View Full Version : Need to rethink how I homeschool dd.

04-13-2011, 04:11 PM
I tested my dd today using the Alpha Omega language arts downloadable placement test. It suggests beginning the testing 2 years below the most recent year completed, so I began with the 5th grade level tests. If she scored 70 points or better she would show a mastery of the material. She only scored 48. :eek: This was 5th grade material and she bombed.

I have used this year to focus on her weak areas and I do see improvement, but to think that I would need to place her in a 5th grade level language arts curriculum leaves me feeling discouraged. It's hard not to take it personally because I'm the one homeschooling her.

I knew that she could possibly face learning challenges due to the condition of her birth parents, but it was still hard to see the test results. :sad: I need some fresh perspectives on where I could go from here. What do you all suggest I do to try to get her caught up, although I know there is a possibility that may never happen.

Have any of you ever held one of your kids back a grade?

Colleen OH
04-13-2011, 04:23 PM
My dc never knew when they were being held back. I merely switched programs when I saw they weren't doing so well, and never made a big deal about what "grade" it was. ;) Usually it was just a subject or two that was problematic and not the whole shebang, so in that way it was also easy to hide the fact that they were repeating some material.

I have some very bright children who never did get the abstract language skills (the particulars of labeling grammatical terms especially) that some children find relatively easy. I used to lose sleep over it. Now, not so much. It isn't that I don't care these days, it's that I've realized that sometimes what *I* thought was best for them to learn wasn't the most important after all for a particular child. I keep trying to teach all the expected things, but I'm learning to temper my disappointment when some things never really and truly sink in.:unsure:

04-13-2011, 07:27 PM
I am not saying you DON'T need to rethink what you are doing...but I do want to give you another perspective...

If you aren't following the Alpha Omega timeline for instruction, or any other scope and sequence for any of the placement tests out there, then the chances are high that your child will not do very well. They might expect your child to be well versed in US History when you have been studying Ancient Egypt. They might want your child to be well versed in biology when your year has been focused on something else science related.

It is just something to keep in mind.

I would pay attention to the reading and math though...those are less subjective to "where you should be".