View Full Version : Technology fast. Help me think thru this.

04-08-2011, 03:08 PM
I want to spend a week fasting from technology with my family.

I am thinking;

no TV
No Video games
no computer
No iPods

I am unsure about books on tape and music via CD, especially because I have one child with dyslexia and this is how he reads.

Exceptions to the rules will include,

Computer use for school work

I will check my email before the kids will get up each morning and after they go to bed. NONE during the day.

TV only one hour a day and only family shows and only if the whole family is all watching together.

Any suggestions?

I have some ideas for fun activities, like Family Lego build, puzzles together, nature walks, working in our family garden, playing ball, and providing new books, books on tape, and new rolls of duct tape, wood and plans for a cub
mobile racer, some new paints and maybe a couple little girl activities.

Any other ideas here?

Rachel Jane
04-08-2011, 03:34 PM
ice cream made in ziplocks
make guns and swords out of paper (check internet youtube)
pick names and make gifts for on another
make a meal (home made bread) and deliver it to an older couple
side walk chalk mural
make a secret code language and write notes to one another
set up a tent outdoors and go 'camping'
make smoores
go on a picnic
go on a hike
make a large amount of bubble soap in a baby pool and use a hula hoop to make a tube to stand in
begin a story and let each person tell the next part -record it
build an obstacle course in the back yard
play follow the leader. The youngest gets to be the leader
have each child be blindfolded for 20 minutes and then discuss how it felt to be blind, how it felt to help out the blind one
go one a treasure hunt