View Full Version : trying to introduce new foods

06-10-2011, 01:56 AM
my G has a hard time with new foods, specifically new textures. His diet (other than tube feedings) mostly consists of pureed fruits, veggies or soups, oatmeal or cream of wheat, and yogurt. He's not a fan of anything solid or too chunky. He won't bite or chew anything,and anything too hard ot crunchy won't make it past his lips,at all. :no:

well the other day he was eyeing up my dd's peach she was eating. she was nearly done and put it on his tray. I picked it up and after he stared at it intently for several minutes , he licked it. That was a big step for him ,believe me. After about 1/2 hour of staring and licking it, I put is back down on his tray and he started touching it, first just one finger.. then eventually he picked the whole thing up.

by the end of the hour (this was while he was getting his tube feeding in the high chair) he picked the peach up and was sucking on it all by himself. :clap:

I guess it made me realize not to be too afraid to try introducing new things with him,and to just keep trying. He is so slow to accept something new,and usually I just give up too soon because I try giving him a taste of something and he will throw a fit. I need to work on this more this summer since he doesn't have speech therapy until school starts in sept. and even then they dont' work on feeding.

anyone have any other suggestions for me to try? I am really frustrated with the lack of support from the school therapists, since they aren't really concerned with his feeding skills, only "educational activities" .