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10-01-2011, 05:13 PM
I know that I posted a lot in the past about needing and wanting to find a church. Well, we're becoming members of the one we've attended for a year!:clap: It's taken us a while to jump in...as best as we can. We're still not not the "typical" family there. But, we're all learning about each other. And I think that it's going to take people a lot longer than I realized to "get us." At our last church, our SN child was born into that church family. A lot of people were aware of our story from the very beginning. Now, it's like a lot of people see us at church and think we have it together. I still haven't put together a newsletter on our daughter. I AM going to do that here soon.

Some weekends we miss church, like this weekend (due to colds and tiredness). We do home church. It's such a blessing to our family. Several weeks ago we made it to church for an entire month...no sickness amidst our 6 kids! It was great! And I think now that Miss A is feeling better, this might be happening more often in the future.

Things aren't perfect. But, they are a lot better than in our previous church and I am so glad for the fellowship!

10-01-2011, 05:20 PM
We somehow landed in a church that would be able to meet our needs before I knew we were going to have them. Although that wasn't always the case. There were a few folks who were pretty aggressive on the food allergy issues but they have since left. (Not "good" that they left, but more relaxing for me. :unsure:)

We think DS is bipolar and it came on very suddenly. I was completely floundering on how to handle things. A former school teacher and a mother/grandmother who has several family members who are bipolar have come along side me to offer me advice and simple moral support. I feel so supported- even though all they do is talk to me and let me know that they understand. Much better than blank stares. ;)

Our church is so very tiny, I'm not sure how much longer it will "stay in business" but I am so blessed that these particular women were put in my life at the start of this journey. It took several years, but we finally landed in the right place at the right time.

I'm glad you have been able to make to church as a family- I know what a challenge that can be. Even without any other issues, keeping everyone in a family of 8 cold and flu free is a challenge!

10-01-2011, 10:19 PM
thanks for sharing Tonya! I have missed you. Cannot believe your baby is one!:group:

10-01-2011, 11:29 PM
I'm glad things have worked out well for you Jenny!

We recently started attending a very small church, and taking G into the service has been an issue with us. He does well for the first 30 minutes, but gets tired of sitting, cant' keep still and wants to wander around. DH doesn't like it,and feels G is too disruptive to keep in church due to the noises he makes. (and dh has a hearing loss, so has a hard time hearing the sermon) plus,we are concerned some of the older folks are less than understanding of a child with special needs.:unsure:

Another family that has a severely autistic child that can be disruptive has requested a room be available for the child /parent to sit in,with a tv screen to view the service. The pastor asked to meet with us to get our opinions on how that would work. He did emphasize "we aren't telling you your child isn't welcome, just that it's another option if you choose it." :)
While I'd love to be able to sit in the service with my family, I think that will be a great alternative for us now,and dh will be happy with it,too.