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04-21-2011, 12:19 PM
Our house has been up for sale for 8 months. Next month is our last month having it up for sale on our own (we are listed with homesforsale.com) We cannot afford to go with a realtor. Altough a realtor contacted us and we agreed that she could bring people thru our home. She agreed to a lower %. So, we have one month to do that.

I am really praying that something happens. Everyone that has come thru our home says nice things about it. Our home is nice. It's in a nice neighborhood and the price is not expensive at all. We've had many updates. Completely finished basement, it's beautiful. New carpet upstairs and downstairs. Almost all new appliances that are staying. A fairly new furnace, AC and water heater. I know kitchen and bathrooms are huge selling points and ours are a bit dated. But, we don't feel that with six kids we can renovate.

My feelings are that I REALLY want to move. We've been either trying to build (which we aren't going to now) or move for the last 2 years. Our current home is cozy for our family, but I am thankful for a roof over our heads. Sigh. I am praying something happens in the next month or that the Lord gives me a fresh love for our home.

We already make life happen well in this home. It's just a little crazy at times.;) It's not like I live in a warmer climate where my kids can be outdoors year round. That would be a very different situation. Yet if we do stay a few years longer, I have asked my husband for a very few specific things. I've asked to build a HUGE sandbox for the kids next month. I also want a new play area for them. It sounds like a lot, but right now they are all still trying to play out of a sand turtle.:lol: My husband has said "no" to building anything like a new sandbox for them, as he thought we were moving. I on the other hand see what they would love NOW. Also, our couch is not comfy and falling apart. It is where we sit and do so much of our schooling. If the Lord permits this, I would LOVE a new couch:D

There. Those are my earthly desires at the moment. But, overall...still praying we can have the adventure of moving into a roomier home!

Jodi B
04-21-2011, 12:57 PM
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