View Full Version : Recycled Leather? Microfiber?

molly in cr
04-07-2011, 08:40 AM
Does anyone know how recycled leather will hold up? We're looking at a couch. Or should we just go with microfiber? We live somewhere that is very dusty half the year and damp the other half. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! :D

Hayley M
04-07-2011, 09:46 AM
When they say "recycled" I don't think they mean from old handbags and such. They are scraps from the factory that get shredded and glued together... much like particle board. I imagine it won't be as durable as full grain leather, although I'm sure it looks great.

Personally, I would go with microfiber. But I have three children between 12 and 6. They are VERY hard on our furniture. Since we moved into our house 10 years ago we have gone through 3 hand-me-down sofas. All started out in excellent condition and ended up totally shot... well, except for the most recent one, which still looks pretty good one year after my mom and dad gave it to us. We have no food in the living room rules, and I constantly remind them not to jump on the furniture, etc... it's just the nature of kids to be hard on things.

I hate the idea of spending money on things that my children are guaranteed to ruin, but that's just me.

molly in cr
04-08-2011, 08:19 AM
Yeah, I was feeling like I would want what we buy next to last forever. I guess that's not going to happen. We had some fake leather that only lasted 2 years and now the top layer is peeling off. I was just wondering how the recycled stuff will wear. I'm not excited about the glued together part.

Maybe a microfiber in a chocolate brown...

Jekka Renee
04-08-2011, 09:25 AM
We bought a leather sofa before we had kids. It's amazingly durable. I don't know how well recycled holds up, but I'll never buy anything but leather for a couch - microfiber makes me shudder, I just can't take the feel, and fabric is too hard to clean and traps allergants.

I've looked up a bit about recycled leather, and I'd definitely go with that option for myself. What is Recycled Leather? (http://www.brighthub.com/environment/green-living/articles/91891.aspx) Here's the best quick overview I found on the subject, if you want to read it.