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10-09-2011, 11:11 PM
he will show us a new side that really gives us hope. :)

sometimes the little things just make all the difference in the world! We love to go outsde and enjoy our 5 acre property. We have chickens to take care of and the dogs and cat outside, our fruit trees and gardens and the wooded area in the back....
anyway, dh and I like to take the kids out side to play and walk around to explor....but many times it's just not enjoyable because in the past G would just take off and we'd be chasing him around the whole time, or end up putting him in the stroller to contain him!

The past few weeks we've noticed a change in him where he's content just to follow us around, or play with the dogs and cat (when the cat will allow:) )
I'm so happy to see this change in him. I know he will keep going through different stages, but sometimes it's so hard to imagine things being different when we are in the midst of struggles.
Just wanted to share. :)

Hollie in SC
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10-10-2011, 01:50 PM
That's wonderful!:clap: And I think that is a gift from God to you.;) I totally get what you are saying. Even a special needs child's life comes in seasons. Nobody can tell you when, but the seasons change. So happy for you!