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Robin H in VA
06-22-2011, 07:54 AM
Actually it should be help with roosters in the sense I have no idea what we are going to do with them!!!!

I have ads on Craigs List and on a local classifieds in our area, but I still have no takers.

We have no where to put them except where they are in the run/coop all together.

What do you all do with 'extra' chickens??? They are 10 weeks old, so not really old enough to go to the freezer. :unsure:

Shelly L
06-22-2011, 01:05 PM
Why do you want to get rid of them, if you don't mine my asking? We twice have had more roosters than we wanted, and the first time my husband kept them until they were older and butchered them about 6 at a time (we had 18! :eek:) The next go-round we had about nine roosters and we eventually found a little 'mini coop' and put a fence around it and that was their home until butchering time.

Sorry I'm not more help, but I guess we just kept ours around until they were old enough to butcher. If yours are annoying (and we know all about that!) then you may have to rig up a makeshift coop with circular 'run' for them while you wait, if you can't find anyone to take them.

06-22-2011, 02:42 PM
My mom and dad always "gave away" the rooster or two that inevitably appeared in their lot of female sexed chicks. I'm assuming they ended up in a stew pot, which I was fine with because they were always aggressive, but I didn't want them in our stew pot.

Are you trying to sell them? If you offer them for free on Craigslist, you might have more takers than roosters. ;)

One time they kept a rooster for a while and then it attacked my sister, so my dad set it free in the woods.

Robin H in VA
06-22-2011, 04:57 PM
Shelly, we would like to keep 1, but with 6 it is not going well because they are really starting to hate each other.

I would like to try to keep them until they are big enough to butcher, but I have NO IDEA how to do that and not sure that my husband could. My dad can do it, but them there is the 'sensitive' child. But I keep telling him that it will happen if we keep them or if someone else takes them.

Robin, I am not sure where we could put them. They are in our front yard and the coop/run they are in takes up a LARGE portion of that. I thought about getting some dog crates, the kind with solid sides, and put them in there at night and maybe set up a makeshift run for them, but how do I keep them fighting???

06-23-2011, 05:14 AM
I have no idea where you could put them. I think they are a lot of trouble which is why I vote for the "give them away for free" option. Especially since I wouldn't want to eat a pet (that is why we had chickens -- as useful pets ;) ).

Colleen is my hero. I would have a hard time cleaning and dressing all those chickens that had lived in my yard.

Shelly L
06-23-2011, 09:00 AM
So it's more that you are trying to keep the roosters separate from each other, since they are fighting so much? That IS a problem. We had some awful fighting going on with ours eventually, but not so much at ten weeks, I don't think. That seems early to me for the violence!

I'm sorry I can't help you more, but if you have an extension office you could call, they might be able to direct you to others who have poultry (people who are big poultry showers at the fair, for example) and they can either give you advice, or maybe they would even take them off your hands. Does your county have an extension office?

Robin H in VA
06-23-2011, 09:26 AM

We do have a county extension but there isn't a whole lot of help there. We even have a stock yard sale each week, but guess what animal CANNOT be taken to sell (and I don't mean auctioned either) just NOT ALLOWED to be at the stock yard at all, THE CHICKEN!! :unsure: :sad: I think it is because of all the bird diseases, so that is out.

We have a farmer's market across the street on Saturday's and I will be going this Saturday, but I can't take the roos with me. Not allowed to have them within so many feet of food products. :eek: But I will be putting up a sign.

I can give them away, but with all the feed they have eaten, I would like to have something in return. KWIM?? I would rather keep them and have them on the table eventually, but like I said I have NO IDEA how to clean and dress them. My dad could actually slaughter them, but then I would have to pluck them. :unsure: