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03-08-2011, 04:21 PM
I got a TON of bloodwork done recently and went to meet with my PA yesterday to go over it all. Boy can we tell that I ate gluten all summer and fall. I knew I should stay away from it, but did not know just how serious it was until I met with her yesterday. The antibodies destroying my thyroid had begun to decrease and lighten up after going completely gluten free and taking all my supplements (including quercetin). Well, we had a horribly stressful summer (does nearly losing your house to taxes count as stressful :lol: ) and I fell off the wagon. Now, not only are the antibodies raging, destroying what's left of my precious thyroid gland, my rheumatoid factor has risen some also. :eek: My PA said I have to act as if I am a certified celiac patient. She talked to me about all the autoimmune diseases and how vitally important it is to stay away from gluten. When you have one autoimmune disease, you are at risk of developing another one. I get it! :yes: I get it!! :yes: No more gluten for me. :no:

Gluten free for me.

Hollie in SC
03-08-2011, 04:45 PM

Sue C
03-08-2011, 09:04 PM
Funny you should post this Lynn. With all I have going on with my body and nerve system I found out I also am allergic to wheat. I found that out just this last week. So far I am noticing a huge difference in how I feel. Who'd have thought. We can be gluten free buddies. :lol:

03-08-2011, 09:38 PM
:group::group: I just watched the Fat Head documentary and I'm going to cut mine way back. I've been G-free before, you can do it!:group:

Christy in NE
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03-10-2011, 01:54 AM

We should do it together! I really should be gluten free but man, do I slip up almost every single day. :(

I was just diagnosed this week (officially) with my 2nd autoimmune disease, so I believe what your PA was telling you. Interestingly, my newest diagnosis is my thyroid as well, Graves' Disease. Colon (ulcerative colitis) 15 years ago and now my thyroid. :unsure: Not wanting to find out what's coming on down the pike next. I need to stop this merry go round and get off before another organ is hit. :spin:

03-10-2011, 11:26 AM
Thanks so much, everyone. You know, when I first was diagnosed, my regular medical doctor was NOT interested in testing for antibodies, not interested in anything aside from my TSH and prescribing meds. Now, I love her as a doctor and she is not opposed to me seeking a second opinion and seeing someone in addition to her, so I did that. I went to a place where thyroid is king! :lol: Alternative and traditional medicine combined to treat the thyroid. I did so much better and was told there to get OFF gluten.

This book that Robin recommended---see thread here:

woke me up again as to the need for me to be followed by someone who understands the thyroid and to get OFF gluten for good.

In some ways I'm much better than before my diagnosis. Some of my lab work, as my P.A. said, is "beautiful," but everything that relates to inflammation, antibodies, stress, is way out of whack.

Anyway, I gotta do better. Linda, I do NOT want rheumatoid arthritis! :sad: I am totally trying to be faithfully gluten free. I've been feeling weak and sick this morning and then realized that for the past few days I've been working a lot with wheat straw around my bunnies. Could that be it? The wheat? I have no idea. I have to rethink everything.

I'm sorry about your diagnosis. In that book Robin recommended, that doctor says when someone comes in with autoimmune thyroid problems the first thing he does it take them off gluten. No matter what.

Lynn :group: :group:

03-11-2011, 10:51 AM
ok so autoimmune such as Hashimoto (which I have) could be caused by gluten issue?

My endo says he thinks mine was Postpartum thyroiditis which then progressed... My ds was born July 1998, I was finally diagnosed Oct 1999... but all that time I was symptomatic...just thought it was post partum fatigue, new baby etc... Once I mentioned my issues to my OB/gyn, he tested my Tsh and we found it then.

If my hypothyroidism/ Hashi's was caused by pregnancy would gluten play a role in it at all?

03-11-2011, 10:51 PM
Deb, I wish I could answer your questions. From reading the book I'm reading--and there's a lot in it about pregnancy and gluten, it would seem that the stress of pregnancy and the fluctuating hormones actually put any woman at risk for autoimmune illness. The way a woman's immune system works (cannot explain, I am not a doctor, but has to do with TH1 and TH2) actually changes back and forth during pregnancy.

I cannot say that gluten caused the Hashi in your case, and I guess I can't say anyway since I'm not a doctor or a scientist :lol: , but looking back I truly think the year I worked in a bakery put me over the edge and put me in a full blown Hashimoto riot. :lol: I was exposed to more wheat than ever in my life.

The protein in your thyroid is very similar to the protein in gluten, so when you are gluten sensitive (you don't even have to be diagnosed celiac) and you eat gluten, the body prepares antibodies to remove the gluten but they prepare them for your thyroid too. The body will attack until your thyroid is irreversibly damaged. Avoiding gluten may not cure you of Hashi, but it will stop the attacks on you thyroid if you can get the antibodies to quiet down and go away.

At least that is my understanding. My doctor told me no more gluten--ever.