View Full Version : Speech Therapy books?

Jekka Renee
07-25-2011, 05:42 PM
Can any of you recommend a good Speech Therapy book? Cedric is in need of intervention of some sort. I'd rather not go through the system until he is at least 5, but I'd like to read up and see if I can't help him along until that point.

He talks a mile a minute, but his sentence structure is all wrong, and he substitutes words like "my" for "I" and he does not enunciate well, so he is hard to understand. I have to strain to get the gist of many of his narratives, and grandparents are practically in tears because they are trying so hard to understand but just can't.

07-26-2011, 08:52 AM
I just ordered a set of books from Good Sound Publishing. I have the same problem w/my 3yo dd. Most people cannot understand a word she says and she talks really fast so all her words slur together.

We have only been working on one of the books so far (L sound) but I have seen progress on her enunciation of the letter "L" already. I really don't want to go through our PS system unless I really have to so I am going to give it a go myself first. I won't say that I love this program but for my dd's age it is good. We simply read the book and practice some of the words in it. That is about all I will get out of her anyway since she is so young. :)

I will be following this thread!