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Hollie in SC
11-15-2011, 08:53 AM
:hi: Hello, friends! I know it is a busy time of year and that the holidays can add extra challenges for our families. Please, come check in and share your praises and requests with us. We'd love to rejoice with you and pray for the things on your heart.

Hollie in SC
11-17-2011, 09:13 AM
Good morning! I finally have a few minutes to share mine. :)

Eli--Our 13yo has some dysgraphia issues. Dh has taken over as his writing teacher (IEW) and that is working much better for everyone. We are seeing improvement, but I feel like we have a long way to go. That would be the prayer request and praise.

Kyle--I know 11 was tough with our oldest. It is tough again. It seems like the hormone issues at this age on top of his ADD issues are really piling up. I guess a praise is that he is doing well with school as far as getting the correct answers. I think the prayer request is that sometimes it is taking him 8-10 hours to get through.:eek: I ASSURE you it is not 8-10 hours of work that I'm assigning or anywhere close to that. ;) We also have some heart issues to work through with him.

Noah--After five years at his amazing charter preschool, he aged out and finished up there at the end of July. Dh and I spent years praying about bringing him home, but never felt peace about it. He is now at our local elem. school and (other than losing a lot of therapy time each week) it has been a smooth transition. It is a small school and there are 7 kids in the class. The teachers are :thumb: and are all Christians and he is loved and doing very well. It is a huge answer to many years of prayer! My biggest request for him is that he'll settle down some more. We're seeing improvement, but he has gotten pretty big and we really need a more cooperative spirit. Likewise, he is getting into mischief on a grander (and frightening) scale. He scares me to death all the time! Keeping him safe is a real challenge.

Our holidays will be kind of tame this year. Thanksgiving is just the five of us and we're eating out and that is :thumb: for me. Eli is having surgery (http://my.clevelandclinic.org/disorders/pectus_excavatum/hic_pectus_excavatum.aspx) the Tues. after and will be in the hospital for a bout a week. We'd appreciate some special prayers for that time as it will be chaotic. Eli needs to take it very easy the first few months after surgery. Noah thinks Eli is his in-home jungle gym. ;) We've been trying to train him not to do this for the past few months knowing surgery was coming. However, we would love extra prayers that Noah won't be tackling or climbing on his brother until it is safe again.

Thanks so much!

Now--come share with us. :yes:

11-17-2011, 10:32 AM
Hi Holly! :hi:

As I shared in another post, Gabe's swallowing has improved to the point where we can give him thickened liquids through a cup again,and they are looking at removing his feeding tube in the future if he continues to do well. :)

Also I got an awesome report at the teacher conference,about how G is playing with toys so much more intentionally now, (rolling a car instead of just spinning wheels,etc)
He's more interested in people, sitting with his classmates,and with us at the table during school time.

Prayers would be that he would get the autism therapy services sooner than a year from now. He's on the waiting list for services, and there are about 300 children in our state ahead of him on the list.

11-19-2011, 05:46 PM
We don't have an official diagnosis for Jaden but I suspect Asperger's and/or sensory processing issues.

We leave Monday for 5 days in New England - part vacation and part Thanksgiving with my family. This year for the first time, we are not staying with my parents but in a hotel so that we will have a place to "get away" when Jaden gets overwhelmed. My mom has not been too understanding about this, but dh and I know that we need to do this if we are going to have a positive time.

I'd really appreciate prayer for the next week - Jaden has had some major meltdowns this week and both dh and I are feeling overwhelmed, inadequate and exhausted! Not a good way to start a trip! I'd also appreciate prayer for God's leading to the right doctor to help us help Jaden . . . he's such an amazing kid, and I want everyone to be able to see that!

Thanks for standing with me in prayer . . . it's such a blessing to know that!

Leslie Nelsen
11-21-2011, 03:39 PM
:group: Hugs to all of you wonderful mamas!!! Praying God would give you each wisdom, patience and strength to deal with the challenges you are facing.

Joshua (new 12) has type 1 diabetes. This combined with puberty is just ... well, :eek: School (and everything else) can be such a challenge! He has no learning issues - just medical.

Isaiah (new 10) is doing really well. He was dx with ADHD, reading disability, writing disability, auditory processing disorder. Math is a huge struggle. Learning facts is too. (Just can't seem to get those pesky math facts.) We've started Life of Fred to see if a change of pace helps. Sometimes just hard to know what to do to help. He is so very smart!

Daniel (7) has sensory processing disorder and is doing really well most days. He still "over reacts" to things and I still need to keep working on how to handle various scenarios - and to teach one brother in particular not to push his buttons. :eyes:

Eliana (4) is also doing really well. The biggest challenge right now is her Celiac. I think the holidays are going to be hard - esp Thanksgiving. We'll be at a new place with my family and food is just going to be a nightmare. :( It just is. I want to try to cook ahead, but not sure how much that will get done.

Need to spend more focused time in schooling her, but she is learning and thriving with all that is going on.

Just a quick snapshot of things here. The medical is really at the forefront of things for me right now with diabetes and celiac taking more of my time and energy than the learning dx.