her vestibular system (balance). She is receiving some therapy for this with her vision therapist but will likely move on to an OT in the future.

We are scheduled for a full evaluation with a NeuroPsych in the summer and I expect that she will probably be diagnosed with Inattentive ADD. I've already put off this appointment twice by convincing myself that she is just an imaginative little girl who goes about life in her own way, but hoping for the best just isn't helping her. I'm looking forward to learning how to be a better teacher for her.

03-03-2011, 05:17 PM
On most of the online tests I have done she tests out ADHD- inattentive. I just think she has a few aspie quirks and was wondering what you all thought. I believe my DH is ADD ( he does too!) and he relates so well to her difficulties.
Any good book suggestions on homeschooling kids with ADHD?

Rachel Jane
03-03-2011, 05:24 PM
This ^^^ is my favorite informational book on ADD.
This ^^^ is my favorite homeschool book on ADD.
This^^^ is my favorite book for getting down to the nitty gritty of it all.

I also used a lot of unschooling books and advice even though I never unschooled. I found the unschooling mindset to be helpful in allowing the child to immerse himself in the lesson.

03-03-2011, 05:26 PM
My DH took this test at his counselor's office. http://www.tovatest.com/

Jo in PRC
03-04-2011, 06:07 AM
Sounds like it would be a good idea to take her to a pediatric neuropsychologist. I was thinking executive functioning disorder...which is a lot like ADD. There are some great books available out there, so once you get help identifying her specific challenges, you'd have a plan for helping her.

03-04-2011, 07:18 AM
Well honestly I have 2 kids that fit most of those catagories, and they are neither one classified as Aspie, or ADHD. They are just unique in there own way. I would have her tested simply because Knowledge is power, but a label doesn't change who she is or the most effective way of teaching her!

Melissa Crabtree
03-04-2011, 07:56 AM
I wonder if she's struggling with anxiety? Shaking the dusties off her feet sounds like an OCD tendency. I know that anxiety can be debilitating and prevent children from attempting things they might otherwise love. Just another thing to look at. I would suggest asking a psychologist about it though.