View Full Version : Autism Spectrum . . . where did you go for help?

07-20-2011, 10:45 PM
Is it normal to be referred to a pediatric psychiatrist? I went and had a chat with my son's pediatrician yesterday and we are being referred to a pediatric psychiatrist. Just want to make sure that's normal-ish. :)

Also, I also think there are some auditory processing problems. Sometimes he can hear the most far away sound and other times he can't hear very well. I'll say, "Go get the plate off the table." And he will (in confusion) reply, "Go open the gate to the stable?" My son wears gun muffs to vacuum (can not stand SUPER loud noises), and he can read my lips perfectly when he has the gun muffs on. Where do I go to get help for this?

Thanks so much. :)

07-20-2011, 11:22 PM
With my youngest, we started with Early Intervention since he was only 2 yrs old. They sent us to a pediatric clinical psychologist at a local Autism center. At the same time, our ped. referred us to a developmental ped. She did an exam, but also took the clin. psych.'s reports into consideration. They actually worked in the same Univ. of TN office.

With my 10 yr old, we started with our ped. She referred us to a pediatric neurologist who specializes in Autism. This Dr. looked for neuro causes for the symptoms. Ds happens to have abnormal EEGs which is common in people with Autism (about 20% have spikes similar to seizures, or actual seizures).

Developmental ped, psychologist, neurologist, neuro-psychologist or psychiatrist are all able to diagnose Autism.

I'm not sure why some doctors choose to refer to certain sub-specialties. Maybe it has to do with the most troubling symptoms? Idk. :unsure:

07-21-2011, 12:47 AM
When my son's OT suggested possible autism spectrum disorder, I called our pediatrician about it. We were referred to a pediatric psychiatrist through an organization that specializes in diagnosing and autism therapy.

I dont' really know all that much about auditory processing disorders, and my son is more complicated than most in that he has many other issues going on... but yes, he can hear the most subtle sounds like a door opening in another room, or water running (he loves water and will run to the faucet whenever it's turned on) but if I call his name, he ignores it.. :unsure:

He also hates loud obnoxious noises: turn on a power tool, vacuum or blender and he's covering his ears and screaming. But at the same time he, yells, screams and makes obnoxious noises, and that is ok! :lol:

Cate OH
07-22-2011, 02:55 PM
Hi Ami and :group:
This is still new to me but it is my understanding that having auditory issues like you described is often one piece of the ASD puzzle.
It is a BIG part of our life here too.
Good luck sorting it all out!